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Leif Heaney

Full Name: Leif Simon Heaney

Nickname(s): Leif

Birthdate: August 03, 1878

Age: 11

Occupation: Child

Blood Status: halfblood

Residence: Rambling Hut with The Blue Door, Flea Court, The Slums, Hogsmeade, England

Hogwarts House: Slytherin

Wand: 8 1/2", cherry wood, phoenix feather core, slightly yielding

Lydia Heaney (mother)
Lukas Heaney (father)
Phoenix Wright (younger/older ex-stone foster sister
Liam Heaney (younger brother)
Xavier Heaney (younger brother*)
Xander Heaney (younger brother*)
Calvin ‘Cal’ Heaney (younger brother)
Gregory ‘Greg’ Heaney (younger brother)
Lawrence Heaney (younger brother)
Simon Heaney (paternal uncle)
--and family
Millard Heaney (paternal uncle)
Ervin Heaney (paternal uncle)
--and family
Patrick Heaney (paternal uncle, deceased)
Chester Heaney(paternal uncle)
--and family
Ezekiel Heaney (paternal uncle, deceased)
--and family
Sadie Heaney (paternal great-aunt)

(*denotes twins)
Leif is averagely tall for his age. He’s a bit skinny, but that comes from having to share meagre portions of food with 8 other people. His hair, like the rest of his family, is straw blond, while his eyes are a deep green that shine with the hope he carries in his soul. He is usually pondering a book, and has managed to make a small wrinkle where he squints to read. He prefers to wear his nicest clothes all the time, and because he’s the oldest, he doesn’t have to deal with hand-me-downs from his brothers. Instead, he gets them from his cousins.
Leif is responsible and mature, having had to spend a lot of time watching his younger brothers when his parents were working. He works odd jobs at times. He wants to be a strong young wizard and make a difference in the world. He wants nothing more than to prove himself worthy, and struggles with the fact that his magic may not be as powerful as he thought. His greatest ambition is to become Minister of Magic, however unlikely that is.
Leif is a Leo.
1878: Leif is born to Lydia and Lukas Heaney, the latter of who is the seventh son in his family. The couple had newly moved to Hogsmeade following the discovery of magic by Muggles.
1879: Liam is born just over a year later. Leif will not remember the chaotic birth of his younger brother, but it is memorable to the adults in his family nonetheless.
1882: Xavier and Xander Heaney are born, twins. They look quite alike and everyone always mixes them up. Leif, now four, can tell them apart without fail. His mother starts to give him basic instruction, topics like how to read and write.
1883: Calvin Heaney is born. By this point, Leif is quite adept at being a big brother and has gotten the hang of doing whatever his mother asks him. He also begins helping his father in odd jobs
1885: Gregory Heaney is born. He is the sixth boy, and Leif begins to hear whispers of number seven.
1887: The first of January. Lawrence Heaney is born, the seventh son of a seventh son. Unexpectedly, his father gives Lawrence an heirloom that would have ordinarily been for Leif. At eight years old, Leif has yet to show any sign of magic. It is thought that he will be a squib. The halfbreed ban, while it does bother some of Leif’s neighbors, does not seem like it will have much effect over Leif’s schooling life.
1888: Leif finally shows his first sign of magic in early February. Now aged nine, the walls in his shared room grow about as furry as the spider he sees hanging above him in the middle of the night. They have to be redone, but Leif is proud anyways. The fog makes Leif worry if he will be able to go to Hogwarts in the next year, as he has heard that it is possible he may lose any magical ability he had gained. It is resolved.
1889: Leif is excited to attend Hogwarts for the first time, especially since he will be the first of his brothers to go. His brother Lawrence shows his first sign of magic by temporarily making his toy dragon into a real, but still toy-sized, dragon. Leif is jealous.
Leif's brother Lawrence is the seventh son of a seventh son, rumors abound.

Leif's father is seen as very odd.

Leif's uncle Patrick died in a tragic accident that no one seems to know the true cause of.
Leif is INSANELY jealous of his youngest brother for his rumored power.
Played By: Catcher

Contact: PM

Plot Preferences: I am always open for more threads. Generally, I have story arcs for my characters in my head but I like to leave threads open. Meet and greets are usually not my cup of tea, but I am happy to do them anyways.


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