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Edmund Grimm
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Played by Fawkes
Head of the Department of Magial Games & Sports
34 year old Halfblood
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Full Name: Edmund Hamish Grimm

Nickname(s): Ed, Eddie, Ted, Tedmund, Teddington - basically any variant Jon could think of

Birthdate: April 9th, 1854

Age: 34

Occupation: Head of the Department of Magial Games & Sports

Blood Status: Halfblood

Residence: South Bartonburg

Hogwarts House: Gryffindor

Wand: Rowan, 11 ½ inches, Dragon Heartstring, supple

  • Walter Grimm | Father [1832-1874]
  • Emmaline Grimm | Mother [1837]
    • Everret Grimm | Brother [1837]
    • Grace Grimm | Sister-in-Law [1859]
      • Ella Grimm | Niece - [1882]
      • Vivian Grimm | Niece - [1883]
      • Rosalie Grimm | Niece - [1885]
      • Esme Grimm | Niece - [1886]

Edmund is a giant among most men. He is shorter than his brother but still comes in at a towering 6’2”. His build might be called athletic if one was feeling kind but after years at a desk job and the amputation of his right leg this is probably due to genetics more than actual activity.

He wears a prosthetic leg to get around and his limp ranges from minimal to significant depending on how tired he is, if he’s using his cane like he should, and how well his leg is fitting that day. He has brown hair, blue hazel eyes, and is mostly right handed but since he very often defies good cane method by holding it in his right hand he’s learned to use his left more and more.

Early Years
1854 | Edmund is born the first son of an ill advised union between a halfblood wizard and a muggle. They raise him in Canterbury in a mostly muggle-passing home though over time small touches of magic would accumulate throughout.

1857 | Everett is born. Ed is immediately fascinated by his little brother and, in turn, his duties as older brother. He is not sure what all the fuss is about but takes to it as seriously as a three year old can.

1859 | Ed displays his first sign of magic, causing the water in the nearby wash tub to erupt during a tantrum. Emmaline, who was washing at the time, is so upset she refuses to go near the tub for a week.

1864 | Much to Emmaline’s chagrin, Walter finally buys the boys their first brooms and they both take to it like naturals.

School Years

1865 | Edmund receives his invitation and goes off to Hogwarts that September. He is sorted into Gryffindor and is sure to send regular letters to his mother who had been so reluctant to see him go. Fate would see Ed in the same boat as Jonathan Webster for the journey to Hogwarts. Despite the fact they they nearly get dumped overboard in the process, the two become fast friends.

1867 | Edmund does fairly well with classes, averaging mostly E’s with a few A’s sprinkled in for flavor. He finds added inspiration to keep his grades up when he tries out and makes the Gryffindor Quidditch Team as Chaser.

1869 | Everett comes to Hogwarts and is sorted into Hufflepuff. Their mother is doubly stricken by his departure now that both boys are off to school and the house is mostly empty. At the time her letters seemed a little odd but Ed was too busy with classes, quidditch, and helping Ev who struggled a bit academically to really read the depression between the lines.

1870 | Quidditch rivalries takes an interesting spin when his brother becomes a chaser for Hufflepuff. They manage to keep it a friendly, brotherly rivalry. Mostly.

1871 | Ed gets tagged with a reputation as a mostly benign rascal, partly for his own participation but mostly for his association with Jonathan Webster.

Quidditch Years

1872 | He graduates and is quickly accepted as second string Chaser for the Appleby Arrows. He is intent on making first string and is soon an old hand at juggling quidditch, family, and friends.

1874 | Ed is promoted to first string. A few months later Walter is killed on a work assignment gone horribly wrong. The tight knit family is devastated but none take it as hard as Emmaline. Vulnerable from a long festering fear of magic she lapses into a psychosis. She does eventually recover from but she is never quite the same. Ed moves back to his childhood home to be with his mother and keep an eye on her troubling new behaviors. Ed and Ev never talk about any of it.

1875-76 | It takes about a year for Ed to accept that he cannot fix what ails his mother. Rather than improve Emma had declined so rapidly that she was nearly out of his control. Ed and Everett finally have the talk they had both been avoiding and together decide that Emma would be best off in an asylum. Her manic depression and paranoid delusions are more than they are equipped to deal with. Sadly, given the state of mental health treatment at this time, the doctors are not much better equipped. Since she is a muggle they are even further reduced to entering her in a non-magical facility.

1876 | Ed sells the home in Canterbury to help fund the asylum bill and hates everything about it. Ev graduates, takes half of what's left from the sale, and disappears. He sends word once in a great while to let Ed know he’s still alive but is otherwise dust in the wind. Ed visits his mother regularly but after a while he is informed by the staff that while she is happy when he is there Emmaline is always more agitated after he leaves. He uses magical means to monitor her and ensure she is properly cared for but keeps his visits to a minimum.

1877-1879 | There is a certain level of heady glory that comes with freedom and youth and it is not wasted on Ed. He is a first string chaser for a nationally recognized team with little responsibility for anything beyond himself. These years blur together and are marked mostly by various festivities, matches, adventures, and misadventures.

Actual Adulthood?

1879 | Ed was perfectly happy to spend his days on a broom but it is not a lucrative or especially respectable way to make a living and the violent nature of the sport had begun to take its toll on his body. A particularly nasty hit from a bludger provides a convenient opportunity to retire. His shoulder eventually heals but he’d rather die than be That Guy that plays until he’s booted out by someone younger with faster reflexes. He seeks out more gainful employment accepts a position in the department of Magical Games and Sports.

1882 | Ed moves to Hogsmeade and is promptly drafted into the Expeditions. When the task is complete life returns to some shade of normal.

1883 | Ed is now an uncle twice over and finds his brother and two nieces moving in with him. This maybe the most he’s seen of his brother since they were kids but it is a welcome change as it also allows him to be close to his nieces.

1884 | His good friend Jon Webster takes a drunken dare a bit too seriously and runs for Minister and picks Ed to be is campaign manager. He looses. No one's surprised. Ed is, however, rather disappointed. He would have paid good money to watch the show that would be Minister Webster. Ed takes a promotion as Qudditch League Director and kind of loves it.

1885 | Catastrophe strikes the Ministry and Ed manages to survive a brush with fiendfyre but not without damage. The lockdown lasts a week so that by the time he finally gets medical treatment its far less effective than if he’d seen a healer immediately. His right leg is burned so badly that it has to be amputated at the knee. Besides damage to the flesh the extreme heat had caused the ligaments in his knee to permanently contract, making it completely useless. Various treatments save his other leg but he is left with a myriad of shiny, white burn scars.

1887 | Ed is promoted to Assistant Head. He appreciates the raise and the added prestige of the title but kind of misses being Quidditch League Director.

1888 | Wesley Cavanaugh, the Department head and Ed’s friend, reinjures an old quidditch injury and struggles with pain management and keeping up with the demands of his job. Ed steps up, filling in the gaps, assuming perhaps optimistically that Wes would eventually pull through and be able to resume his usual duties. Instead, Wes retires, leaving his office vacant. Having already shouldered many of the responsibilities associated with the job, the Minister grants special permission for Ed to take the job officially.

Self-assured ♢ Amicable ♢ Venturesome ♢ Loyal

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