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Seventh Year
Seventh Year

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Seneca Lestrange
“Maybe it’s time we found out what the daughter of the mightiest god can do. Look to your kingdoms— I am coming for them all”
― Elisabeth Hewer, Wishing for Birds

Full Name: Seneca Bellona Lestrange

Nickname(s): Sen

Birthdate: January 1st, 1873

Age: 18

Occupation: Student

Blood Status: Pureblood

Residence: Hogwarts for the bulk of the year; London and the fancy family fortress during holidays.

Hogwarts House: Slytherin

Wand: Unyielding, 13'', laurel and phoenix tail feather

Lucius Lestrange, father (1827)
Seneca loves, respects and fears her father. She looks up to him fanatically and would never question anything he says. She works hard to remain his favourite daughter and he's the only person that can make her feel insecure.
Alexandria Lestrange nèe Rosier, mother (1839-1884)
Even though Seneca is the child who looks like Alexandria the most appearance-wise, she strives hard not to be like her intellectually. Alexandria was a daft woman, whose only talent seemed to be flower arrangements. She also seemed to feel uncomfortable with Seneca's meta abilities, which is another reason for Seneca to resent her.
Claudius Lestrange, brother (1859)
Seneca likes her oldest brother a lot, though she wishes he was more accomplished. She privately thinks that, if she had been in his place, she would have done greater things.
Valeria Greengrass née Lestrange, sister (1865)
The sister Seneca is closer to because they're both Slytherins. That being said, Valeria has always treated Sen as a child, something that annoys Seneca, who thinks that she's much more intelligent than her sister, who outwardly is the typical society wife.
Cassius Lestrange, brother (1866)
The black sheep of the family and a professional Quidditch player. Seneca wishes he could quit his current position already and pursue a Ministry career. Still, she can't be too harsh on him. He's the sibling she feels most comfortable to be vulnerable around.
Cornelia Pendergast nèe Lestrange, sister (1870)
Seneca finds Cornellia completely unremarkable. She's the Kim to Cornelia's Kourtney.

Tiberius Lestrange, cousin (1862)
Tib became Lucius' ward after his father was sent to Azkaban for murdering a bunch of people, so he grew up with his children as though he was one of them. Seneca likes her cousin a lot and overestimates how close their relationship is. She used to have a big crush on him back when she was fourteen, though now that's faded away somewhat. Still, he's very much Seneca's idea of the perfect husband.
Kristoffer Lestrange, first cousin once removed (1871)
Another ward of Lucius Lestrange, taken in after the death of Kristoffer's father. Seneca finds him brash and obnoxious and wishes he could be more like Tiberius.

Belphoebe Lestrange née Trimble, step-mother (1850)
Seneca's stepmother. The two are actually quite close because they have similar intellectual interests. That being said, Seneca resents her for not being her mother and for being the woman that made Lucius Lestrange fall in love.
Cicero Lestrange, half-brother (1887)
In spite of being only three, he's already Lucius Lestrange's favourite child. Seneca resents the child because he hasn't done anything to earn his father's adoration, unlike her. That being said, she's openly very kind to the child, thinking that it's better to keep him on her side than to openly declare him an enemy. She hopes that he'll be a bigger disappointment than Cash, growing up.


sketch by bree <3

Seneca looks a lot like her late mother. She has the same honey blonde hair and very similar features, though Seneca doesn't have that serene, innocent quality to her appearance that her late mother used to have. It's in the eyes -- Seneca has a strong gaze and sharp Lestrange eyebrows topping her father's hazel eyes. She is slightly taller than average, standing at 5 feet and 5 inches. She's overall thin and the slight emphasis to her waist exists only because she's been wearing a corset. Her limbs are long and she has thin fingers. She's right handed.

Another thing that should be noted in this section is that she is a metamorphmagus. That being said, you can't see her walking about in crazy hair colours or anything. Seneca likes to think of her gift practically, rather than vainly. It's a gift for more important things than merely changing your hair colour! In the past, when she was too young to care about her appearance, Seneca thought it silly to use her power to make aesthetic alterations. Nowadays, she realizes the power of a good appearance, so she makes her features a bit more symmetrical for special occasions, so she appears more pleasant to the eye.

Style wise, Seneca enjoys robes, so she prefers a more magical styling if she can help it. She wears the latest magical fashion, like Lytton, which incorporates magical and muggle female fashion, which she prefers from straight up muggle styled dresses.


❧ Seneca believes that she is special and destined for greatness. That being said, she is willing to put in the effort into achieving it. She is definitely a workaholic and prone to overwork herself.

❧ She is somewhat narcissistic. She believes that she deserves special treatment compared to most people. She also has a grandiose idea about herself. Adding to that, she likes to hang out with other "special" and "unique" people and she's really impatient about people not meeting her standards.

❧ Seneca could get under people's skin sometimes because she has a sort of mocking quality to the way she talks and carries herself. It depends on who she's talking to, though.

❧ She is stubborn and has a "my way or the highway" outlook on some aspects of life. She doesn't easily accept authority unless it comes from her father or people she deems worthy of her respect. She also doesn't take well to people disagreeing with her.

❧ She is a chill person to socialize with and she understands the importance of not making enemies out of people if you can help it.

❧ She is snob, has eclectic tastes and likes to distinguish herself from those she deems basic and plebs.

❧ Due to her upbringing and the general views of the time, Seneca holds some views that would be considered problematic by modern reader. Namely: internalized mysogyny, racism, classism, etc.

Amortentia ― Various flowers found in the garden of the ancestral family home. Dried lavenders. Ink. Book smell. A vague note of some powdery-smelling potion ingredients.

Boggart ― IDK. Seneca would most be afraid of losing her power, but idk how to visually represent that. xD

Quidditch Team ― If pressed, Seneca will say she supports the Chuddley Cannons, only because her brother plays for them. She doesn't really follow Quidditch, though.

❧ Her favourite spell is the Stinging Hex. It is also usually her spell of choice when she is on the offensive. Your character could use this information against her is all I'm saying ;)

Pets — She has a colour changing cat (a magical breed) called Iris.

Languages — She's proficient in French. Can speak some conversational German and Italian. Some good knowledge of Latin and less so, Ancient Greek (mostly the stuff that is needed for spellcasting).

Ancient RunesO--
Ancient StudiesE--
Defence Against the Dark ArtsO--
History of MagicE--
Childhood (1873-1884)

Seneca could have been a very insignificant member of her family, seeing that she was the youngest girl. What saved her from such a fate was her unusal gift, her metamorphic powers, which began to manifest in the early months of her life. Her father, a Transfiguration enthusiast, took an interest in her. (Possibly because her powers could be useful in the future.) To add to her merits, Seneca was a well-behaved child.

It didn't take her long to realize that she was 'special' and, from a young age, Seneca had a sense that she was an important individual. She was a member of one of the most esteemed families in the magical world and she had a rare power - clearly she was destined to greatness! She took an intellectual interest from a young age - talent and a rare gift alone wouldn't take her far in life!

As it has been already said, Seneca was a well-behaved child. That being said, she wasn't an angel to everyone. She was to those she deemed important, but to those she didn't find as such, she could come off as rather arrogant. She didn't have an easy time making friends with children she couldn't boss around.

She didn't have a good relationship with either of her sisters growing up. Seneca thought herself better than them, though she knew better than not to at least treat Valeria with respect, seeing that she was the oldest. Cornelia she deemned unimportant and unclever. She was lucky to be pretty and a Lestrange. With her brothers, her relationship was better, mostly because Seneca was always nicer to them.

Seneca lost her mother when she was eleven, in the February of 1884. She wasn't exactly devastated - she's always liked her Papa best, because he was the parent that it was important to have on her good side. Mama was a vapid woman and she seemed to feel uncomfortable about Seneca's powers. Seneca never enjoyed a feeling that wasn't sheer admiration from people.

Hogwarts (1884-present)

Seneca was sorted into Slytherin, which was no surprise to anyone. That being said, Seneca felt it so important that she is sorted into her father's house and not, Merlin forbid, Hufflepuff, that she actually urges the Hat to sort her there.

She's a dilligent student so she does well in her classes. It pains her that she can't naturally be good at all of them, though. Especially Transfiguration. It is her father's most favourite branch of magic and she's a metamorphmagus, besides, Transfiguration is in her blood in a way, yet she has no exceptional talent for it. Her talents lay in the Dark Arts and Duelling. She's lucky to be her father's special snowflake girl, which gives her his permission to duel, an activity that is generally frowned upon for girls.

In 1885, her father has a task for her. He asks her to pretend to be him on her brother's Cassius' bedside. She doesn't question this at all. She's always had blind faith for her father. Little does she know that her father asked her this in order to break her crazy uncle Tybalt from prison! She'll likely put the pieces together sometime in the future, if she ever thinks of this.

In the autumn of 1886, her father remarries to a spinster named Belphoebe Lestrange. Seneca doesn't like this - she views Belle as a threat. She knows better than to openly antagonize her stepmother, though, and she keeps her feelings to herself. She even enjoys a pleasant relationship with her, in spite of her private feelings.

In the summer of 1887, Seneca becomes interested in the arts of Legilimency and Occlumency. In spite of her young age, Seneca thinks herself perfectly capable to master those skills, because she's so gifted and special. She asks her cousin, and a ward to her father, Tiberius Lestrange for help. She also happens to have a crush on him, because her's her Papa's favourite younger Lestrange and, in a perfect world, they'd be the power couple that would put all power couples to shame.

She's not too pleased when her place as the youngest child is usurped by a brother, in the October of 1887. She views young Cicero, as a potential threat to the family dynamics.

It is no surprise to anyone when Seneca is named prefect in her fifth year. She is a good student and she is influential amongst Slytherin. She joins a long tradition of Lestranges getting student positions.

Seneca completes her fifth year in 1889 with excellent grades. She continues with Ancient Runes, Charms, DADA, Potions, Transfiguration and adds Alchemy to the mix, a class that she was planning upon taking since her third year, so she had put extra effort in getting the required grades.

In the June of 1890, both Claudius and Cornelia marry to one of their Pendergast cousins. Claudius to Ellory on the 9th of June and Cornelia to William on the 24th. While William and Cornelia had been betrothed for years, Claudius and Ellory had been betrothed that same year. Seneca hopes that she won't also be betrothed to some unimportant first cousin.

❧ Seneca is a metamorphmagus.

❧ Many of Seneca's relatives held and hold important positions within the Ministry. Her father is on the Wizengamot and he used to be the Head of the Mysteries Department.

❧ Seneca's late aunt, Olivia Pendergast, was the founder of Pendergast School for Young Roses, a magical finishing school based in the village of Irvingly.

❧ Sen's brother, Cassius Lestrange, is the Chudley Cannons' seeker.

❧ Seneca's uncle once murdered a lot of people in the Ministry but he has received the dementor's kiss since.

❧ Her brother Claudius' wife and her sister Cornelia's husband, are also siblings.

❧ She's a member of the Dueling and Chess clubs at Hogwarts.

❧ Of the small group of pureblooded intellectuals that she is friends with.

❧ Her closest friend is her cousin, Gretchen Lestrange, who is also a Slytherin prefect.

❧ Seneca impersonated her father once, on her brother's bedside. Only Sen and Lucius know of that.
Played By: Soph

Contact: Skype

Plot Preferences: ❧ I prefer fast paced threads that take about a week (and less) to be completed. I'm willing to work with other people's pace, though.

❧ My posts are on the shorter side on average. Their lenght depends on the thread and what I'm writing, really. I confess to finding longer posts overwhelming if they'd done as the average, though.

❧ On mature subjects: violence, swearing, and sex are all fine and good! I'm not too sensitive about anything, to be honest, as long as it's not too twisted and sick.


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❧ Seneca has difficulty focusing when there is a lot of noise around her. She's also a bit agoraphobic and prefers small gatherings to large parties.

❧ Because she has such high expectations of herself, she gathers tension in her body. As such, she is prone to grinding her teeth in her sleep and having tense muscles. That is her way of showing anxiety, since she's not the type to vent or admit that she's worried about something.

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Couturiers (such as Worth) would use actresses and other such mannequins to display their new designs. Worth himself would use his own wife as a model and make her wear his newest designs at the racetracks.

Actresses were considered public figures and would be interviewed by gentlemen's magazines and mingle in society. They just wouldn't be invited to any "respectable" balls. In any case, in spite of their Working Class position in life, they'd still be able to go out and about and mingle in society!

It wasn't important for debutantes to be well dressed in order to attract a husband, but rather for her mother to do so. That was because debutantes themselves wouldn't really talk with their prospective suitors. Her mother served, in a way, as a promise as to what her daughter could become. Basically, the cooler your mother was, the better your marriage prospects.
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Riding habits were made by tailors rather than dressmakers, seeing that the design of that dress was more masculine than that of a regular dress.

The book is called Paris Fashion; A Cultural History by Valerie Steele!

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