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Lingerie Designer
Lingerie Designer

47 year old Halfblood
5FT. 5IN.   ❤   Married
played by Lauren
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Ailsa Fraser

Full Name: Ailsa Fraser nee Phillips.


Birthdate: 5th February, 1842.

Age: 47

Occupation: Lingerie Designer.

Blood Status: Halfblood.

Residence: Swallowbury, Irvingly.

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw.

Wand: 11 inches. Rosewood. Unicorn hair core. Swishy.

Ewart Fraser | Husband | 1834-

Aegir ___ nee Fraser | Daughter | 1860-
Fraser Scamander | Daughter | 1865-
-Eugene Scamander | Son-in-law | 1862-
Tyr Fraser | Son | 1872-
Idunn Fraser | Daughter | 1875-

Laurel Potts nee Phillips | Sister | 1842-
-Basil Potts | Brother-in-law | 1834-
--Amaryllis ___ neé Potts | Niece | 1862-
--Senna Potts | Niece | 1863-
--Thistle Potts | Niece | 1865-
--Zinnia Potts | Niece | 1868-
--Daffodil Potts | Niece | 1870-
--Dahlia Potts | Niece | 1873-
--Calla Potts | Niece | 1875-

Eloise Belby nee Phillips | Sister | 1854-
-Cyrus Westerman/Ephraim Belby | Wolfy-in-law | 1852-
--Aria Belby | Niece | 1874-
--Archer Belby | Nephew | 1877-
Standing at five feet four inches Ailsa spent the first eighteen years of her life just as pale and skinny as her more gangling child but child-rearing and slight over-indulgence in the finest wines Europe has to offer has filled out her figure. With blue-grey eyes and delicate features Ailsa is still an attractive women, in fact she believe she is quite a bit better looking now than she was as a teenager. She dresses immaculately though her colour of choice is always High Drama and around the house the children will be lucky to catch her in anything other than a dressing gown.
Open-minded. Deeply embarrassing. Devoted and loving. Charismatic. Enterprising. Thoughtful in a slightly unfortunate way.
1842: Ailsa is the first born of parents she will spend her entire life trying to not be like. Within a month of her birth her mother is pregnant again, in pursuit of a boy, and ends up with another girl. Later in life one of Ailsa's favourite form of rebellion against the conformity and attitudes of her parents will be to relish each and every girlish cry she has helped to put into the world. Her daughters all turn out to be a bit badass but oh well, they can scream just as well.

1842-1853: Ailsa and Laurel spend a totally safe, utterly boring childhood learning how to be good little young ladies which inevitably means Ailsa spends an inordinate amount of time in trouble. She finally gets her own back on the nanny when, at seven, she turns her hair blue and no one can quite work out how to turn it back. Poor Mrs Freeman has to dye it out and Ailsa is gleeful every time she seems the faint tinge.

1853: It is spectacularly jarring to head off to Hogwarts for the first time on her own. She is sorted into Ravenclaw but it takes Ailsa until Christmas to begin coming out of her shell without Laurel as a constant.

1854-1860: Their mother gives birth to another daughter but Ailsa doesn't pay her much attention as, in less surprising news Laurel joins her at Hogwarts. Ailsa's second year is much more comfortable and the sisters spend the next six years loving themselves.

Winter 1859-Spring 1860: Despite her plans including travelling the world, love affairs with exotic strangers and possibly taming lions Ailsa instead meets Ewart Fraser at a family party over the Christmas holidays and finds in him a kindred spirit she has never known outside of her sister. They fall quickly and madly in love and Ailsa doesn't spare a single thought for Society before she elopes with Ewart - they are meant to be and she will not hear otherwise.

1865: Another daughter is born and named Astrild (Old Norse: love-fire) because Ailsa and Ewart are just like that. They are, frankly, embarrassingly happy and want for nothing; their daughters might prefer to not be dragged to quite so many odd events around the countryside but Ailsa truly believe she is enriching their horizons by taking them to so many fairy forts. Laurel gives birth during the same year too, which is delightful, and Eloise attends Hogwarts for the first time, which is lovely but less interesting to a woman with a young family of her own.

Either 1871/1872: Aegir attends Hogwarts for the first time and and is sorted into ___. Ewart joins the Ministry and Ailsa loves him more than ever for doing something so against his nature for their family: he is ever her hero.

1872: Ailsa gives birth to a son and the couple delight in breaking out their list of Norse boys name, deciding to go bold or go home and name him Tyr after a deity. Not long after their father dies Eloise leaves school and promptly marries. For the first time Ailsa feels kinship with her baby sister.

1874-1875: Slightly surprised to find herself pregnant again - more due to being a little past her prime than any lack of trying - Ailsa gives birth for a fourth and final time to another girl, Idunn. Ailsa merrily tells everybody it is because she craved apples throughout her pregnancy but it also amuses her to send a furtive message to the world about her reproductive life. (She quickly learns to pronounce her daughter’s name properly, but still snickers over it in private.)

1876: Astrild goes off to Hogwarts and is sorted into Slytherin. To counteract her crisis over how old this makes her feel - and the lingering effects of four pregnancies - Ailsa takes to deigning underwear that flatters without making her feel like a failure for not fitting into it anymore. It is essentially a corset without a stomach panel but oh dear me does she enjoy adding lace to things.

1883: Eloise becomes a divorcee and Ephraim becomes a werewolf. It is hard to ascertain which of the two Ailsa thinks is more modern. By now Ailsa has decided to turn her hobby into something that everyone can enjoy and occasionally advertises, though she has been forced by popular demand to actually make proper corsets as well as her own brand of comfortable ones. With tricky wandwork she manipulates whalebone and unlike the poor muggle women whose fingers split doing the same job (totally unbeknown to Ailsa) she retains her gentility while creating her bespoke pieces.

1884: Tyr goes to Hogwarts and is also sorted into Slytherin. Astrild becomes an Unspeakable and Ailsa tells anybody who will listen that her little girl is a heroine because she breaks moulds and goes her own way, even if it involves working for the Man. She advertises Fraser's Foundations in Witch Weekly occasionally, to the abject mortification of her children. Ewart begins collecting new pets - the iguanas she likes well enough, though sometimes she finds them in her sewing basket, but the monkey...

1886 Idunn goes to Hogwarts and to no one’s surprise whatsoever is sorted in Ravenclaw. Ailsa sends her a bronze owl brooch in celebration. It has real feathers attached and she will almost definitely know if Idunn has not worn it.

1889: Astrild starts to look a little more full of figure. Tyr has no idea what he’s doing. Idunn is doing too much and Odin only knows what's going on with Aegir. Ailsa loves them all so much she could burst.
+ Ailsa designs and sells corsets and other assorted underwear under the name 'Fraser's Foundations'.
Played By: Lauren

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So Ailsa designs and sells lingerie under the name Fraser's Foundations AND in the last year she has been mentioned in both the Prophet and Witch Weekly which to her mind can mean only one thing - the time is right to expand! With this in mind Ailsa is seeking two kinds of people:

1) MC/UC ladies who in the most genteel ladylike way possible will be her brand ambassadors and namedrop her in exchange for free lingerie.

2) Less well-off MC or WC ladies who would be a model and be photographed for her brochure. This too will be mostly respectable, tastefully done and absolutely definitely going to go wrong in some as-yet-undetermined way. There is also a free lunch and a fee to be earned. Ailsa also doesn't care that much about reputation assuming you're not an actual murderer.

I'm after 1-2 threads of Ailsa being charming and mildly embarrassing with #1 and basically the same with #2 except there's a fair chance both of them will be in lingerie because Ailsa doesn't want them to be overly conscious of themselves while they test model the goods!