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Sixth Year & Keeper

16 year old Halfblood
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Tyr Fraser

Full Name: Tyr Fuller Fraser

Nickname(s): Ty, Tyrry

Birthdate: September 15th, 1872

Age: 16

Occupation: Fifth Year; Keeper

Blood Status: halfblood

Residence: Swallowbury

Hogwarts House: Slytherin

Wand: 9 ½” ash, phoenix feather, swishy

Ewart Fraser| [1834] Father
Ailsa Fraser née --- | [1842] Mother
Aegir --- née Fraser | [1860] Sister and family
Astrild Scamander née Fraser | [1865] Sister
Idunn Fraser| [1875] Sister, Ravenclaw
Tyr is about as average as a guy can be; other than his bright red hair. He stands at 5’8” and is probably done growing, though wouldn't be upset if he gets another inch or two. He's got an average build, bordering on athletic thanks to quidditch. His eyes hover somewhere between green and blue, depending on his mood. With a strong jaw, defined chin and nose, he cuts a handsome visage if you can get past the dusting of freckles on his nose and cheeks. He is right-handed and dresses as casually as he can get away with.
Unassuming; genial; easy-going; normal; protective; charismatic; good with people; handles pressure well; competitive: somewhat insecure about his parents.
September 15th, 1872 | Tyr Fuller Fraser joins his sisters as the family’s first boy. Woo! He is named after the Norse god of war, something that grows to be a little ironic in the family as he’s an easygoing baby and child.

[May 1875] | Idunn joins the family and the naming tradition continues. At least it sounds normal, right?

[1879] | Not to be out-done by his baby sister, Tyr’s first display of accidental magic comes in the form of turning his nanny’s hair a violent shade of green one afternoon when he was feeling particularly grumpy and just wanted to be left alone.

[School Year 1884-85] | Tyr is off to school, finally. Damn September birthday. He's been looking forward to this for actual years. There is a very brief contemplation between Gryffindor and Slytherin, though the latter is where he lands and he's fine with it. Except some of the boys in the year above are absolute dicks, so there's that. His family's reputation for being… weird, precedes him, and that doesn't help either. First year passes rather unremarkably, much to his delight.

[School Year 1885-86] | Second year has Tyr eyeing the quidditch team, but he decides to do club instead. He's an average student, there only class he starts to excel in is DADA.

[School Year 1886-87] | Tyr adds Care of Magical Creatures and Ghoul Studies for his electives because why not?. This year he takes the initiative and tries out for the quidditch team- fancy that, makes it as keeper, excellent. Life is goooood.

[School Year 1887-88] | Life continues to be smoothish sailing for Tyr, quidditch is good, academics are meh, he has a semblance of a social life, can he really complain? Nah.

[School Year 1888-89] | Fifth year has brought on OWL panic and though Tyr doesn’t want to admit he’s worried; he is. Isn’t he supposed to have a career in mind? How the hell does one choose their NEWT classes anyway? That is an end-of-the-year-Tyr problem.
Played By: Bee

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