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Wife of Claudius Lestrange
Wife of Claudius Lestrange

23 year old Pureblood
5 ft 1 in.   ❤   Married
played by Soph
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Ellory Lestrange
‘‘Of course Ellory had house elves named Starlight and Rainbow. She was only a few steps away from being a unicorn herself; she was so sheltered he couldn't imagine anything bad had ever happened to her in her whole perfect life.’’
— Reuben Crouch in Taking Shots

Full Name: Ellory Ambrosine Lestrange née Pendergast

Nickname(s): Lory and Elle are used though Ellory herself prefers her full name to be used.

Birthdate: May 10th, 1867

Age: 23

Occupation: Society Wife

Blood Status: Pureblood

Residence: Hogsmeade, Wellingtonshire

Hogwarts House: Gryffindor

Wand: Flexible, 11'', pear and unicorn tail hair

Claudius Lestrange, husband & first cousin (1859)

Philip Pendergast, father (1826-1884)
Olivia Pendergast née Lestrange, mother (1837-1887)
Regan Pendergast, brother (1861)
Eloise Manwaring née Pendergast, sister (1862)
Evelyn Abercrombie née Pendergast, sister (1863)
William Pendergast, brother (1864)
Rosalind Pendergast, sister (1866)
Regina Pendergast, sister (1884)
Warrick Pendergast, brother (1883-1884)


sketch by bree <3

Ellory is a small woman, at five feet one. She keeps her weight close to the fashionable size and overall her body has a roundness to it. Hadn't it been for the corset, she wouldn't have a very prominent waist. Finally, her hands and feet are small.

Moving on upwards, she has a round face, rosy cheeks, and a pale complexion. When she tans, she gets frickles and she was taught from a young age to use the right beauty cosmetics to keep that from happening. Her eyes are round and hooded and blue in colour. Her hair is red and naturally wavy. Overall, her appearance is cute and homely-looking.

Ellory lost the pinky finger of her right hand in her Fourth year. She has also lost another finger due to a splinching accident, though thankfully that one they managed to reattach to her hand.

Lastly, Ellory is known to have a bad fashion sense. She's not very good at picking the right colours for her. She likes bright, bubbly colours, which don't really look good against her pale skin and red hair. She also likes robes and traditional magical clothing, for the medieval-y feel that they have. While that isn't exactly frowned upon in the magical community, it is considered old fashioned and a lot of older witches tell Ellory that she will have plenty of time to wear robes and such when she grows older.

❧ Ellory is cheerful, fun-loving and extroverted. She has an easy time making friends and she loves parties and social things. The dark side to that is that she really can't stand being on her own. She really doesn't know how to have fun on her own.

❧ Due to a mix of daddy and mommy issues, Ellory has a really unhealthy approach to intimate relationships. She believes in fairy-tale-like romance and dreams of being rescued by her "Prince". She's the sort to get obsessed with a romantic interest and has a hard time getting over crushes. She has an Anxiously Attached attachment style.

❧ Adding to the above, Ellory has the tendency of preferring fantasies instead of reality. She is the sort to pick up unhealthy coping mechanism to keep her away from reality and her problems, like drugs.

❧ She sometimes has the emotional maturity of a teenager. For example, after a disagreement with Antigone Lestrange, she attacked her with a hex instead of going with a more mature route and... not doing that.

❧ She craves adventure though she's still sheltered enough not to actively pursue it. In any case, she's a risk-taker and she sometimes can't realize the risk of doing something.


❧ Ellory's hobbies include tennis, photography, astronomy and, divination.

❧ Ellory owns a camera (of the magical sort) as of late 1887. One of her 'projects' was to take portraits of her friends and relatives.

❧ Her boggart takes the form of an inferius.

❧ Her amortentia smells like vanilla, patisserie cream and cocoa.

❧ She's fluent in french.

❧ Ellory is a really good dancer.

❧ After her experience with the Cruciatus Curse, Ellory's pain tolerance levels have become extremely low. She's become afraid of the very notion of feeling pain.

Care of Magical CreaturesE--
Defence Against the Dark ArtsEA
Ghoul StudiesA--
History of MagicA--
Childhood (1867-1877)

Ellory is born to Philip and Olivia. Even though she was the youngest child, she didn't receive any special treatment from her parents. She was appropriately immature, though. Her closest confidante through childhood is her sister Rosalind, partly because they're the 'Small Pair' and naturally made to spend most of their time together. Her other good childhood friend is her cousin, Cassius Lestrange.

Ellory is a lively child, but not overall difficult. She's not her governess' favourite, though, seeing that they had different visions as to what young Ellory was to do. Ellory preferred to play outside than learn how to be a good lady. Even though she liked to read and learn, she found etiquette books and whatever novels girls of her age and standing ought to read very, very boring!

She began to display magic since she was two. At least she was good at being a magical child!

Hogwarts (1878-1885)

Ellory is sorted into Gryffindor, as her brother Regan had years ago. It really doesn't surprise anyone, given her boisterous personality.

She's neither a good nor a bad student. She does well in the subjects she enjoys and poorly in those she doesn't. Ellory has a curious nature, but she is also lazy. As such, her performance is polarizing - she does exceptionally well in Transfiguration and Astronomy but does abysmally in Potions and Herbology. For a person who loved the outdoors, she really couldn't stand the latter!

For electives, she picks Care of Magical Creatures, Divination, and Ghoul Studies. She's also an active member of the Transfiguration, Leisure Sports and Astronomy clubs.

Ellory is a very popular girl. She's got family relations and a personality that makes it easy to make friends. She tried to be friendly to the lower classes, partly because of how Romantic she found it. That being said, her closest friends are very much like her - girls from 'good' families.

In her fourth year, Ellory loses the pinky finger of her right hand while she was practicing the Severing Charm with some girls of her year. The whole thing is branded an accident - yet Ellory is convinced the one responsible, Antigone Lestrange, did it on purpose. The two hadn't been on good terms since their first year. Since that accident, Ellory began to think of her as a nemesis.

It is because of her popularity, her good family ties and the fact that she is not an abyssmal student (in most classes), that she is picked as prefect in her fifth year. She had also saved a classmate from falling over the Astronomy tower the year before. The addition of the badge to her school uniforms is not unwelcome - Ellory secretly hopes that her new duties will make her mother appreciate her more. Her services to the school conclude with her appointment as the Head Girl.

In the meantime, while Ellory was getting her education, some of her older siblings got married; Eloise in 1881 and Evelyn in 1883. Ellory's own experience with the opposite sex includes her first kiss to her childhood friend Andren Lovegood in their third year and her crush to her cousin Edward Macmillan during the summer break between her fifth and sixth years. Their mothers figured it out and, while Auntie Helena thought it to be adorable more than anything, Olivia wasn't too pleased and she warned her not to pursue anything of that sort with someone she isn't betrothed or engaged to.

She loses her father and youngest brother in the plague of 1884. That is the case with her father, at least. Warrick is in fact murdered by her mother. He never stood a chance, the poor thing - his birth nearly cost his mother her life and he was crippled, besides. Ellory is shocked to catch her mother taking his life and with the Curse no less. She feared her mother before, in a respectful sort of way - now she knows she's capable of murder. She doesn't tell anyone of this - nobody would believe that the esteemed Olivia Pendergast had murdered her own son and she didn't want the same fate as Warrick.

After Hogwarts; The Debutante Years (1885-1890)

Ellory went straight to her mother's newly established finishing school with the conclusion of her Hogwarts education. She would really rather not - she thinks she's received enough Proper Lady education over the years and she served as a prefect, besides. What else was there left for her to learn? Ellory struggles to take the finishing school classes seriously, which pains her mother - the daughter of the headmistress and an old prefect ought to know better!

In the January of 1886 Ellory has her second experience with the Unforgivable Curses. A quarrel between her and Antigone at a tea party of a mutual friend concludes with a duel between them, initiated by Ellory. Olivia makes Antigone cast the Cruciatus Curse on her, in a private "tea party" between the three of them, to teach Ellory a lesson. She also makes her wear mourning clothes for weeks, so she can "mourn her lost reputation". It is a difficult period for Ellory.

Later in the year, her favourite sister, Rosalind, manages to screw up in a greater capacity. She leaves her fiance at the altar and their mother sends her to their oldest sister in America. Ellory wonders if Rosalind also received a dose of the Crucatius Curse to fix her up.

For a bit it seemed that she wouldn't debute that summer, but sweet Evelyn came to her rescue. She offers their mother to take care of Ellory's first season and thus she debuts on her nineteenth birthday's party.

In the spring of 1887 Ellory is accidentally transported to Mexico, after touching a portkey intended for another. That person is Reuben Crouch, the prodigal son of the pureblood family. He shows up to her rescue right as she's about to be killed by an inferi in an ancient temple. (Reuben is a curse-breaker.) They instantly bond and they keep contact upon their return to Great Britain.

Sadly, their letters are discovered by Olivia a few weeks later. Even though they don't include anything outright scandalous, they do have a flirtatious tone and Olivia is concerned that he might have taken her virtue in Mexico. There is a tense interrogation by Olivia and it is thankfully revealed via some magical method that Ellory hadn't slept with him. In any case, Ellory gets such a scare, that she doesn't need to be told twice to stop writing him.

It takes her some time to get over him. In the few weeks of their correspondence, Ellory had put him on a pedestal and created a fantasy of her being a rescue prince. She is unable to feel excited about any other man she meets. No boring meeting a ball could compete with Reuben Crouch rescuing her from an inferi! She felt that she had been so close to getting a fairy tale romance and now she's forced back to her boring life.

Her mother's death in the summer of 1887 is the needed distraction from her Ben Crouch obsessive moping. Even though she and Olivia had had a difficult relationship, she is still her mother and Ellory can't decide between being distraught and relieved over her death. Deep down, she had always wanted to win her mother's praise and approval.

One year of mourning means that Ellory can't have much of a social life. During this period, she decides to attempt to become an Animagus, a project that she quickly gives up on after realizing how much work it actually is. After that, she takes up photography. She visits her sisters in America at some point. Due to mourning, she misses out on much of the 1888 summer season as well.

In the autumn of 1888, Ellory meets a new romantic interest who I will call The Guy. They have a chance and accidental meeting. Due to a floo network mishap (she had been using that after a splinching accident), Ellory ends up in the hall of his Wellingtonshire home instead of that of a friend she was intending to visit. Their interesting meeting circumstances aside, the two have good chemistry, so things hit off.

Even though The Guy is also from a wealthy pureblooded family, he is a fourth son and only a few years older than Ellory. In any case, he works at the Ministry and he keeps feeding Ellory tales about how he'll likely get an important promotion soon, which would enable him to earn more and thus be able to afford to have a wife at a young age. The truth is, even though he is ambitious, he is more excited about experiencing a "forbidden" romance with obstacles to be overcome than actually overcome said obstacles and marry Ellory. The two exchange secret love letters and occasionally sneak off to steal an innocent kiss. With Olivia dead, Ellory feels much more comfortable doing those things. There's nobody there to Crucio her!

Because Ellory is convinced that she'll marry The Guy, she sabotages what could have been fruitful courtships with much better husband options. She is willing to wait for him. She sees him as being way more in love with her than he actually is and creates all sorts of fantasies about them getting married after waiting for so long and what their kids will look like, etc. She is so infatuated with him, that she forgives all of his shitty behavior.

Things start to become rocky after The Guy tries to convince her to engage in sexual activities with him. Even though she doesn't know what sex is exactly, she does know that she is not supposed to be doing anything more than kissing before marriage. Even their kisses could get her in trouble if they were discovered.

The Guy had been trying to convince Ellory that it wouldn't be bad for them to "consummate" their marriage before they were actually married, since they would be getting married sometime in the future. And she wouldn't marry someone other than him, would she? Ellory was torn between wanting to prove her love to him and not wanting to ruin her life.

Luckily for Ellory, Evelyn discovers some of their recent letters in late 1889. She is shocked to discover that Ellory had had a flirtation and moreso that The Guy had been so obviously trying to coerce her into sleeping with her. Once again, Ellory is interrogated about her virtue which thankfully hadn't been lost. Ellory tries to convince Evelyn that he will end up marrying her one day. This doesn't convince Evelyn, who makes her break off things with the young man immediately. To ensure that Ellory wouldn't be getting involved into anything similar, she makes her swear an Unbreakable Vow to preserve her virtue until her wedding day. She also keeps a close eye on Ellory.

Ellory is distraught and heartbroken. Even though The Guy had been making her feel uncomfortable towards the end, she still harbours strong romantic feelings for him. She is convinced that she will never be able to find love again and that she'll end up a hapless spinster or married to some horrible old man of her family's choosing.

Mrs. Lestrange (1890 - Present)

Her family does end up choosing her husband but it isn't a terrible old man. Evelyn and their uncle Lucius agree to betroth her to her cousin, Claudius in March 1890. It is somewhat awkward, since Ellory had never viewed him as anything but a cousin (unlike her cousin Edward Macmillan, to whom she had harbored a crush for during her school years). In any case, she realizes that this is a good arrangement for her. She and Claude were already friends, after all. She is somewhat bitter that she won't get to experience a dramatic romance but she is still reasonable enough to know that a betrothal to a friend is much better than a betrothal to a terrible old man.

She marries Claudius on June 9th 1890. Later that month, her brother William marries Claudius' younger sister, Cornelia.


❧ Ellory's husband, Claudius Lestrange, is also her first cousin. To make them even more related, Ellory's brother William married Claudius' sister, Cornelia.

❧ Ellory's mother was the renowned socialite Olivia Pendergast nee Lestrange. She was also the founder of Pendergast School for Young Roses.

❧ Ellory's sister, Evelyn Abercrombie, is the current headmistress of PSYR.

❧ She's the niece of the Chief Warlock, Lucius Lestrange. In June 9th, 1890, she married his first son, Claudius Lestrange.


❧ If you went to Hogwarts around the same time as her (1878-1885), you'd know that she served as a prefect for Gryffindor, as well as the Head Girl in her final year.

❧ Her best friend is her cousin and brother-in-law, Cassius Lestrange.

❧ She's not on good terms with Antigone Lestrange, wife to her cousin Tiberius.


❧ Ellory received the Cruciatus Curse from Antigone on the command of her late mother. Antigone is the only living person who knows of this.

❧ Ellory witnessed her mother murder her baby brother, Warrick Pendergast. She's not told anyone of this.

❧ Of her flirtations with Reuben Crouch and The Guy.

Played By: Soph

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