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27 year old Halfblood
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played by Finn
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Jonathan Lawrence

Full Name: Jonathan Xavier Lawrence

Nickname(s): Jon

Birthdate: February 21st, 1862

Age: 27

Occupation: Magizoologist & Traveler

Blood Status: Halfblood

Residence: Here and there

Hogwarts House: N/A Jon went to Ilvermorny and was a Thunderbird.

Wand: Maple, 13 1/2", Phoenix Feather, Slightly Swishy

Family: Adam Lawrence (1831) - Father

Hannah Lawrence (1839) - Mother

Benjamin Lawrence (1859) - Older Brother and Wife

Daniel Lawrence (1866-1872) - Deceased Younger


Caleb Lawrence (1872) - Younger Brother

Standing at five foot, eleven inches, Jon has a fairly average build.  He's muscular, not overly so, but he's not a gangly mess of limbs either.  His laughing eyes are green, and he sports slightly wavy, short brown hair.  He usually has a bit of scruff on his face.  His wand hand is his right.  He tends to err on the more practical side of clothing as he is always traveling.  Various pockets are a must.  He has dimples that become very pronounced when he smiles.
Adventurous and knowledgeable.  Sometimes broody.  Somewhat goofy and mischievous sense of humor, even as an adult.  
He has a very worn, unfashionable, floppy hat that almost resembles a bucket hat (though it wasn't originally).  He wears it exclusively on expeditions, and it is a hideous shade of green.  He has a crup named Terrence who accompanies him almost everywhere.  His favorite thestral from home's name is Daniel, though he doesn't say that out loud to his parents.
1859 Benjamin is born to the young farming family who recently moved further West from Connecticut in hopes of starting both a magical and muggle farm.

1861 The family begins breeding winged horses.

1862 Jon is born, and his older brother instantly dislikes him.

1866 Daniel is born, and Ben's dislike falls onto the younger brother instead.

1868 Jon shows his first signs of magic by vanishing some of Ben's belongings to the roof of the barn after he had made him angry.  To this day, Jon isn't even sure what his brother had done to make him so furious.

1872 Tragedy strikes the small farm.  While out playing in the barn, Daniel falls from the loft and breaks his neck.  Jon witnesses it happening, and he has never been able to forgive himself, even though it hadn't been his fault at all.  He hadn't even known his little brother had been in the barn at all until he plummeted to the ground.  He was killed instantly.  Their parents assume he must have been a squib since his magic didn't attempt to save him.  As the months pass, Jonathan realizes he can now see the thestrals their family keep.  Later in the year, Caleb is born.  The poor boy is treated as if he lives in a bubble for quite a few years by his mother, terrified to lose any more of her children.  Jon spends most of his time with the various winged horses they now breed.

1873 Jon joins Ben at school, and he is thankful for the change of scenery.  There, he meets Tierney Walsh, and they become fast friends.  They get into all kinds of mischief, but it doesn't distract Jon from his studies about other creatures.  When summer comes, him and Tierney realize they live near each other, and Jon soon meets his sister Una.  The three of them become fast friends, and they embark on many adventures throughout their time at school together.

  1876  Jon realizes he likes Una much more than a friend, but he keeps those thoughts to himself, for the most part.

1880 Jon graduates from school, and he returns to further help his family on the far.  He especially loves the thestrals.  He sends Una frequent letters, under the guise of 'checking in on her.'  Really, he misses seeing her nearly every day.  He continues to be good friends with Tierney, and the two hang out a few times a week.

1881 Una graduates, and he is ecstatic to spend time with her once more.  He has also begun taking trips with a small research group formed at school.  There's talk about finding more permanent opportunities and employment, but Jonathan is content to remain where he is, for now.

1882 Una and Jon share a dance, but he is too chicken shit to tell her how he feels.  The opportunity is lost.

1883 Una has found someone.  Heartbroken, Jon starts to pull away until he ultimately decides to take an opportunity he had originally decided to pass on.  Him and another friend from school sign on to be research assistants to a magizoologist who travels all over the world trying to discover new creatures and learn more about those who already exist.  Jon keeps in contact with Una and Tierney, sending letters when he can.  

1887 On an expedition in South Africa, they happen upon a baby erumpent whose family was killed, and it needed to be rehabilitated and relocated.  He sends a letter to Una, hoping to enlist her help.  When she agrees, he's over the moon, and the weeks they spend together are some of the best he's ever known.  

1888 The gentleman Jon works for starts dabbling in experimental cross-breeding.  Many of his methods are inhumane and illegal.  At the end of the year, he distances himself from the crew and decides to go it alone, but he isn't completely sure where to go from there.

1889 He has bounced around a bit, even spending some time on his family's farm.  He needs to find a more 'steady' position, if his line of work could even be called that.  Maybe, in the meantime, he'll check on the erumpent, and, most importantly, Una.

Played By: Finn

Contact: PM or Skype

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