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Fourth Year & Chaser
Fourth Year & Chaser

15 year old halfblood
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played by Nichole
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Calla Potts

"You can't always be strong but you can always be brave."

Full Name: Calla Mesa Potts

Nickname(s): Cal, Pippy-Potts

Birthdate: November 12, 1875

Age: 15

Occupation: Student

Blood Status: Halfblood

Residence: Thimblewhit Turn, Hogsmeade

Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff

Wand: dogwood, 9.33", swishy, unicorn hair

Basil Potts [1834] | Father, Marine Herbologist
Laurel Potts née Phillips [1842] | Mother, Owner The Florist Potts
Amaryllis ---- née Potts [1862] | Sister, Healer and family
Senna ---- née Potts | [1863] Sister, Florist and husband
Thistle Potts | [1865] Sister, Florist
Zinnia Potts | [1868] | Sister, Florist
Daffodil Potts | [1868] | Sister, Florist
Dahlia Potts | [1873] Sister, Student

ETHEL | [Aquirred in in Summer of '88] Hound Dog

Myrtle Potts | [1838] Aunt, Spinster

Cecil Potts | [1836] Uncle, Herbologist
Elizabeth "Beth" Potts née --- | [1841] Aunt
Edmund Potts | [1863] Cousin
Dorothea Potts | [1866] Cousin
Fletcher Potts | [1873] Cousin
Gabriella Potts | [1875] Cousin

Ailsa Fraser née Phillips | [1842] Aunt
Ewart Fraser | [1834] Uncle
Aegir --- née Faser | [1860] Cousin
Astrild Fraser-Scamander | [1892] Cousin
- Eugene Scamander | [1865] Cousin
- Theseus Scamander | | [1889] Cousin-in-law
Tyr Fraser, cousin | [1872] Cousin
Idunn Fraser | [1875] Cousin

Heather --- née Phillips | [1845] Aunt & family
Bianca --- née Phillips | [1850] Aunt & family

Eloise Belby née Phillips | [1854] Aunt
Cyrus Westerman/Ephraim Belby | [1852] Uncle
Aria Belby | [1874] Cousin
Archer Belby | [1877] Cousin

A small girl, Calla Lily Potts is taller than your average girl her age, standing at five foot and three inches and seemingly still growing, but tends to be a bit underweight from her active lifestyle, but not particularly unhealthy, though she has gained some weight after starting school, mostly in muscle mass. Her height to weight ratio though is rather balanced, even if it is slightly less than it should be. For such a boyish little girl, she tends to be quite fond of her hair, already having grown it down to her hips when straight, a light brown color with a few flecks of highlights though for the most part, it tends to be a solid color. Gray eyes are tacked along with her tanned skin and hollow face. She tends to prefer simple clothing with solid colors and simple patterns, though she does not mind having her hair done up fancy. Always tucked away in her right sleeve is the wand she uses with her left.
As Calla has aged, she has settled slightly from her younger self, but one could easily attribute that to an overarching sense of tiredness from both her classes and practice. Still, she tends to be overly cheerful in a way some could easily find annoying. She means well though, and always wants to find a way to make everyone happy. Everyone needs to be smiling and she'll make sure everyone is, even at her own detriment. She takes others feeling down as her own emotion failure and is highly influenced by the mood of the crowd, though it takes time to wear her down. Calla puts up with a lot towards herself and will only speak up when it involves one of her friends rather than herself. She still acts quite boyish - if the quidditch isn't enough of an indicator - but has started to pay a bit more attention to her looks, mostly out of peer pressure and wanting to relate to what her friends talk about.

She isn't the most academically inclined, rather floating through her most of her classes with barely average grades - unless it is one of her electives and herbology. It isn't that she isn't smart, she, well, school just isn't her cup of tea. She prioritizes hanging out with her friends and practice. It isn't like she needs the grades. She already has a job lined up her family shop. Knowing that her path is pretty much set, she focuses her attention only on the classes that she truly enjoys - herbology and care of magical creatures.
Care of Magical Creatures--
Defence Against the Dark Arts--
Earth Magic--
History of Magic--
1875 | Calla was born as the seventh daughter of Basil and Laurel Potts and the youngest of the family, continuing the tradition of nature-themed names and burying Basil's dream of ever having a son. At this point, her two oldest sisters are already at Hogwarts. Right off the bat, she proves herself to be louder than her sisters were.

1876 | One more sister goes off to school, Thistle, leaving the house down to the four youngest siblings.

1877 | During the founding of Hogsmeade, the Potts family uproots and moves to the new wizards only town. Their lands are slightly smaller, but they open a new store in the main area. Three-year-old Calla is just happy to have something new to explore. She is rarely where she is told to be and with the new places, almost always coated in mud and dirt and often brings home a treat or two when she wanders off, charming those she meets.

1880 | Her oldest sister graduates Hogwarts this year. This year, Calla turns five. She still proves to always be underfoot, loud, and cheerful, but no one seems to mind. She knows what plants to keep her hands off and that is all that matters, until one day her father knocks a ladder over that falls to crush her, until Daffodil accidentally levitates the ladder, saving her. Amaryllis takes a job at Hogsmeade Hospital and Zinnia starts Hogwarts, leaving the house not too quiet, even with the smaller number of sisters.

1881 | This year Daffodil is off to Hogwarts while her second oldest sister, Senna graduates and Calla is finally old enough to be jealous and wish to follow her sisters as well. Not shockingly the young girl's first acts of magic come earlyish and come in a slightly dramatic and bold way that surprise no one. A set of firey sparks were set off when the young girl is fed up of being told to wait and that she would see Hogwarts soon enough.

1882 | Thistle graduates, coming home and Calla is happy to finally have time to get to know her sister better than over summer.

1884 | Dahlia joins Hogwarts, leaving Calla they only one to yet have gone and without company, as the only other relative not yet at Hogwarts is cousin Katniss who lives elsewhere and is slightly older than Calla, meaning Katniss will be joining the rest of the family the next year, leaving Calla alone anyways.

1885 | Katniss attends Hogwarts.

1886 | Amaryills marries.

1887 | Zeinnia is to graduate at the end of the year, and in the upcoming fall, Calla will finally join Hogwarts, leaving home to join Daffodil, Dahlia, Fletcher along with her other first-year cousin, Gabriella, while Zeinna is home with Thistle, Senna.

SCHOOL YEAR OF 1887 - 1888 | Calla is off to Hogwarts for her first year and is sorted into Hufflepuff - something she isn't too excited about but also not that disappointed about. Determined to make a name for herself and not just be yet another Potts sister, she tries out for her house Quidditch team and to her surprise, she makes it as a chaser. She quickly settles in with herbology as her favorite class and flying and potions as close seconds. During the year, she participates in the potion brewing contest, of which she fails out of the first round. At the end of the year, her hard work pays off as Hufflepuff pulls through and wins the Quidditch Cup, even if the didn't catch the snitch. While she enjoys Hogwarts, she is excited to go home for the summer - even more so as all her friends live in Hogsmeade and she can now see them without a looming threat of homework.

SCHOOL YEAR OF 1888 - 1889 | Calla starts off her second year in wonderful spirits. This year, there are no questions as to what house she is to belong too, she had her friends established, and she has her place on the quidditch team. While she is sad that Daffy isn't in school with her this year again, she can't really think of anything she would really wish to change. Even better, Sloane makes her own house team, and while Calla is not thrilled to have to compete against her, she is very much glad for her friend. Nothing too dramatic happens this year, but Hufflepuff does win the House Cup and her team won the Quidditch Cup!

SCHOOL YEAR OF 1889 - 1890 | Third-year sees Calla adding Care of Magical Creatures and Earth magic to her roster. Her friends are grouchy. She is grouchy in turn. Everyone is grouchy. This year she tries her hand in a dueling tournament over break - she fails miserably. She won one round but lost her first match. She swears her revenge - somehow. She wouldn't have cared about losing if it wasn't for the fact it was the boy who tried to set her on fire in her first year. For the first time in her quidditch career, Hufflepuff does not win the house cup, and instead, it goes to Gryffindor. Her dreams of having a seven-year streak are gone.

SUMMMER OF 1890 | The summer sees Senna married, a fact calla never really considered happening. Even though her eldest sister had been married for a few years now, she'd never considered the rest of the marrying. The festivities turn to the worse as she and her friends take an accidental dip in the Black Lake rescuing a kitten and during the World Quidditch match the group accidentally witness an English beater send a bludger into the stands and kill a woman. They are not allowed to attend the resumed match and Hogwarts bans the position of beater.

SCHOOL YEAR OF 1890 - 1891 | Her friends are still grouchy but this time they are outright avoiding each other and fighting.
- Her family is considered slightly odd for their naming theme, plant obsessions, and general oddness.
- She is a chaser for the Hufflepuff team, and has been since her first year.
- She tends to hold little regard to the reputation of those she spends her time with and cares little for her own reputation but does tend to not act scandalously, but rather small things that would typically only bother the strictest members of society
- She has a deep-rooted fear of being lost among her sisters and not developing her own, distinct, identity
Played By: Nichole

Contact: Skype

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Opinions on Life

  • She has not actually ever contemplated her sexual orientation as it isn't really something on her day to day radar. However, as she has had a few minor crushes in the past all on boys, it is likely that she is probably heterosexual maybe bisexual. At the least she is demiromatic.
  • She has every plan to wait until marriage to have sex. This is disregarding the fact she does not even know what sex is. This may change if she finds someone she is interested in, but physical intimacy is not a driving factor for her. Though she would probably be down to cuddle.
  • She has had no prior relationships, though had a brief crush on Narcissus Laurent in her third and fourth year.
Political Opinions:
  • On Blood Purity: She find the concept of pureblood elitism as total hogwash. One of her best friends is a Muggleborn and finds the idea that wizards are inately better than muggles just for having magic quite ridiculous. After all, muggles have things wizards do not.
  • On Women’s Rights: She falls pretty much in the middle. Despite the fact she holds the belief women are just as capable as men and therefore should be allowed to hold jobs and play sports as they so desire, she however does not question the assumption that women will eventually marry and have children. She has not quite thought about if women should have the right to vote but if ever prompted for such an answer, likely will agree that women should be able to vote.
  • On Half Breeds: She has really no negative opinions on half-breeds. She'll be just as friendly to them as she is anyone else and as such thought, the halfbreed ban was ridiculous and uncalled for. However, much like she holds humans to the standard of acting upon the right, she, in turn, expects halfbreeds to act as such as well. Their parentage does not excuse their actions, especially once they are old enough to decide right or wrong. Much to her own displeasure and embarrassment, she does hold a slight fear of half-vampires but refuses to act upon this fear or let it drive her actions.
  • On Vampires and Werewolves: text

  • Her preferred method of travel for short distances is flying.
  • She has probably never ridden a horse.
  • She is neutral in regard to apparition and portkeys. She doesn’t dislike them, but they aren’t the most comfortable experiences.
  • She tends to prefer floo for longer distances.
  • She is a fan of the Appleby Arrows and the Hollyhead Harpies. She supports the Arrows due to her friend's brother playing on the team and supports the Harpies due to the fact it is a team full of women.
  • She is too young to cast a patronus.
  • Her amortentia smells like dirt, grass, and old leather.
  • Her boggart is of
  • She is -phobia -

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