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But then Miss Dempsey paid her so great a compliment that she wanted to hurl herself over the edge of the theater balcony in delight.
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Lenora Winthrope
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Played by Elaine
Wife & Socialite
27 year old Halfblood
ft. in.
❤   Married
Full Name: Lenora Adelinde Winthrope née Gladstone

Nickname(s): Norrie

Birthdate: February 2, 1861

Age: 27


Occupation: Wife & Socialite

Blood Status: Halfblood

Residence: Primary residence is in Ireland; the family rent property in London and Hogsmeade when it is socially necessary.

Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff

Wand: Apple, 13¾”, supple, kelpie hair

Father: Harold Gladstone (1831)
Mother: Millicent Gladstone née __ (1836)
Brother: Richard Gladstone (1857)
Sister: Rowena __ née Gladstone (1859)
——and family

Husband: Bartholomew Winthrope (1858)
Daughter: Rosalind Winthrope (December 19, 1881)
Son: Merlin Winthrope (August 12, 1884)
Daughter: Nerissa Winthrope (June 8, 1886)
Unlike her siblings, Norrie isn’t a true redhead. Her tawny hair does exhibit highlights of copper in the sunlight, but she is a very light brunette. Standing just above average for a woman at five feet, five inches even barefoot, Norrie boasts a slender but soft figure of upper class motherhood, and can be typically found wearing the latest trends in fashion - whether that’s wizarding robes, muggle gowns, or enchanted versions of either. Her eyes are a dark golden brown, and her face is mostly freckle-free, with just a faint, barely noticeable dusting across her upper cheeks and nose that can also be found on her collar and shoulders when she dresses for an event. She wields her wand and her quill in her right hand.
1861: Lenora is born, the third and final child of Harold and Millicent Gladstone. Given her status as the youngest, she is rather adored by her parents. In her early years, she and her elder sister, Rowena, are taught the basics of being a socially-conscious woman, from reading every bit of information available to ensuring of the facts.
1866: Norrie displays her first signs of magic by setting a doll aflame when it was taken away from her. Though the particulars of her display are upsetting, to say the least, it is celebrated anyway.
1869: Richard goes off to Hogwarts. Eight year old Norrie doesn’t take it very well at all.
1870: Rowena joins Richard at Hogwarts, leaving little Norrie home alone with her parents and the staff.
1872: Finally! Norrie arrives at Hogwarts, joining Richard in Hufflepuff. She enjoys the learning, especially the more practical classes, but thrives in the new social setting.
1874: When selecting her OWL courses, Norrie selects Ancient Runes and Earth Magic, wanting to find courses that are at least somewhat practical for conversation. Unfortunately, her grades in History of Magic start slipping ever so slightly around this time as well.
1877: Norrie sits for her OWL exams. Her grades aren’t abyssmal, but one thing is absolutely clear. She’s not the sort to sit down and do nothing. Her NEWT course selections reflect her interest in practicality, with one unexpected twist; both the Hufflepuff house matron and her Earth Magic professor refer her for the NEWT level Gobbledegook class. Besides this, her courses for NEWTs are Charms, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Earth Magic, and Transfiguration.
Throughout the year, as the muggle world learns of magic’s presence, Norrie pays extra attention to the news and gossip. Making sure that no one she cares about is harmed.
1879: Norrie sits for her NEWT exams, and at the end of her year, debuts with her classmates. At the end of a very successful summer season, she finds herself with an invitation to court Mr. Bartholomew Winthrope. Over the course of the year’s end, she finds herself falling hard and fast for his dry wit and his willingness to engage in meaningful conversation. This is what spurs something spectacular one night in early December - she finally casts a corporeal patronus.
On top of this joy, older sister Rowena marries in the same year.
1880: Come March of the new year, Bartholomew asks Lenora’s hand in marriage. Overjoyed, she accepts on his first proposal, and they spend the next seven months planning the perfect wedding. The event passes on October 21 - a Wednesday - with the bride dressed in purest white with jewelry in diamonds and sapphires. An exotic honeymoon followed, during which the newlywed couple travelled to several beautiful, tropical locales, before returning home in happiness. The couple move into a home that was purchased as a gift by his parents, and begin their life.
1881: The year passes most uneventfully until Lenora announces with certainty that she is expecting their first child. Before the year’s end, Norrie gives birth to a baby girl - Rosalind. There isn’t a thing in the world that can bust their happy little bubble as the holidays come.
1884: The news of Norrie’s brother Richard’s promotion is just one joy that comes this year, as finally, at the tail of summer, a son is born in the Winthrope household. Merlin Winthrope is doted upon early in his life.
1886: A third child, Nerissa, is born. But a newborn is the least of Norrie’s concerns, as Rich begins to seek a wife of his own. Norrie’s mild obsession with Witch Weekly begins to pick up in earnest, paranoid that her brother might become engrossed in some sort of scandal!
1887: Richard is promoted! This improves his courtship chances significantly - or it would, if he wasn’t throwing himself into work.
1888: What a year. It started off fine, perfect even. The summer turned everything around, with Richard ending up in Witch Weekly connected to Annabelle Scrimgeour of all people! The potential scandal is carefully avoided, unfortunately at the expense of Richard’s heartbreak. Though Norrie feels horribly for Miss Scrimgeour, family comes first. As the new year rises, she plans to have Rich at least engaged in a courtship by summer - to a point where she’s taken up near-permanent residence at the London house that is typically only occupied during the season.
  • Extroverted ~ Socially outgoing, friendly, self-starting, comfortable
  • Observant ~ Problem-solving, pragmatic, attentive
  • Feeling ~ People-oriented, tactful, caring
  • Judging ~ Decisive, task-oriented, carefully plans everything.

Lenora is a sympathetic individual who keeps in mind other people’s sensitivities even when she’s reading through her favorite magazine. Unless it’s her brother or a close friend, she leaves the gossip to its pages. She will often use her own experiences as a base for what is the “ideal” upper class woman’s lifestyle. She’s quick to hand out compliments, dislikes conflict, and prefers to plan every detail of each and every day two weeks in advance. Norrie hates broken plans.
  • Avid Witch Weekly reader
  • Can cast a corporeal patronus, a king cheetah
  • When exposed to Amortentia, Norrie smells mint, sea spray, and candied apple.
  • Norrie’s boggart takes the form of her own dismembered and beheaded corpse.
  • Speaks fluent French and Latin and can read and write in Russian
  • Expert pianist, can sing, and is mostly proficient with the violin
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