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But then Miss Dempsey paid her so great a compliment that she wanted to hurl herself over the edge of the theater balcony in delight.
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Annabelle Bones
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Played by Lauren
Magical Bugs Healer-in-Charge
40 year old Pureblood
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Full Name: Annabelle Amelia Bones nee Longbottom.

Nickname(s): Belle.

Birthdate: August 24th, 1850.

Age: 40

Occupation: Head of Magical Bugs, Hogsmeade Hospital.

Blood Status: Pureblood.

Residence: South Widowsvale, Wellingtonshire.

Hogwarts House: Slytherin.

Wand: Silver birch base with a unicorn centre, the wand is temperamental, but behaves when Annabelle really wants it to; it is 14 inches long and she uses her left hand.

Henry Bones | Husband | 1843-1884

Rosamund Bones | Daughter | 1868-
Arthur Bones | Son | 1869-1869
Eldin Bones | Son | 1871-
Vesta Bones | Daughter | 1872-
Beckett Bones | Son | 1884-

Eldin Longbottom | Father | 1825-
Hermione Longbottom, nee Potter | Mother | 1831-

Gladys Wilde nee Longbottom | Sister | 1853-1884
Rufina Mulciber nee Longbottom | Sister | 1855-
Matilda Zabini nee Longbottom | Sister, 1856-
Louisa Lovegood nee Longbottom | Sister, 1858-1885
Beckett Longbottom | Brother | 1859-
Marcella Weasley nee Longbottom | Sister | 1861-

Annabelle is related to most other pureblood families in Britain but notably the Potters, Prewetts, Weasleys and Zabinis.
Standing at 5'4 Annabelle possesses a petite frame, albeit not one that made any of her pregnancies particularly difficult. She has long, straight dark hair that frames her pale face rather prettily, but she generally wears it tidily tucked away for work, only wearing more elaborate styles when attending functions or dinners. She wears plain, functional robes while at the hospital but enjoys the fruits of her wealth in her own time, wearing much more elaborate gowns and rather enjoying displaying her jewellery. She had dark eyes, a thin face and a lingering burn scar on the side of her left hand.

1850: Born the oldest child of Eldin Longbottom and Hermione Potter for the first three years of her life Belle is adored and the Queen of her little nursery, with nannies to look after her every need and a mother, who not being entirely inclined to do everything women of the upper class do, actually spends time with her.

1853: Gladys is born. Belle is grumpy at having to share for the first time but eventually she begins to warm to Gladys and likes having a little shadow to follow her around.

1855: Rufina is born. She is a much prettier child than Gladys was and Belle, now with a greater understanding of the joy a new baby brings her parents, is fascinated by the new-born.

1856: Matilda is born. Her parents are notably a little bit disappointed, though they attempt to conceal it, at still not having a son and heir.

1858: Louisa is born. At this rate Belle thinks it might be worth just stopping before she ends up with enough sisters to fill an entire Holyhead Harpies team. When her mother falls pregnant again Belle takes it upon herself to make sure the others are behaving themselves, bossing them around a little bit too much and leading Louisa to throw a doll at her, a doll she immediately levitates into the fireplace, displaying magic for the first time. Seeing the distress this caused her baby sister she immediately reached into the flames, believing herself invincible now, and promptly burns her hand, permanently scarring it.

1859: Beckett is born. Finally having a son to carry on the family name Belle notices a clear relief coming from her parents and tries not to take it too personally.

1861: Marcella is born. Belle receives her Hogwarts letter and goes to school for the first time, promising all her siblings she will tell them absolutely everything at Christmas, and is sorted into Slytherin after a full six minutes under the hat. After years of being part of a large group of siblings Belle initially finds it extremely difficult being a lone wolf, and for the first time in her life she is exposed to people from different backgrounds whom she finds tricky to get used to, but she eventually makes friends, particularly with her fellow Slytherin first year, Elladora Black.

1866: As she begins on her NEWT courses, taking as many as she can to challenge herself, Belle is dealt the blow of being informed that when she graduates she is to marry Henry Bones. The news is not gratefully received, though she reconciles herself with it as best she can and when they begin to correspond she finds him an indulgent, charming man. Following a conversation with Baxter Keene, also in her year, Belle begins to develop an interest in healing, though she knows her path to it will not be easy. On the plus side is that Henry finds her ambitions baffling but he does not object, bemused already by his young fiancé.

1868: Belle graduates from Hogwarts with excellent results that she is rather smugly proud of and swiftly marries Mr Bones. He is happy enough for her to Intern at the Hospital, whereas her father was not, but she falls pregnant only months into her first year and put her ambitions temporarily on hold.

1868-1872: Over the next four years Belle is pregnant four times and gives birth to three living children. After Vesta’s birth Henry is the one to encourage Belle back into healing and she finds a place to intern once again, using her family connections to overcome any objections to her presence.

1873: Gladys marries Alexander Wilde and relocates to New York City.

1874: Belle becomes a fully-fledged healer in the Magical Bugs department.

1875: Rufina marries Ernest Mulciber, the younger brother of the man she was supposed to marry before he splinched himself to death.

1877: Like most in the wizarding community the Bones’ up sticks and move to Hogsmeade when things become a little too hairy in their current location. Belle immediately takes up a position at Hogsmeade Hospital, working under Bernard Simpson.

1880: Marcella marries Catigern Weasley, the only one of her sisters to marry beneath their station. Privately Belle is quietly amused that their mother’s spirit has passed along.

1881: Louisa, already widowed once, married Orlando Lovegood.

1883: Mr Simpson becomes the Director, Mr Darrow the Head of Magical Bugs and, to her surprise, Belle becomes the new Assistant Head.

1884: Gladys dies and though Belle hadn’t seen her for years she was still saddened. Much more of a blow is Henry’s death, one of the first to fall to the oncoming plague. Belle herself, by some miracle, is not stricken, but she does find herself pregnant again and gives birth to Beckett in the winter, only months after she had become the new Head of Department, following Mr Darrow's untimely death.

1885: Louisa dies in childbirth and Belle is unable to save her, though she does save the child. She is devastated and often visits her Lovegood niece and nephew, having promised Louisa she would.

1887: Baxter Keene becomes the Hospital Director. In the summer she discovers that, with the aid of Ursula Black, Rufina has procured herself an abortion that very nearly causes permanent damage, but for Belle’s reluctant intervention.

1888:During the foggy summer Belle volunteers for one of the expeditions and encounters a variety of beasts, the handsomest of whom is Finnian Byrne. Later that year they begin a flirtation that Belle has no intention of stopping.

1890: On Leap Day Belle wakes up to find Finnian in her bed and some of his clothes in the wardrobe with no idea of how either of them got there. Oh well, might as well enjoy it now.
Hard-working and self-assured Belle has forged her own path and, for the most part, it has gone to plan. She is aware of her own privilege having given her a helping hand through life but not so self-flagellating that she doesn't acknowledge her background: she is who she is and sees no problem with that. Supportive and kind, though rather strict when she needs to be in order to get the best out of those under her, Belle is a well-liked figure and a respected medic. At home she is perhaps a little less secure in her role but she tries her best to be a mother her children are proud of, which unfortunately extends to keeping those society connections that might one day come in handy. She doesn't especially relish this aspect of her life but she has enough friends and family to make it bearable and she is always reassured that even if she is a failure as a society woman, her sisters are not and her children will not be scuppered by her entirely!
  • Sometimes lets people believe that the scar on her hand was acquired during her work at the hospital when in fact it was done when she was a child and burnt her hand putting it into the fire. As you do.
  • She is currently having an affair with Finnian Byrne.
  • Belle isn't even slightly a purist.

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