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Myra Dursley

Full Name: Myra Evangeline Dursley


Birthdate: December 03, 1870

Age: 18

Occupation: Seventh Year

Blood Status: Halfblood

Residence: Irvingly, Scotland

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

Wand: Hazel, 10¼ inches, Kneazle whisker, Springy

Joseph Dursley, Father [1840-1883]
Isolda Dursley (née -----), Mother [1850-1883]
“Clement” Dursley, Brother [1867]
“Terence” Dursley, Brother [1872]

----- Dursley, Paternal Uncle [1842]
----- Dursley (née -----), Aunt [1848]
----- Dursley, Cousin [1869]
----- Dursley, Cousin [1872]
Round-faced and possessing thick brows, Myra has never fit into society’s established idea of an English Rose. Although her five feet, five inch height is notable among her peers, her stocky build and near-flat chest makes her appear more boyish than anything; she remembers wanting nothing more at the younger age of fourteen than a large enough bosom to show real cleavage when she debuted!

Having since accepted her appearance as it is, Myra does her best to look neat and tidy and to work with her strengths: her large brown eyes, natural curls, and her unusually long legs. She prefers muggle dresses to witches’ robes, and always wears shades that best compliment her brown eyes—usually plums and blues. She is right-handed.

    ❧ She can read Latin—or at least every word of Latin that's in the Bible!
1870 | Myra is born to muggle Joseph Dursley and his wife, muggleborn Mrs. Isolda Dursley. Despite Isola’s magical abilities, her desire to fit in with her husband’s family—a skeptical, religious bunch—led to her locking away her wand following their marriage in 1865 and effectively spending her years as a muggle housewife.

1874 | Myra’s eldest brother “Clement” displays magic for the first time, but fortunately neither their father nor extended Dursley relatives are around to notice. Isolda does, however, and begins pondering how to handle the situation once she’s no longer able to shield her husband from the existence of magic.

1878 | A rather aggressive burst of magic during dinner one evening leads to a falling out between Myra’s parents. Her wand is removed from its box for the first time in nearly a decade and a half, and while Joseph does not cast out his wife and magical children, he grows distant. Only Clement’s acceptance letter to Hogwarts brings the family back together after Joseph realize that he cannot avoid the truth without ruining his relationships with his wife and children in the process. He accepts magic, albeit reluctantly, but still endeavors to keep the truth hidden from his brother.

1879 | While helping her uncle collect water from the nearby well, she nearly falls to the bottom and is only saved by her first sign of magic that keeps her stuck in place long enough for her uncle to grab her hand. Her uncle is happy enough to consider the odd occurrence as a miracle from the Lord himself, but Myra, unable to keep her mouth shut, inadvertently reveals the existence of magic to him. Her parents are very angry, but much to their surprise, Myra’s uncle doesn’t take the news as badly as Joseph did to begin with.

1882 | Myra receives her acceptance letter to Hogwarts! For a girl with a muggleborn mother and a Hogwarts-attending brother, she’s rather clueless about the magical world as a whole upon arriving at school. She’s sorted into Ravenclaw—whatever that is—and quickly grows comfortable with her new living arrangement. She does not excel in academics like many of her peers, but lives up to the house’s reputation of producing inquisitive minds.

1883 | Joseph and Isolda Dursley perish after a house fire that leaves the Dursley children with only their family’s savings and each other. They move in with their uncle and aunt, who subsequently move to Irvingly, a village known for a peaceful existence between magical folk and muggles. Myra’s younger brother “Terence” fails to receive his Hogwarts letter following the shock of their parent’s death. It doesn’t seem like much of a big deal to Myra, who’s used to having muggle relatives; however, her Myra’s older brother seems more distraught by this information, and almost seemsembarrassed.

1884 | Myra adds Care of Magical Creatures, Ancient Runes, and Muggle Studies to her coursework. She begins pondering a future in the magical world, noting that despite the radical differences between muggles and magical people, both generally expect women to follow similar paths. She’s not the career type, she decides, but very much likes the idea of marrying a wizard—especially considering the number of cute boys at school!

1886 | The boy frenzy ends rather abruptly when Myra begins preparation for OWL examinations. She pours over her studying materials night after night, yet still finds herself struggling by the time her examinations come in May of 1887.

1887 | Following the release of OWL scores, Myra decides to continue her education with four classes: Charms, Defence Against the Dark Arts, Astronomy, and Muggle Studies.

1888 | While unaffected by the tragedy that struck during the summer of 1887, there’s no avoiding the magic-inhibiting fog that originates from Irvingly itself. A summer of little visibility is enough to put a damper on the entire household, but like with most struggles, the Dursley children and their relatives get through it by channeling their faith. The fog dissipates on the 1st of August, and she returns to school a month later, prepared for her final year at school.
❧ Her younger brother is a squib.

❧ She lives with her muggle cousins and uncle, the latter who is the rector of the Irvingly church.
❧ Her parents died in a house fire.

❧ Her mother was a muggleborn, but her father was a muggle.
❧ She's considering abandoning the magical world post-graduation for a life alongside muggles. Considering.
Played By: Bree

Contact: PM Edric Umbridge; Skype

Plot Preferences:
POSTING | My posts tend to run between 80 and 300 words on average, but can be shorter or longer depending on what I'm given to work with. I prefer faster-paced threads and love rapid-fire style posting.

CONTENT LIMITS | I won't write out gory scenes or ones that depict non-consensual sexual interactions. I don't mind normal smut, but only if the relationship is established and there's a plot or character-driven need for it in a thread.

PLOTTING | I prefer organic development for romantic relationships, but have no problem pre-plotting friendships and work relationships.

THREADS | I prefer not to have basic "meet-and-greet" threads because they get tiring quickly, especially when I have twenty of them at the same time. Anyways, my favorite ships and friendships have blossomed out of wacky or traumatic action threads ;)


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