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Jack Watson
make no apology for who you are

Full Name: Jaqueline Marcus Watson

Nickname(s): Jack

Birthdate: January 12, 1865

Age: 23

Occupation: Lawyer

Blood Status: Half

Residence: London

Hogwarts House: Unknown

Wand: Oak, 10 1/2", Unicorn Hair core

Family: Mother - Marie Watson neé Dubois, deceased. Upperclass Frenchwoman, PB
Father - Marcus Lee Watson, deceased. Upperclassmen Brit, HB, made his money in trade before moving to France.
Uncle - Liam Dubois. Largely uninterested uncle who was left with custody of Jack when his parents died. Moved to America when Jack turned 17 and claimed his inheritance.
Jack is 5' 6", with a boyish, pretty face and a penchant for top hats. He carries his wand in an ornate came and is never seen wearing anything but the most impeccably cut suits. His eyes are a sea green and he keeps his dark hair cut just short enough to be considered refined, although it often falls in his eyes. He speaks with a French accent and leans on everything.
Light-hearted, cheery, and kind, Jack is highly unlikely to share anything about his personal life, and speaks very sparingly of his years in France. He is the perfect gentleman, always. He has never formally courted anyone.
Jack is, in modern terms, genderfluid. I use he/him pronouns for ease of comprehension, but if anyone were to learn of their origins, it would be possible to use she/her pronouns as well, in the privacy of their home. When she does court, she'll court women.
1865- Born Jaqueline Marcus Watson

1868 - Displays first magical talent by setting her favorite doll on fire

1876 - Begins her first year at Beauxbatons

1880 - Marcus and Marie Watson fall ill with Yellow Faver the fall of Jaqueline's fifth year. She is not allowed home to tend to them and they pass away just before the Christmas holidays.

1881 - Jaqueline is remanded into the custody of her mother's brother just before her 16th birthday, Liam Dubois. He forces her to spend that summer learning ettiquite for young ladies.

1882 - Jaqueline turns 17 and is granted her inheritence when her Uncle abruptly leaves for America, leaving her with no living family in Europe. Jaqueline decides she is sick of France, and after forging graduation papers from Beauxbatons that read 'Jack Watson' instead of 'Jaqueline', she moves to London and begins school to become a Lawyer. She brings only her trusted lady's maid with her and appoints her housekeeper.

1886 - Jaqueline, now Jack, recieves his diploma from law school. He takes up a permenant residence in London, and has by now become a somewhat odd fixture in London Wizarding society. His refusal to appoint any other staff raises a few brows but is generally ignore in favor of gossip about why he has not courted any young ladies. He is considered a good catch, if a girl is into that sort of boyish charm.

1888 - Jack continues to frequent upper class society and charm every girl he meets, although he is no longer considered a suitable match by some parents, who believe him incapable of settling down at this age. Despite this, he still recieves an invitation to any event he's interested in.
Jack is from France, and from new money. He appears often in society, and is recognized easily, but very little is known about his life in France. His parents are dead and his Uncle is in America. He's never officially courted anyone and is viewed as a rogue element during the season, although he maintains a decent reputation by always behaving like an absolute gentleman.
He has only one housemaid, who he brought over from France and who has known him since childhood. Despite his wealth he does not live in a large home, although his library is extensive.
He was born Jaqueline Watson, and raised female. He presents to society as a man, dressing, acting, and living as one. He lives in fear of stumbling across an old Beaubatonxs classmate who might recognize him. He was trained as a debutante, and although he never 'came out', he can read the fan and handkerchief language as fluently as any lady of society.
Played By: Ian

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speaks with a French accent. though jack might sometimes refer to themselves with she/her pronouns, they are always presenting as male and your character should refer to them as such

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Hello! Hello. hello? I need your siblings! The young ones! The small, helpless, about to go to Hogwarts ones! I need you to give them to me, and then I need you to let me blind them! Maybe from birth! Maybe violently! Maybe in a tragic accident! Who knows?! Not me! Will your character be distraught by their blind sibling? That's up to you! This is open to many possibilities! Pureblood Upperclass and ashamed? Middle class and not sure how to handle it? Working class and doing their best? We'll work it out! Give me your sibling and i will blind them, guaranteed! I might even make them a seer, if that doesn't seem too cliche! (thats too cliche) (i might do it anyways)

ok im done shouting now. basically I want to make a visually impaired character, and I want them to have a family and backstory, bc a disability shouldn't be a character's defining trait. So if anyone has a sibling I can borrow for my purposes, let me know! I'd prefer someone staring Hogwarts or in the first or second year, but I'm very, very flexible. Any gender, any class, although I do want to put this kiddo through all 7 years of Hogwarts, so if you're WC and that doesn't fit with your family plan, keep that in mind. Reply to this thread or PM me @Jack Watson if you're interested! (im only sort of serious about the seer thing. sort of.)