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Half-Veela Child
Half-Veela Child

6 year old Half-Veela
3 ft. 8 in.   ❤   Unattached
played by Ocean
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Emily Lyness

Full Name: Emily Roxanna Lyness
❧ Emily means Industrious or Hardworking
❧ Roxanna means Dawn and Bright
❧ Lyness is her maiden name

Nickname(s): Princess & Shiny Darling anything less and she'll fight you

Birthdate: January 1, 1883

Age: 6

Occupation: Shiny Thief, Loved by All

Blood Status: Half-blood
❧ Half-Wizard
❧ Half-Veela

Residence: Hogsmeade; her family owns multiple homes, Rosestone Estate - Suffolk, England, but since they mostly on use the Rosestone one, it's the only estate that Emily is familiar with other than where she lives.

Hogwarts House: unknown

Wand: unknown

Andrew Lyness | Father
Juniper Lyness | Mother
David Lyness | Brother | b.1885
Edmund Lyness | Brother | b. 1886
Delilah Lyness | Sister | b. 1888
Edmund Middlemiss | Grandfather
Lenobia Middlemiss née Archer | Grandmother
Begonia __ née Middlemiss | Aunt
Willow__ née Middlemiss | Aunt
Hair: fiery red, like her mother
Eyes: blue
Height: 3ft 8 in
Domenient Hand: right
Race: Caucasian
Wardrobe Choice: Her mother picks out her clothes. They're always in-fashion.

Temperamental | Spoiled Brat | Kleptoshiniac | Blunt | Spotlight Whore
Kleptoshiniac- steals shiny things
A mini-version of her mother
1883 | Emily is born
1885 | David is born. She doesn't appreciate having to share the spotlight
1886 | Edmund is born. If she hated sharing the spotlight with one person, she really hates sharing it with two.
1888 | Her mother starts dragging her around everywhere, leading her to have more opportunities to steal shiny things from unsuspecting victims. Also, she’s getting tired of people trying to take her spotlight away and doesn’t welcome Delilah. She tells her mother she doesn’t want anymore siblings.
December. 1888 | Emily becomes friends with Leo Lupin after stealing some toys
❧ Emily is half-veela
❧ Emily likes stealing anything shiny
❧Her mother was mentioned in the Daily Prophet. Twice.
Played By: Ocean

Contact: :)

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in case you missed it: Emily is a half-veela so males might feel a mild compulsion to 'protect' the child
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MJ is a Goddess and made Emily's sets

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