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Owner of Hogsmeade Apothecary

26 year old Halfblood
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Ulysses Harrington

Full Name: Ulysses Tobias Harrington

Nickname(s): Toby

Birthdate: April 30th, 1862

Age: 26

Occupation: Hogsmeade Apothecary

Blood Status: Halfblood

Residence: Over his shop in High Street, Hogsmeade.

Hogwarts House: Gryffindor

Wand: Rowan, 11 inches with phoenix feather. Pliable.

Family: Ulysses Rodrick Harrington, Father [1838] Agatha Harrington née Bodkins, Mother [1843] Jennifer "Jenny" Harrington, Sister [1865]   Ulysses Edward Harrington, Brother [1867]
Ulysses Tobias Harrington, or "Toby" as his family calls him, is a wiry young man with brown hair and dark eyes. He stands 5ft. 10in. tall, and moves with an intense nervous energy. If you ever happen to see him standing still, he will be fiddling with something in one of his apron pockets. On the subject of clothing, he wears practical clothing for his chosen profession. Namely, dark trousers that are difficult to stain, sturdy leather boots, a clean, albeit well worn shirt that was once white, and a leather apron covered in pockets, full of all sorts of odds and ends. While ambidextrous, he tends to favor his right hand for wandwork.
Impatient, kind, shy, and slightly bitter.
1861: Ulysses Rodrick Harrington, (Muggle) marries Agatha Bodkins(Witch); and they settle in a small hamlet in the east of England. 1862: The happy couple welcomes their first child, a boy, and they name him in the tradition of his family: Ulysses Tobias. Rodrick is employed as a junior apothecary, assisting the elderly proprietor and learning what bits of wisdom he can glean through his interactions with customers. 1865: Jennifer Anne is born. Rodrick becomes the owner and proprietor of the apothecary upon the death of his widower employer; who sadly, had no children. Young Toby is quickly disenchanted with the novelty of a sister, and spends every spare minute in the shop with his father, fascinated by all of the sights and smells around him. 1867:  Ulysses Edward is born. Shortly thereafter, Toby's first bit of accidental magic is performed one night, when he silences his shrieking brother after being unable to sleep. His father and mother are both upset for different reasons: Rodrick because he was unaware of the existence of magic until this point, and Agatha because she had been trying very hard to hide it from him. Tobias is no longer allowed in the shop, to minimize the contact he has with potential customers, much to his dismay. 1873:  Toby's Hogwarts letter arrives, and as Rodrick has been putting aside what little money he could, he is more than willing to get Toby off to school, if for no other reason than to keep him away from the shop. Just after Toby leaves however, little Jenny gets trampled by a horse while playing in the street, and is totally unharmed. Rodrick is thankful she is safe, but is furious that she is also "magical." 1876: Jenny starts at Hogwarts, and is sorted into Gyffindor, just like Toby. Toby has been working very hard at all of his subjects, but is especially proud of his good marks in Potions, Herbology, and Charms. Through letters home, he realizes that Edward has yet to show any signs of magical behavior, and is thus being groomed by his father to take over the shop. 1878: Toby manages to sit his OWL's and passes in all three of his best subjects. Hysteria around the discovery of magic and the wizarding world have forced Rodrick and Agatha to pull Jenny back to home and safety, deciding that she has had enough magical training and should be learning to care for a home and family. At the conclusion of the school year, Toby receives a letter from Rodrick telling him that he must give up magic and his studies for the good of the family, or he would be no longer welcome at home, and must fend for himself moving forward. Reluctantly, Toby left Hogwarts and returned home, finally able to work in his father's shop. 1886: Tobias has learned all the ins and outs of the apothecary trade, and takes what money he has managed to save up and heads back to the world he had left behind eight years ago. He ends up in Hogsmeade, and realizes that there is no longer an apothecary, as the shopkeeper had been killed in the fire. Seeing his chance, he purchased the vacant shop and opened up for business. It was difficult at first, as he was a stranger to the local inhabitants, and they were distrusting of newcomers. 1888: Tobias is managing to make ends meet and is saving small amounts of money for a rainy day, or a house whichever comes first.
Played By: Joe

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