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27 year old Halfblood
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Holsten Falk

Full Name: Holsten Bennet Falk

Nickname(s): Falk, Hol, Holly (by those who like to irritate him)

Birthdate: October 13, 1860

Age: 27

Occupation: Cursebreaker

Blood Status: Halfblood

Residence: London

Hogwarts House: N/A, Durmstrang Graduate

Wand: Red Oak , 11", bendy, single, Thestral Tail

Birger Falk, Father [b.1828]
Elizabeth Falk neé Rose, Mother [b.1834]
Alvar Falk, Brother [b.1853]
and family
Hugo Falk, Brother [b.1856]
Edvin Falk, Brother [b.1858]
Finn Falk, Brother [b.1858]
Handsome and ruggedly roguish is the exact way Holston would describe himself to anyone that might ask. Whether they agree or not is up to them, not that he really cares one way or another. Long, dark hair is kept cut short along the sides with the longer curls forming some sort of “pristine” bedhead look. It takes far more work than he really cares to admit looking all dishevelled and moody. The one aspect of his dashing appearance that takes no work are his crisp blue eyes. He can thank his lovely mother for those baby blues. And for the thick, long lashes that shroud said eyes. His teeth, while straight, are slightly yellowed thanks to the cigarettes he’s rarely seen without.

His choice of clothing is often worn and comfortable. From time to time he can get on board with wizarding robes, but he quite prefers pants and a comfortable shirt. The older, the better. He literally hates having to wear any sort of suit and will avoid as much as he can going to any event that requires it. When he is eventually forced into such an event, he looks like the true, properly upper crust dandy his family expects him to be. Thanks to his above average height of an even six feet, any and all pants need to be alerted to fit properly. Either way, he certainly feels as though he lives two separate lives. The one his family wants him to live and the one he wants to live. He’s right handed but can use his left if absolutely necessary.
Confident. Blunt. Reckless. Intelligent. Flighty. Promiscuous. Thrill Seeking.
1860: The birth of yet another boy. Elizabeth has long ago given up the idea of having a daughter of her own. And with a rather rough pregnancy, Holsten ends up being the final Falk child. Which is perhaps for the best as he’s a needy and loud infant.
1864: Agnar goes off to school. It hardly registers in a four year old Holsten’s mind.
1867: It’s Demitri’s time to go off to school. Again, Holsten hardly pays it any mind. He’s still a rambunctious and wild little boy, driving any governesses crazy. That winter also sees his first signs of magic. Levitating himself up off the ground and out of the reach of the latest tutor when his own imitations of the man annoy him. He doesn’t come down until dinner time and the tutor vacates his position with a huff.
1869: The twins go off to school and at nearly nine years old his parents begin to wonder if there will be anything to calm the boy down.
1872: Agnar graduates and thanks to a stupid later birthday, Holsten finally goes off to school a year later than most. It’s annoying but he also enjoys it as he ends up being one of the oldest, and tallest, of his class.
1874: Demitri graduates.
1876: The twins graduate.
1877: There’s some unrest in London over the discovery of wizards. It hardly phases the Falk family so far north. Elizabeth is silently grateful that she had moved to Damien’s home country instead of staying in England.
1879: Holsten graduates and with surprisingly good test results. His parents are a bit shocked as they knew he was the type that struggled to sit still in any situation. But, he manages to do well enough to get a job as an apprentice cursebreaker, a position that hardly surprises anyone and sees him moving to London right away.
1880: Elizabeth’s family passes away. Or rather, her parents do. As an only child, her father had a will written specifically so all he had goes to her. With all the boys graduated from school, she’s able to convince Damien to relocate to the Scottish countryside estate. They also decide to rent out a London home in wizarding London for the season. It’s a bit of a surprise that Agnar should find a young lady to capture his attention in his first season in London.
1881: Holsten finishes his second year as an apprentice just in time for Agnar’s wedding. He’s gone just hours after the wedding is off to Australia for a job.
1886: After years of bouncing around the globe, stopping in to see his family sporadically and for just short periods of time, he makes the acquaintance of a rather striking female archeologist in South America. The two share a brief fling before they’re both on their way. Miss Jupiter Smith, however, leaves behind quite the impression on him. Enough so that he wouldn’t mind running into her again in the future.
1888: Lo and behold, Holsten runs into Jo Smith again but this time in Greece. They spend a little more time in each other’s presence but leave one another amicably enough.
1889: Holsten receives a letter from Jo Smith. Apparently a gravesite they’ve been working on ends up with several cursed artifacts, the curses more than they can handle. Having already been heading to that area, he happily stops by and helps her out. It’s not a short term job by any means so he’s grateful to be spending it in such… good company. 1890: And then it becomes not so good. It’s the one time they part ways in less than ideal ways. Or rather, with any goodbyes at all. Having talked of taking an artifact of his own to bring back to his employer before having a passionate night, Jo ends up vanishing the next morning before he’s even awake. Suffice to say, he isn’t her biggest fan from that point on.  He still has a job to do though so can’t exactly hunt her down. Not long after, he receives a letter from his mother. Flynn has gone and gotten himself engaged. The nuptials are to be during the summer and his family would like to see him for a bit longer of a period of time leading up to the wedding. Begrudgingly, he replies to say that he’ll be back in London as soon as his present job is finished. It takes a couple of months but his mother is happy to see him finally at the end of March. He’ll stick around through the summer but plans to get back out in the world as soon as he can after.
-He avoids being home in London as much as possible. -Has no qualms drinking in less than savory locations. -Befriends all types without prejudice.
-He's lived on his own since graduating in '79. -He hates being dressed in society finery.
-He has a variety of tattoos. -He sleeps with any lady that is willing, married or not.
Played By: Hawke

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