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Assistant Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement
Assistant Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement

33 year old Halfblood
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played by Lauren
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Konstantin Fisk

Full Name: Konstantin Fisk

Nickname(s): Kons

Birthdate: 15th January, 1857

Age: 33

Occupation: Assistant Head of the Department for Magical Law Enforcement.

Blood Status: Halfblood.

Residence: Bartonburg.

Hogwarts House: Slytherin.

Wand: Rosewood. 13 inches. Dragon heartstring core. Kons is right handed.

Brannon Fisk | Father | 1825
Delia Fisk | Mother | 1832 - 1884
@"Ari Fisk" | Brother | 1851
Julian Fisk | Brother | 1853
Katia Meadowes née Fisk | Sister | 1854
-- and family
@"Roslyn Ross" née Fisk | Sister | 1859
-- and family
Leonid Fisk | Brother | 1861
Xena Fisk | Sister | 1861
Dorian Fisk | Brother | 1864
@"Nemo Fisk" | Brother | 1866
@"Zelda Fisk" | Sister | 1868
5’10. Neat and tidy at all times. Rarely smiles. Dark hair. Blue eyes. Lean build. There is an elegance to his movement though that is little expected and he casts spells with a flourish.
Extremely hardworking by nature. Conscientious and dedicated. Ambitious and determined to get on in life. Wants to be the most outstanding of his siblings and believes he has the capacity for it. Not an unpleasant man at all but a reserved one. Potentially a future romantic.

+ The Fisks are Jewish.
+ Konstantin remains a staunch supporter of Balthazar Urquart as a friend.
+ He managed his brother-in-law’s successful campaign for Minister of Magic.
+ He is a previous duelling champion and will tell literally anybody about this.
+ Owns a beagle called Brian.;

1857: Konstantin is born the fourth child and third son of Brannon and Delia Fisk. At the time of his birth his mother is reading Anna Karenina which accounts for his slightly unusual name, and a burden he shares with his siblings.

1864: Konstantin shows his first sign of magic when he levitates himself off the ground without so much as stealing his oldest brother's broom. The following year he tries to save Leo from breaking his arm whilst they are playing but it does no good. Though Leo is far from permanently damaged it leaves Kons wishing he had known what to do and thus installs a desire to learn firmly in him.

1868: Kons receives his Hogwarts letter and is forced to sit on the sorting hat’s stool for eight full minutes as it debates between Ravenclaw and Slytherin, eventually settling on the latter. He is neither popular nor lonely and instead creates a small group of friends around himself and enjoys his schooling a great deal.

1872-1873: In his fifth years Kons is inevitably made Slytherin prefect and, studiously ignoring how much he fancies the fifth year girl he is forced to notice for the first time, he acquits his duty as responsibly as any teacher could wish for, whilst also doing extremely well in all his OWLS. Nerd.

1874-1875: Equally inevitable is Kons’ elevation to Head Boy, a role he takes on with all the humility of Caesar hosting a Triumph. It does not earn him more friends. He graduates the following summer with high marks, barring an average result in Herbology due to a sleepless night before his exam, and he immediately joins the Ministry of Magic, determined to get on as soon as possible. He finds a job as an intern in the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, a role he thrives in.

1876: He becomes a clerk in the Department.

1877-1879: Rising quickly through the ranks Konstantin is promoted to being a junior lawyer and within two years he becomes a fully fledged lawyer in the Department.

1884: After five years of hard work a position opens in the Minister's personal office as the Junior Assistant and he secures the job with ease, knowing it is likely a step backwards professionally but with the right connections his next step up could be a considerable one. He is elated, thrilled at the possibility of working directly with the similarly youthful Minister, however, disaster strikes when a month later the Minister is found dead. Though he still has his job, Konstantin is very aware that the next incumbent in the role could be anybody.

1884: Fortunately for Konstantin, and wizarding society at large, the next Minister is Balthazar Urquart, with whom he quickly develops an excellent working relationship that develops into a genuine friendship.

1885: When the previous incumbent departs the following year Konstantin becomes Senior Undersecretary to the Minister, an impressive position for someone not yet thirty. He is also admitted to the Wizengamot.

1887: After a tumultuous few years the Minister is forced to resign and Konstantin decides to leave with him, instead turning his hand to managing the campaign of his brother-in-law, Justin Ross. They are successful in their endeavour and Ross becomes Minister, elevating Konstantin to being the Assistant Head of Magical Law Enforcement, a position he may have obtained by now anyway, but without the excellent connections he sought to see him through the oncoming years...

1888: Next step: a wife.

+ He is a previous duelling champion and will tell literally anybody about this.

+ The Fisks are Jewish.
+ Konstantin remains a staunch supporter of Balthazar Urquart as a friend.
+ He managed his brother-in-law’s successful campaign for Minister of Magic.

+ His brothers are a great source of embarrassment to him.
Played By: Lauren

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Having been at the party since the very first guests arrived Konstantin had been rather more occupied with making sure that everything was going as smoothly as could be expected for Ross' sake. It wasn't his job per say - Mr Crouch was more than capable of taking care of the formal part of the the evening - but he had tried to be as jovial as possible, shared drinking with dignitaries, Quidditch players and a rather lovely spouse of one of the first group that he had quickly palmed off onto his sister with an encouraging smile.

It had been going so well. His spirits had been high as he agreed to a dance, rather earlier in proceedings that he would have liked but much earlier than he normally did, and though the young lady had not been Amelia Evans - and therefore not worth too much attention - but she had been very keen to ask him about the rumours swirling around the ballroom. His spirits immediately plummeted.

Rapidly beginning to panic Konstantin spotted them and began to stalk towards his younger sister. Along the way he managed to smile at a few guests but they were all false and increasingly twitchy.

"He'll be here shortly." He answered the man coldly, turning to Zelda. "Please tell me this isn't what it seems?"