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But then Miss Dempsey paid her so great a compliment that she wanted to hurl herself over the edge of the theater balcony in delight.
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Adelina North
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Played by Elaine
Wife & Mother
31 year old Half-blood
ft. in.
❤   Married
Full Name: Adelina North née Matson

Nickname(s): The ward calls her “the hen” - she’s not particularly pleased, as she’s still uncertain what it means, but she’s okay with it. Her husband calls her Lina.

Birthdate: January 13, 1857

Age: 31


Occupation: Wife & Mother

Blood Status: Half-blood

Residence: The Hebrides

Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff

Wand: Sycamore, 12", heartstring of a Hebridean Black dragon, solid

Father: Harrison Matson (1830)
Mother: Mabel Matson née Fitzgerald (1835-1877)
Sister: Georgiana __ née Matson (1854)
Brother: Hamilton Matson (1859)

Husband: Victor North
Son: Kenneth North (1878)
Son: Dominic North (1880)
Daughter: Phoebe North (1883)
Son: Shane North (1885)
Standing at five feet, two inches tall, slender, and willowy, with long, fiery red hair and brilliant blue eyes, Adelina cuts a striking figure even in her well-cut clothing of sturdy, lasting fabrics. She is right-handed, and prefers to wear clothing with a light grey or green shade, though red and blue are not uncommon. As the daughter of a jeweler, Adelina owns more jewelry than the average middle class woman, and she flaunts it. She also has a vast collection of custom hats from her mother.
1857: Adelina is born, the second child and second daughter of Harrison Matson, a jeweler, and his wife, Mabel, a hobbyist milliner. She is named with the inspiration of Harrison’s mother’s name, Adeline, with a twist of personalization from Mabel.
1859: Harrison and Mabel welcome a son, Hamilton. Adelina and Georgiana are largely unfazed and unaware of this addition to the household, as they spend much of their time with tutors and their nanny.
1864: At just seven years old, Adelina finally displays magic - a rather spectacular and unanticipated display of bringing to life one of her mother’s porcelain statuettes. Mabel is so proud of her middle child’s unique display of magic that she doesn’t dispel the effect, instead making it permanent and placing the statuette in her own display case.
1868: Adelina’s acceptance letter for Hogwarts arrives. She purchases her wand, a small white cat she names Frost, and, upon arrival at the school, is sorted into Hufflepuff - this is no surprise to her or her family, given her amiable nature.
1870: At the opportunity to select her OWL courses, Adelina opts into take Ancient Studies, Care of Magical Creatures, and Muggle Studies. Her obsession with horse-like creatures with wings (and the typical girlhood love of unicorns) leads her to Care of Magical Creatures, and she cannot help herself from immediately inquiring about such beasts.
1873: Adelina sits for her OWLs, a less than comfortable scenario as she finds herself experiencing severe anxiety for the first time in her life. This leads to her spending four hours in the hospital wing after her Ancient Studies exam. Upon receiving her grades, she decides to keep up with Ancient Studies, Care of Magical Creatures, Charms, and History of Magic.
1875: Adelina is among those young women who debut at the completion of her seventh year, dressed in pristine white and pale green. Just a short month and a half later, when a friend of hers is mauled by a werewolf’s claws (thankfully her friend had been able to fend it off with a well-aimed Banishing Charm before it sank its teeth in), she visits her at St. Mungo’s. In short order, Adelina locks eyes with one of the healers on the Creature-Induced Injuries ward - a handsome, dark-haired man. Just over a month later, they meet again, in a more appropriate venue. This time, they are able to be introduced, and it’s not too long before he asks permission to court her. It’s a swift but wonderful ride.
1876: Shortly after the new year begins, the pair announce their engagement, and by the year’s end, they’re married and she’s moved to Scotland. Though she decides to, she has the vaguest sense that she will miss the hustle and bustle of the city. She thinks, at the time, that perhaps she might be able to go for visits back home...
1877: While chaos erupts in London, Adelina makes a joyful discovery, confirmed with the aid of her lady’s maid - she’s missed two monthly cycles, a rather sure sign of pregnancy. The two decide to keep it quiet until the appropriate time - unfortunately, it never arrives, as after a third missed cycle, Adelina receives a letter from her father that throws her into turmoil. In all the fright and chaos of London, her mother was struck down after she was seen through the family’s front window in an enchanted gown. The loss of her mother is an element of stress and grief, and unfortunately it results in a miscarriage. Adelina forces her lady’s maid to swear never to tell Victor of this, on threat of being released from employment, fearing that such news would cause him to close off and grieve even deeper than would be normal.
1878: The initial joy of discovering a pregnancy is relived once more at the beginning of the year, and once again, Adelina and her lady’s maid hold onto the knowledge for three months before finally telling Victor. She is still anxious after the first loss, but she tries not to let it show around her husband. Relief finally comes when her son is born, hale and hearty, with quite the set of lungs. After careful deliberation of names, she opts to name their firstborn Kenneth - in part a keeping with her natal family tradition of matching the ending sound of the firstborn son, while mostly in an interest in incorporating her husband’s homeland into his name.
1880: A second son, Dominic, is born. Adelina’s anxieties begin to abate as she realizes that it was indeed no more than the stress of losing her mother so abruptly that caused her to miscarry that first time.
1883: There is no greater joy in Adelina’s life than two pleasant things occuring together. The birth of her first daughter and her husband’s promotion to Assistant Head of the Creature-Induced Injuries ward. Finally, Adelina feels that her joy cannot be exceeded beyond this sheer bliss.
1884: All good things must come to an end, and when Victor brings the wild Angharad home after one of his hunts, Adelina knows that the joy of Victor’s promotion and her young children must take a backseat. It isn’t that she doesn’t understand, especially following Victor’s explanation of why he had done it, but she can’t help her concerns. Still, she decides to do her best with the child, encouraging her betterment.
1885: Adelina falls pregnant once again, and her efforts to help Angharad better herself begin to falter as she leaves her further and further in the hands of the nanny. She fears that the wild girl’s presence may result in another miscarriage, but she keeps this fear to herself. She only voices any anxiety when Shane is born - once again coinciding with Victor being promoted, this time to department head. She informs her husband that she is concerned about Angharad being permitted near the baby, but her fears are brushed aside.
1886: Angharad has begun taking an interest in learning more than she had before, and Adelina, pleased with the progress thus far, takes an interest in her education once more. Her efforts are not taken well, however she does not give up this time. Perhaps with time and effort, Angharad might turn out to be a proper lady. Adelina knows Hogwarts is likely to help.
1888: The ward goes to Hogwarts. Finally. Hopefully they will handle her better than she, the nanny, or even Victor has been able to.
Extrovert - Though Adelina isn’t the sort to introduce herself to new people, she is very much a social individual, adept at planning parties. She once had far more friends, but in more recent years she's fallen out of touch with them. Perhaps soon, she might get back in touch...
Intuitive - A dreamer at heart, Adelina delights in learning new things, finding new ways to fix things, learning more about an individual. She does believe that astrology is a serious science, and she is to this day a horse lover.
Feeling - Adelina is both mediator and romantic, a woman of compassion and love rather than a cold-hearted lady of society. She cannot stand for lies, and will break bad news to people in the gentlest way she can find.
Judge - A planner and a doer, she dislikes disorganization, and despises it as a trait in any household staff she employs. Even her children are held to a high standard, though not as significant as any adults she encounters.
  • Patronus: Presently unknown.
  • Amortentia: Victor's hair, wild roses, and fresh stable hay.
  • Boggart: A rabid wolf bearing down on her.
  • Likes: Horses, Victor, winged horses, hippogriffs, hippocampi, and lists.
  • Dislikes: Angharad's wildness, chaos, disorganization, and the smell of blood.
  • Western Zodiac: Cancer
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