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Owner of Whizzhard Books
Owner of Whizzhard Books

36 year old Halfblood
5ft 10in   ❤   Complicated
played by Finn
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Zachariah Binns

Full Name: Zachariah Andrew Binns


Birthdate: November 12, 1854

Age: 36

Occupation: Owner of Wizzhard Books

Blood Status: Halfblood

Residence: Hogsmeade, above his shop

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

Wand: Beech, 12", Slightly Bendy, Phoenix Feather

Family: Meriwether Binns (1828) - Father

Agnes Binns (1832) - Mother

Hugo Binns (1850) - Brother

Rosie Binns (1852) - Sister-in-Law

Albin Binns (1872) - Nephew

Isolda Binns (1874) - Niece

Emma Binns (1876) - Niece

Juliana Binns (1862) - Sister


Zachariah stands at about five feet and ten inches. He has long, slender fingers that are often blotted with ink. He has dark brown hair that he likes to keep neatly combed or else it tends to fly away. He has blue-green eyes that sometimes sit above eye bags if he finds himself up reading half the night again. He has a beard and generally tries to dress neatly, even though he ends up a bit dusty. His wand hand is his right. He wears spectacles for reading.
Zachariah is warm, friendly, and always hoping to trap engage others in conversations about books! He is both industrious and laid back. He puts his heart and soul into the book shop, but he can very easily fall prey to getting sucked into a book meant for leisure when he's actually meant to be working. One of his absolute favorite pastimes is finding the exact right book for someone. Oh, and gobstones. He loves gobstones. There's a corner of the shop dedicated to games, and he encourages his customers to take the time to play while they are visiting. Zachariah sometimes has a tendency to carry on and hold one-sided conversations, but he means well. Once someone points it out, he quickly corrects it. He also likes to loan out books to customers he thinks need a little extra push to get into the love of reading. When he's been up all night, he can be a little bit forgetful. He's generally just a very happy, book-obsessed, chocolate lover. He is also a very doting uncle.
Zachariah has quite a few cats who have taken up residence in the book shop. Well, they're not really his, per se. He just doesn't have the heart to turn them away when they wander in to take up residence on the comfy chairs or in front of the fireplace. Most of them have been given names by his customers. He pretends like they're a nuisance, but he'd be heartbroken if they were all to disappear. They add to the atmosphere, anyways. Zachariah also has a corgi named Ivan who basically thinks he is a cat and lounges with them. Ivan is his only intentional pet. He knows how to speak Gobbledegook!
Early Binns History: The Binns family is originally from Northern England, but, the past four generations have resided in London. Zachariah's grandfather, a muggleborn, married the daughter of pureblood. They produced three children, Meriwether being the middle child, who all went on to be in Gryffindor during their school days. There, Zachariah's father met Agnes, and they married very soon after they left.
1850: Hugo is born. From a young age, he proved to be the bold, and adventurous type, always getting into some sort of mischief. His first act of magic was at the age of three.
1854: Zachariah is born.
1860: He displays his first act of magic by making chalk write on its own when his hands grew tired.
1861: Hugo heads off to Hogwarts and is sorted into Gryffindor like his parents. Zachariah enjoys the relative quiet that is left when his brother is not at home.
1862: With a twelve year difference between her and Hugo, Juliana Binns is clearly an oopsi-baby. Zachariah doesn't seem to mind, and he spends hours reading to his new little sister. He starts to teach Juliana her letters before he is old enough to go away to school.
1866-1870: Zachariah goes to Hogwarts! He is sorted into Ravenclaw, breaking the family tradition of Gryffindor. He feels very at home in Ravenclaw and does very well academically. He helps out in the library during his spare time, helps out with Book Club, and casually plays gobstones to his heart's content.
1870-1873: He continues through to his 7th year, completing both his OWLs and his NEWTs.
Defence Against the Dark ArtsE-
History of MagicOO
Ancient StudiesOO
Ancient RunesE-

1873: Juliana goes off to Hogwarts and is sorted into Gryffindor!
1873-1877: Zachariah heads out into the real world and works at the museum for a few years doing research until he met an older man named Gregory Horton who ran a Whizzhard Books elsewhere in London. He apprenticed under Mr. Horton whom he grew very close to.
1878: After Hogsmeade is established, Whizzhard Books is moved there from London. Zachariah takes on a role almost akin to co-owner, but he doesn't formally possess the title. They run the shop as a team and host book clubs, author signings/visits, and other such activities.
1884: Mr. Horton passes away from the Laughing Plague. Whizzhard Books is left to Zachariah who takes full control of the business. The first year is tough as he is still grieving and getting his feet firmly underneath him.
1888-1890: Currently, most of Zachariah's attention goes into running the shop and all the events that come along with it. 1890: Zach hosts the first annual Hogsmeade Literary Festival in August, and it is a hit! He starts an affair with Jo Smith.
-He owns Whizzhard Books and acquired it from the previous owner whom he was very close with.

-He allows all sorts of people into his shop, including beings and those with low reputations. All he cares about is the love of reading.

-He has a rocky relationship with his brother Hugo.

-He discretely provides those who can't afford his books with ways to either work for their purchase or provides a discount.

-His Valentine's Day events are often disasters.

-For those customers with literary tastes that he can't provide, he discretely recommends them to other booksellers.

-He's absolutely smitten with his sister-in-law Rosie Binns

Played By: Finn

Contact: PM or Skype

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RE: July 1890 June 28, 2020 – 3:22 PM 6
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July 1890 OOC - Community » Contests & Events
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ACAB | Any Rep | Festival

What: Hogsmeade Literary Festival
Who: Open to the Public - Hosted by Whizzhard Books
Cost: Many free activities, but there are various wares to be purchased.
Where: Whizzhard Books and a small stretch of one side of the street/sidewalk in front.
Why: The love of READING!
When: July 21-23

Whizzhard Books is hosting its first annual mini-Literary Festival! It's an opportunity to showcase local authors, encourage folks to do a bit of summer reading, and to generally geek out over books. Much of the festivities will take place inside the shop as well as at stalls on the sidewalk/street. Local (anyone based in the UK) authors, publishers, illustrators, and other bookshop owners have been invited to have a stall. There will also be food and performances. Throughout the festival, Whizzhard Books will have a sale on much of its stock.

July 21st: Kick-Off | Select authors from abroad will hold small talks in the shop. Other bookshops, publishers, illustrators, etc. will have the opportunity to hold their own smaller events at the festival! In the evening, there will be a dramatic readers theater performance of The Tempest by Hogsmeade and Irvingly locals.

July 22nd: Local Author's Day | Throughout the day, local authors will be scheduled to hold talks, signings, and readings of their work inside Whizzhard Books on the first floor. In the evening, there will be a small, informal social gathering in the general festival area with local authors in attendance. There will be snacks and music. Attendees at this evening event should be 16+. It's a great networking and learning opportunity for all.

July 23rd: Children's Day | Readings and performances from The Tales of Beedle the Bard, including a puppet show. Authors, professors, tutors, etc. will make themselves available for young learners to speak with. In the early evening, there will be a gathering for Hogwarts-aged children to mingle and independently shop for next year's texts or other literary interests. (There will be designated chaperones overseeing the gathering.) Sweet treats will be available for consumption.

Contact Player(s): @Billie Farrow


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