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Henry Berkwood
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Played by Steph
Potioneer & Researcher
25 year old Muggleborn
Potioneer & Researcher
5 ft. 9 in.
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Full Name: Henry Edward Berkwood

Nickname(s): Harry

Birthdate: April 10, 1868

Age: 25

Gender: Male, Perceived Male

Occupation: Potioneer & Researcher

Blood Status: Muggleborn

Residence: Aldershot, Hampshire

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

Wand: Walnut, 12 inches, springy, Unicorn hair

Father. John Berkwood (b. 1822)
Mother. Alice Berkwood nee Madison (b. 1835)
Brother. Daniel Berkwood (b. 1859)
Sister. Elizabeth --- nee Berkwood (b. 1862)
Sister. Anna --- nee Berkwood (b. 1864)
Standing at about five feet nine inches, Henry is a bit taller than most, but he likes to insist that it's only a bit, and he will, if pressed, rattle off real sounding names of people who exceed his height, though this might have the effect of drawing more undo attention to it, rather than away from it, which is his intention. His posture is terrible, as he prefers to slouch rather than stand at his full height because, though it isn't really that obscene, it has been commented on more than once--usually by his mother--and he assumes that if he doesn't do this, everyone must be noticing, regardless of whether or not anyone truly cares.

Otherwise, Henry is fairly unassuming in appearance. His hair is a short, dark brown, only a few shades darker than his eyes. His build isn't particularly imposing, as he is rather lanky. He tends to favor his right hand for most things, from writing to wand wielding. When not in his school robes, he tends to prefer the more fashionable side of muggle clothing. He isn't exactly a dandy, but he does like to look well put together.

Henry's facial features are, in general, fairly unremarkable. His nose isn't particularly large, his chin isn't particularly pronounced. It seems to mostly be a composite of averages. If one is inclined to look closely, however, one can detect signs of childhood misadventures--the nose isn't quite straight, the right, black brow is marred slightly by a faded scar. His hands and wrists also hold evidence of burn scars, the result of a few too many Potions gone wrong.

1868. Harry is born the fourth child and second son of John and Alice Berkwood, an upper class muggle couple. He is a very active and inquisitive child. Most childhood reprimands come from his enthusiasm for getting into things he shouldn't.

1873. In what would later be seen as a clear and obvious sign of magic from Harry, the Berkwoods find themselves genuinely baffled when an entire tea tray seems to shatter despite no one touching it.

1874-1878. There are a few more incidents, scattered throughout the years, but mostly Harry enjoys a fairly happy childhood. He gains a particular interest in the sciences through the tutor his family hires, though he's fairly sure a life of Academia is not what his parents want for him. Oops.

1879. A strange man arrives in summer with even stranger news--Harry's a wizard. The Berkwoods are understandably skeptical, and a little uneasy, but for Harry, it seems like an exciting adventure. His parents are soon enough convinced, and it's off to Hogwarts in September. It is not a great shock when the Sorting Hat places him almost immediately in Ravenclaw. He takes an interest in most of his classes, but in Potions, it's like love at first sight. It's also hatred at first sight with Defense Against the Dark Arts. Can't win 'em all.

1881. Harry picks up Ancient Runes and Earth Magic as his electives.

1884. Harry sits his OWLs and does as well as one might expect--with one key exception. There's no [i]proof[/i], per se, that he flunked his DADA exam on purpose, but it really ought to be impossible to get as much wrong as he did after attending the class for five years. Surely something would have gotten in, at least. Come sixth year, Harry decides to keep Potions (of course), Herbology, Transfiguration, Charms and History of Magic, and picks up Alchemy as well.

1886. Harry leaves Hogwarts with high NEWT scores, but there's really no question of what he's going to do. He takes an apprenticeship in London, and frankly, he's the happiest he's ever been in his already happy life.

1888. Harry is mostly thankful to be outside of the fog during the summer, and continues with life as usual. Potioning. Experimenting. Harry-ing.

  • Smarter Than You
  • Actual mad scientist
  • Adventurous
  • Patient
  • Anti-confrontation
  • Closet Egotist
  • Closeted in general
Amortentia: Basically, the inside of his cauldron.
Ancient RunesA--
Defence Against the Dark ArtsT--
Earth MagicA--
History of MagicOO
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