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As clocks and other timepieces were expensive, working class folk who could not afford to rise with the sun could employ a “knocker-upper” to tap on their windowpane at a scheduled time. Knocker-uppers would work through the night and into the early morning. — Kayte
But then Miss Dempsey paid her so great a compliment that she wanted to hurl herself over the edge of the theater balcony in delight.
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Transient Pre-Teen Vampire
270 year old vampire
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Full Name: Damaris Rose Hopkins

Nickname(s): Mari (Mah-ree)

Birthdate: July 22, 1618

Age: 270

Occupation: transient pre-teen vampire

Blood Status: Vampire

Residence: the Forbidden Forest

Hogwarts House:


Family: Father: Stephen Hopkins b. 1578 d. 1630
Mother: Elizabeth (Fisher) Hopkins b. 1590 d. 1630
Half-Brother: Giles Hopkins b. 1602 d. 1668
Half-Sister: Constance Hackett nee Hopkins b. 1604 d. 1675
Brother: Oceanus Hopkins b. 1620 d. 1630
Having been Turned at the tender age of 12, Damaris is stuck forever in a pre-pubescent body. She has just the slightest hint of a feminine body in the making, but never going forward. Her eyes, while dark ringed, are a brilliant blue that are quite haunting in appearance. It makes the bluish tinge in her skin almost luminescent in quality if she’s found in direct moonlight. She doesn’t actually glow, but she is quite noticeable in the light of the moon. Especially on the nights of a full moon. Her apparel tends to follow the trend of a younger child, since it gets her more blood that way. With long blonde hair, she can look rather angelic if you get past the creepy vibe she gives off. As with every other vampire, Damaris has the elongated canines and slightly sharper teeth.
Pre-Vampire 1600: Stephen, Damaris’s father, marries a “gold digger” who thinks she can use Stephen for his money. They have two children together before she dies of influenza.
1617: Stephen chooses Elizabeth as his second wife and they’re soon married. Within a few months, Elizabeth was pregnant with their first child. She’s born in 1618 and they’re happy momentarily.
1620: Stephen is part of a group that decides to voyage to the New World, trying to escape religious persecution. While they are on the ship, Elizabeth gives birth to their second child, Oceanus. Once they dock at shore, the now two year old Damaris is given everything she could want, even though Oceanus was the baby. He was an easy going infant where Damaris was demanding and picky. Elizabeth bonded with Oceanus while Stephen latched onto Damaris since his two older children reminded him of his gold-digging deceased first wife. They weren’t ignored, but as soon as Constance was old enough, she was married off. Giles departed for a “grand adventure” and soon it was just the four of them.
1630: Everything had gone well, and then a group of travelers came into the small town they lived in. They hadn’t moved far from Plymouth, just to a farm that supported the four of them right outside of town. Within a few weeks, bodies started appearing. Lots of them. People were being picked off like flies and the Hopkins family decided to pack up and leave. The night they were going to escape the carnage that had become their town, two strangers broke the door down. It seemed like within minutes Stephen was dead, having gone for a shotgun he used to protect them from the Native Americans. Elizabeth started screaming and when they snapped her neck to stop her, Oceanus broke free of the stranger holding him hostage and was soon disposed of. Damaris attempted to command them to leave, and they laughed at her. Rather than killing her, they bit deeply into her neck, feeding from her. They kept her hostage for weeks, biting her all across her body. They’d wait for one wound to heal to scabs and then bite her again. Finally, one of them drained her too much and a strange transformation happened. When it became apparent she wasn’t dying, the two strangers, who Damaris had now recognized as vampires, laughed and decided that if she survived the transformation, they’d take her under their wing and show her how to be a vampire.
She survived.
Vampire Years
1631: This is the first that Damaris really remembers much about her life. The ghosts of her human life haunt her constantly and it makes her vicious to those she bites. She’s tormented and she hates it.
1645: By now she’s got some control over herself and though she doesn’t break with the vampires who created her, she doesn’t stick with them when they stay in one place for too long. She always returns, uncannily knowing when their time is done, but she explores the wilderness, killing farmers and as they went further west, Native Americans at random. One of her creators ends up dead by staking and the other decides to take off, effectively leaving Damaris—who now exclusively goes by Mari—to her own devices.
1690: Having made her way across the New World, well ahead of any explorers, Mari plays the lost child card to anyone who will take her in for a few nights. Granted they’re all Native Americans who were distrustful of a white skinned blonde child who appeared out of nowhere, she'd stay nearby for a few nights and once a few of them were dead, she'd move on.
1715: Once the west was explored, she moved south, leaving trails of bodies all the way to what would be known as Panama. She spent time with all kinds of people, occasionally meeting up with vampires that had come with the Spanish invasion, and then getting bored with them. She decided at last to return to the colonies, deciding that she would do better there, able to blend in better. A trail of bodies follows her on her journey back north.
1762: She’s returned to the colonies and decided on New Hampshire for her home. She is now able to control her hunger for a few days at a time, though she prefers to feed as frequently as possible. It was here, in a small village in 1764, where she got caught. No one in the colonies had ever really suspected the small girl who came in the middle of a trading caravan, moving from caravan to caravan whenever she could, of killing the people who died in each town. But she grew sloppy one night and was seen sucking the blood of an elderly man in an alley. She was taken into custody and when she was about to be taken to the stake, an older girl swooped in out of nowhere. Between the two of them, they massacre the town, taking out everyone in it. The small town they were in is now gone, forever wiped from the history of the colony.
1765-1774: Now that the two of them are together, Mari finds herself actually happy with Galina, the vampiress who saved her. She doesn’t remind her a bit of her older sister, but at the same time, she does. They begin to travel together, spending all this time together, and though it doesn’t change Mari’s ultimate personality, she does learn to listen to someone older than her again.
1775-1778: The American Revolution gives Mari and Galina a veritable feast to munch on for years. No one questioned the death of another soldier in the grand scheme of things and they were able to hide their movements in the night, just taking out people who were already injured even though they were expected to get better.
1779: By 1779, the pair had made their way to New York, where they feast on the people who survived the fire that decimated what was New York’s “Holy Ground.” Galina feasted particularly well on a young man, and they left him for dead. They find out much later that he survived the attack and became a vampire himself.
1798: Soon after Catherine the Great died, Galina and Mari get on the first boat heading to Europe. They dock in France and realize that there is a revolution going on. They get involved as much as they can, both because it gives them opportunities to feed and feed well, and because they have fun stirring up trouble.
1800: While still in France, the two vampires discover something they’d never thought possible. There was a hidden school. For witches. And wizards. And they had all kinds of magical beasts. It was outlandish and exciting. There was a forest nearby where Mari insisted they make their home for a while. She would lure unexpecting children out there, and then devour them. She didn’t care if they became vampires or not, she just liked the way the magical blood tasted in her mouth. It wasn’t different than human blood but it wasn’t the same either.
1803-1815: Finally Galina was tired of staying near Beauxbaton and they left to roam the French countryside. Occasionally they enter towns, with Galina posing as a seamstress, but they don’t stay long due to Mari’s incessant appetite. When the Napoleonic Wars begin, they tend to lurk around the outsides of towns near the war front looking for deserters to munch on.
1816-1846: The two girls begin to travel through Prussia, Austria, Poland, and other parts of Europe that they have not yet been to. Whenever Galina gets the urge to pretend to be a part of society, they enter cities and get work until the urge passes. They typically stay in smaller towns or the woods surrounding them so that they don’t get caught. Occasionally they travel with caravans from place to place.
1847-1848: Galina gets intrigued by the politics of the areas they were in, but Mari tends to be bored of it all spend her time “playing” with the children of the important men, telling them what to do and biting them surreptitiously when they don’t listen.
1850: Traveling back to Paris Galina finds them work in a opera house as ballet dancers for a year. After a year the rumors of a nearby serial killer begin to get taken too seriously and many begin to realize that Mari has not grown or changed as a girl her age should be. The two leave Paris.
1851-60: They continue to travel through Europe in their fashion, seeing countries such as Spain, Italy, and Greece. Mari doesn’t get the need for culture that Galina has, and complains loudly when they stay in place for too long. Still, she tries to indulge Galina as best she can, whenever she can hold off on her boredom.
1860-70: Galina and Mari travel back to Germany, France, and the countries where their appearances at least blend in a little. Especially since they’re two blonde girls, it was harder for them to keep a low profile when people ended up dead in the countries they were in.
1870-present: Once they got bored of Germany, the girls forged the English Channel and entered Great Britain. They found another magical school and settle into the woods there. Galina gets involved with politics but Mari gets bored of it quickly and spends her time luring people into the woods where she would toy with them, let them go, and then do the same thing over and over until she ended up killing them. She got a reputation as a vicious vampire and scorned Galina’s work with the coven there. She refused to live in the caverns where the others were, and did her best to get Galina to ignore them. The only worthwhile thing was when a magical fog descended onto the town and Mari was able to hunt during the day. She would sneak through the park and munch on people and then flee into the fog whenever someone noticed. She grew remarkably skilled at just taking a little bit of blood from the people she was hunting so that there were no deaths for the magical community to blame on Galina and her friends.
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