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Full Name: Fortuna Mercy Lockhart

Nickname(s): Tuni

Birthdate: August 22,1866

Age: 22

Occupation: Freelance Research Writer/Editor

Blood Status: Half

Residence: Bartonburg

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

Wand: Cherry, 8”, supple, unicorn tail

--- Lockhart father [1830]
Bess Lockhart neé Ward mother [1840-1870]
Selene Lockhart neé Reyes stepmother [1868]
Magnus Lockhart brother [1862]
-and family
Merritt Lockhart brother [1870-1871]

Apollo Small owl
Fortuna has grown into quite the attractive woman. Her hair is a light brown and falls nearly pin straight down her back. It is always found up in some way or another, however, with few adornments to keep her style rather simple. Her clothing isn’t always in the height of fashion though she surely tries to be as fashionable as she can, when she can. Her eyes are perhaps her most defining feature, a very pale blue that contrasts quite beautifully with her darker hair. She can often be seen smiling and rarely seems to frown. She's not quite of average height and on the shorter spectrum of women but could never be considered a dwarf at an even five feet. She’s predominantly right handed but is able to use her left if needed.

Play by - Poppy Drayton
Poised. Perfectionist. Kind. Generous. Patient. Determined. Blunt. Dreamer.
1866: Fortuna Mercy is born, the second Lockhart child and only daughter.
1870: The final Lockhart child is born shortly after their mother dies while giving birth. Fortuna is quite confused by it all, not understanding why they ended up with a baby and her mother gone. Regardless, the four year old dotes on the baby boy for as long as he is alive. Without a mother and with a father so far into his grief, Magnus and Tuni begin to rely on each other.
1873: Magnus leaves for school and Tuni feels heartbreak for the first time. At least she has Merritt still to smother with love and attention.
1877: Tuni gets to leave for Hogwarts! She couldn’t be happier to be closer to her brother once again. She can hardly contain her excitement on her way to school and almost bounces up to the Sorting Hat when it is her turn. She sits under the hat for what feels like an eternity before being sorted into Ravenclaw. She’s only able to feel disappointed for a small time over not being sorted into Magnus’s house before her new classmates greet her and surround her in what she can only describe as love.
1879: Tuni adds Ancient Studies and Ancient Runes to her schedule. Lock graduates. His leaving is a bit more tolerable this time as Tuni has managed to build her own friendships and is actually a quite happy young woman.
1881: Tuni follows in her brother’s footsteps and is named prefect.
1882: Tuni sits her OWLs and does rather well all across the board making it hard to decide which classes to drop. She eventually decides on dropping Astronomy and Herbology. Her father ends up married thanks to the Amortentia debacle. Tuni really isn’t quite sure what to think of it, especially since her new stepmother seems to be so close to her in age. It definitely makes for rather interesting family dinners, specifically during the Hogsmeade trip following her father’s marriage. With the whole family there to meet their new stepmother, Lock brings a young woman with him and announces that they had been married thanks to the Amortentia as well. The dinner doesn’t end well, especially when it’s learned the woman with Lock isn’t actually his wife. Lock goes on to marry her at the end of August when he also decides to quit Quidditch and take a more respectable job.
1884: Lock and Rue have their first child, a daughter named Margery. NEWTs come and Tuni pulls out remarkable scores once again. Graduation comes and goes as well as the Hogwarts COB. Tuni has a marvelous time but any of the gentleman who dance with her are never heard from again despite good conversations. It’s confusing at first but she doesn’t give it much thought, knowing she has a full summer ahead of her.
1885: Lock and Rue have another child, a son named Calvin.
1886: Lock goes back to playing professional Quidditch, much to their father’s chagrin. Tuni finally wised up to why any men she gets on with particularly well at social functions never prosper. Her father and brother are clearly to blame and though it angers and frustrates her, she knows saying anything to them will only make matters worse. So, she decides to take matters into her own hands and begins something of a penpal program with only eligible gentleman. She also begins writing freelance for those that are able to go on research adventures but not the time to actually transcribe their notes into legible reports.
1887: Lock and Ruth lose a pregnancy, almost losing Margery in the process. It’s a rough time for the family
1888: After a whole year of letters go by, Tuni is left unsure of what exactly to do. With her twenty-second birthday to take place in the fall, she knows she needs to renew her efforts in an actual season should she ever make a match and not end up a spinster. During the first few months of he year, Tuni makes a new acquaintance that turns out to be a player for Puddlemere. After Mr. Rufus Bixby helps her to pick out a pet owl, he asks to continue correspondence with her. She accepts, not knowing where the friendship will go but hoping for the best.

Surprise surprise, things with Mr. Bixby progress further. The two have their fair share of ups and downs and at times stop speaking altogether. Eventually, however, they find themselves back together once again. Then the Amorentia Letter disaster the end of September nearly does them in. It doesn't, not in the end, and the two find themselves running off with Febs as their witness to be married at Gretna Green. Their anniversary ends up being on Halloween and they find themselves having to deal with the fallout but not really minding. At least, Tuni doesn't, she's just happy to be his wife and continues about her life and working at the museum as she once did. The only difference is she goes home to Rufus every night.
1890: Tuni has continued to work. Rufus left Puddlemere and now plays for Appleby and is their captain. In January, she tells Rufus she's pregnant and is due in July. They move into a larger home, rented to them by Mr. Adlard. The World Cup will be held during the summer, seeing Rufus trying out for the team.
Her father married a young woman during the Amortentia tea scandal in 1882. Her brother is Magnus Lockhart, a quidditch player for the Chudley Cannons. She's been referenced in WW linking her to Rufus Bixby. She's a MC working woman. She eloped, without the help of Amorentia, on Oct 31st, 1888. She didn't end up being pregnant right away. She still works at the museum.
She was spotted in London at the Leaky Cauldron with Rufus Bixby and they were rumored to have been acting as if they were married. That she is finally pregnant. (As of January 1890)
She started a "penpal" system of letters with men deemed eligible and available in an attempt to get to know them without the men in her life finding out. February Umbridge was the witness for her elopement to Rufus.
Played By: Hawke

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