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Rufina Mulciber
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Played by Kayte

Truly startled by this revelation, overwhelmed by all that had happened, and wearing a tighter-than-usual corset in a paranoid bid to disguise any evidence of wrongdoing, Rufina fainted. — A Tea Party of Loose Morals

37 year old Pureblood
5 ft. 4 in.
❤   Widowed
Full Name: Rufina Elizabeth Mulciber née Longbottom

Nickname(s): Fina {OOC}

Birthdate: November 7th, 1855

Age: 37

Gender: Female

Occupation: Socialite

Blood Status: Pureblood

Residence: Phoenix Place, Wellingtonshire, Hogsmeade

Hogwarts House: Slytherin Alumna

Wand: 9 inches of silver lime; flexible, with a unicorn tail hair.

Ernest Mulciber, Husband [1847] {R.}
Merriweather Mulciber, Stepson [1871] {S.}
Flora Mulciber, Daughter [1877]

Eldin Longbottom, Father [1825] {R.}
Hermione Longbottom née Potter, Mother [1831] {G.}
Annabelle Bones' née Longbottom, Sister [1850] {S.}
— Henry Bones, Brother-in-Law [1843-1884]
— Rosamund Bones, Niece [1868] {H.}
— Arthur Bones, Nephew [1869-1869]
Eldin Bones, Nephew [1871]
— Vesta Bones, Niece [1872] {G.}
— Jutice Bones, Nephew [1884]
Gladys Wilde née Longbottom, Sister [1853-1884] {R.}
— Alexander Wilde, Brother-in-Law [1837-1884] {G.}
— Rufus Alexander Wilde, Nephew & Ward [1882]
Matilda ----- née Longbottom, Sister [1856], and family
Louisa Lovegood née Longbottom, formerly Crabbe, Sister [1858-1885] {H.}
Abraxas Crabbe, Nephew [1877]
Orlando Lovegood, Brother-in-Law [1855]
— Adele Lovegood, Niece [1884]
— Auberon Lovegood, Nephew [1885]
Beckett Longbottom, Brother [1859] {G.}
Marcella Weasley née Longbottom, Sister [1861] {H.}
— Catigern Weasley, Brother-in-Law [1853]
— Louisa Weasley, Niece [1881]
— Caroline Weasley, Niece [1883]
— Wesley Weasley, Nephew [1884]
— Celeste Weasley, Niece [1886]

On the maternal side, Rufina is also related to the Potters and the Prewetts. Her father is an only child.
Hers is a slender frame, topped with brown waves and always fashionably clad; she has never been one to sacrifice style for comfort. Her eyes are the same chocolate shade as her hair, and don't smile as readily as her lips do. In general, Rufina's features are delicate and feminine. She stands at a respectable height of five feet, four inches, though likes to add a couple of inches via her footwear to make her seem more imposing, and so more deserving of respect. Her voice is neither high nor low, and she carries herself like any woman who spent years under the eye of a strict governess. She both writes and wields her wand with her right hand.

Her face claim is Michelle Dockery.

Early Years

1855 | November sees Rufina born the third child to the Longbottom family.

1856 | Matilda is born late in the summer.

1858 | Louisa is born in the spring.

1859 | Summer sees the Longbottoms finally delivered a son, Justice.

1861 | Marcella is born and proves to be the final child in the Longbottom brood. That autumn, Annabelle begins her studies at Hogwarts. Rufina is quite jealous of this, prompting her first display of magic as she causes her sister's trunk to burst open whilst Annabelle is on her way out the door.

1864 | Gladys departs for Hogwarts. This proved the most noteworthy departure for Rufina, as of all her siblings, she was always closest to Gladys.


1867 | Nearly twelve years old, Rufina is finally able to attend Hogwarts for herself. The Hat sees her ambition quite clearly, and deftly places her in Slytherin. Matilda, too, begins at Hogwarts this year, and the two become closer due to their shared experience.

1868 | Rufina becomes an aunt to young Rosamund.

1869 | In her third year, Rufina selects Ancient Runes and Ancient Studies as her electives. Louisa begins Hogwarts this year, finding a home in Hufflepuff.

1870 | Justice joins his sisters at Hogwarts and is sorted into Gryffindor.

1871 | The summer sees her supply list arrive with a prefect’s badge in tow. Over Christmas holidays, Rufina is informed that she will be marrying Mr. Edwin Mulciber after her graduation.

1872 | Marcella joins Louisa in Hufflepuff. Bafflingly, with three young children and no shortage of money, Annabelle decides to find employment. To this day, Rufina tries not to mention it during introductions.

1873 | Gladys marries Alexander Wilde in the summer and the pair relocate to New York in September. Rufina returns for her final year at Hogwarts, rather put out not to have been named Head Girl.

Class Name OWLs NEWTs
Ancient Runes E A
Ancient Studies A --
Astronomy O E
Charms O E
Defence Against the Dark Arts A --
Herbology A A
History of Magic P --
Potions A --
Transfiguration A --


1874 | In May, less than a month before their wedding day, Edwin splinches himself in half and dies. Her mother suggests half-mourning for the sake of appearances, and promises a proper coming out once an appropriate amount of time has passed. This never does come to pass, though, for in October a new betrothal is arranged: Rufina is to marry Edwin's younger brother, a widower. The match, her father assures her, will provide her with all of the comforts that her marriage to Edwin was supposed to provide, without the burden of pressure where providing an heir was concerned.

1875 | A year and three days from her original wedding date, Rufina becomes Mrs. Ernest Mulciber. On Christmas day, Rufina delivers twin boys only nineteen weeks into her pregnancy. The first is dead at birth, the second within his first hour. Rufina herself spends the better part of three months recovering, nearing death twice during that period herself.

1877 | In January, Rufina delivers a healthy baby girl, Flora. Later that year, Louisa becomes a widow.

1879 | Rufina suffers two miscarriages. To add insult to injury, Rufina's father grows quite ill. Mercifully, he is spared, though in the years to follow he proves to bounce between flawless health and half in the grave.

1880 | Marcella marries Mr. Catigern Weasley, the only one of the Longbottom girls to marry beneath her station. After a third miscarriage, Rufina resigns herself to not giving her husband any more children.

Grand Affairs

1881 | The autumn sees Louisa remarry to Mr. Orlando Lovegood. The Mulcibers spend the holiday season in New York with Gladys and her husband, who are childless in spite of nearly a decade of marriage.

1882 | Spring sees good news from the New World—Gladys is at last expecting a child! He is born that autumn, Rufus (after Rufina herself!) Alexander Wilde. Meriweather begins at Hogwarts in the autumn; Rufina is both proud and saddened to see him go.

1884 | Rufina is overjoyed to see her sister move home from ghastly America, only to become devastated when both Gladys and her husband perish in the laughing plague. Rufina and Ernest are left the care of young Rufus, who over the coming years grows to resemble his ‘cousin’ Meriweather in spite of their lack of shared bloodline.

1885 | Troubled by how perfunctory her marriage has become over the years since they stopped trying to conceive, Rufina rather rashly (but discreetly!) begins a flirtation with Mr. ------- -------, which progresses to a full-blown affair.

1886 | Rufina calls things off with Mr. ---- after realizing she bears more than just simple affection towards him. After discovering she is pregnant, she confesses her sins to Ursula—only to discover she is not alone on Team Harlot. Like any good bestie, Ursula helps her to obtain an abortion.

1887 | Unfortunately, this abortion goes horribly wrong and Annabelle is called in to stop Rufina from dying because that would not be ideal. Fortunately, her husband is away on research at the time.

1888 | Summer sees The Fog arrive in Hogsmeade. Rather than stick around and play at being a muggle, Rufina packs up the children (though Merriweather is a man, now!) and heads to the Sanditon for the duration. Unfortunately on the way, their carriage runs down Georgia Whitledge, killing her. They flee the scene.

1892| In August, Ernest is turned to stone and is ruled not only dead, but murdered. Though initially a suspect, Rufina is quickly cleared.
Rufina, like much of her family, is neither exceedingly traditional nor aggressively liberal in thought and in deed. Her opinions (below) are greatly influenced by this headspace, and her sheer stubbornness ensures they remain intact.

She is not so much friendly as she is social, but upon getting to know her (provided she finds the experience positive), Rufina is incredibly kind. Though hardly the most patient woman in the world, she does her best to mind both words and actions to avoid offending. Though she can be catty with the best of them, she seldom initiates such conversation.

Rufina is marked by a moderate level of insecurity; as a middle daughter of several, she always sought over the best grades, the most desirable friends, the highest opinion, to ensure that she would not be overlooked. She is very much about pomp, throwing herself into charitable events and elaborate parties as a form of self-validation.

As a mother, she is incredibly dedicated; her three children (though only Flora is hers) are the center of her world. Oh yes, her upper-class upbringing ensured that she would not think to go through life without nurses and a governess for them, but she spends more time with both children than either parent ever spent with her, and feels great pain in being separated from them for extended periods.

On Blood Purity: Rufina would consider herself a soft blood purist. She would happily befriend appropriate halfbloods and exceptional muggle-borns, but neither she nor her children would ever marry either.

On Women's Rights: Rufina would like to be able to vote, and doesn't see a reason in the world why she, an intelligent woman of status, should not be able to. While she will voice this opinion when the matter arises, she does not actively campaign for such freedoms.

On Social Hierarchy & Social Mobility: One should never marry above or below their class, for that makes the borders fuzzy—and if the borders become fuzzy, chaos ensues. In Marcella's case, she considers Mr. Weasley to be a pleasant enough man, but is still not convinced the two should have married. In Rufina's opinion, one must be cordial to those beneath them, but friendship restricted to one's own class. She skillfully changes the subject if her mother’s own mobility is mentioned.

On Scandal: It is a self-centered woman who makes a public spectacle of herself, and a careless man who allows her to do so.

On Quidditch: Like a good sister, Rufina is a supporter of the Chudley Cannons, though she does not follow quidditch with great vigour. Where women are concerned, she thinks they should be permitted to play, but would rather see them in their own league as it is beastly for a gentleman to hit an object into a woman's head.

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