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Robin Ashdown
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Played by Kit
"Dove Ashdown, sir," she provided. Yeah, she liked that name. From now on, Robin could be Robin and she could be Dove. - the female 'Robin' choosing a name for herself in Present One Face
"Gentleman" of Leisure
27 year old Halfblood
ft. in.
❤   Courting
Full Name: Robin Clement Ashdown

Nickname(s): Rob, Robby

Birthdate: December 29, 1863

Age: 27


Occupation: "Gentleman" of Leisure

Blood Status: Halfblood

Residence: Elsewhere, in a hidden estate somewhere in the area of Scotland.

Hogwarts House: Homeschooled

Wand: dragon heartstring, unyielding, hawthorn, 11"

Family: Anne Ashdown, mother
Frederickson Ashdown, father
A metamorphamagus, Robin's appearance changes often depending on their whims. His default male appearance is of average height at five feet, seven inches. His frame can best be described as thin and wispy with delicate features. He keeps his brown hair short and tidy. Robins default female appearance is tall for a woman at five feet, seven inches. She is delicate and slender with small curves. Robins eyes are a striking grey-green and are often what people first notice about them. Their attire can best be described as stylish but functional. Robin is right handed.

1863 - Robin is born and is pronounced to be male. There is then confusion when the newborn later 'changes' gender. Not quite sure what to do at first, the parents eventually pay off the midwife to collaborate their story - they would say that they had twins - a boy and a girl, to cover their future bases - and register both births. In need of a heir, they are quick to decide that they will primarily present the baby as being male. Something that is much easier to do with a small baby that can't really voice their opinion about anything.

1868 - Robin shows his first signs of magic by turning his pink comforters blue much to his mothers chagrin.

1875 - Robin's letter for Hogwarts comes. It is decided that Robin will not attend, the public story being that Robin is much too sickly to possibly spend months away from home and among other children.

1877 - The family opts to not move to Hogsmeade as so many of their friends are doing.

1879 - A teenager, Robin is a lot more conscious about themself and the fact that they do not think along the lines of Victorian Era norms when it comes to their gender. Robin experiences a lot of personal questioning and confusion. With no one to really talk to about it, Robin begins acting out in a more rebellious manner. It doesn't help that along with gender confusion comes sexual orientation confusion. Who is he attracted to? Men? Women? Robin soon discovers that he is rather attracted to both no matter which 'gender' he is currently identifying with. Not that there is much he can do about that aside from flirt with servants.

1882 - The year that he would have graduated from Hogwarts had he been allowed to go. Moderately bitter, Robin decides to attend the Coming Out Ball and sneaks out of his home to do so. The night of revelry is amazing and sneaking out to attend societal events just becomes a thing he does.

1884 - Destruction seems to come to Hogsmeade which the Ashdown family are quite safe from thanks to their continued refusal to move to the magical village.

1887 - Robin is among those trapped in the Wizarding World Market when the pavilion collapses but gets out of it with nothing more than a few scrapes and scratches.

1888 - Close to what most people would consider to be a decent marrying age, Robin is much more vocal with his parents about wanting more freedom. Near the end of the year, Robin meets Jack Watson while in woman form, dubs herself as Dove since she doesn't actually know what and develops an attraction that is mutual but ultimately leads nowhere.

1889: Robin participates in a dueling tournament where he does reasonably well. He also meets Arven Fisk for the first time as a man and they have an interesting conversation.

1890: Robin meets Arven once more - as Dove. They go on an unexpected sort of adventure where feelings blossom. Of course, Arven is given the story that Dove and Robin are twins. Feelings only deepen and despite her reservations about it and the secret of her identity still being kept from Arven, Dove and Arven decide to court.

Bitter, versatile, rebellious, flirtatious, secretive
- Please classify as Non-Binary on the Census. Due to Robin's metamorphmagus abilities and relative ease of shifting across the gender spectrum, in today's world, he would most likely identify as either Genderqueer or Gender Fluid.
- Robin is primarily presented to the world as male with his abilities being kept secret. People are made to assume that Robin's 'female' appearance is his 'shy, sickly twin sister'. It's a bit of a mess. And tends to lead to trouble more often than not. - Is pansexual and a virgin - though the latter is definitely not by choice.
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