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Sixth Year & Keeper
Sixth Year & Keeper

16 year old Halfblood
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Thomas Montgomery

Full Name: Thomas James Montgomery

Nickname(s): None, at the moment!

Birthdate: April 7, 1874

Age: 16

Occupation: Ravenclaw Fifth Year

Blood Status: Halfblood

Residence: Irvingly

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

Wand: Ebony, 12 inches, Supple, Jackalope Antler

Family: James Montgomery (1852) - Father

Ester Montgomery (1852) - Mother

Temperence Montgomery (1878-1878)

Avery Montgomery (1828) - Grandfather

Helen Montgomery (1830)- Grandmother


Standing at five feet and ten inches, Thomas is gangly.  He sports an often mussed up mop of thick, curly dark brown hair.  His eyes match his hair color, and they sit under often raised eyebrows.  His nose and lips are on the larger size, but he most definitely doesn't notice.  Thomas is quite skinny, probably since he is a rather picky eater, and he likes to be active.  He is right handed.  He tries to remain neat in his attire, but his preference for comfortable clothing always leaves him looking a bit rumpled and askew.  
Thomas can be a bit reserved until others get to know him.  Among his friends, he is incredibly loyal, prone to joking and slight rough housing, and very liable to 'geek out' over Transfiguration.  Ever since his mother's scandal, Thomas has become a bit prudish when it comes to speaking about any forms of intimacy.  He tends to shut down and try to change the subject immediately.  The only person he'll talk to about the "incident" is George, and, even then, he isn't quite sure.  He doesn't like what others say about him or his family, and he once transfigured another child's shoes into birds that flew off across the grounds, partially by accident.   Thomas is very studious, and he loves experimenting with Transfiguration.  Sometimes on his friends or their belongings.  He hopes to one day become an animagus.
He has a toad named Terry who is his loyal test subject.  He is lactose intolerant and a picky eater.  His left eye twitches when he is tired or irritated. Jemima Farley is his nemesis.
1874 Thomas is welcomed as the first child in the Montgomery family.  His parents, both of whom met at school, are overjoyed and dote on him.  His paternal grandparents live in the same village in Yorkshire, and they are very supportive of their son's union and subsequent grandson.  Being muggles, it takes them a while to adjust, but they soon do.

1877 Thomas shows his first signs of magic when he is around three.  His parents walk in to find him amusing himself by changing his toys into bubbles.  He is hooked on Transfiguration every since.

1878 The Montgomery family welcomes a little girl they have named Temperence. Unfortunately, for reasons unknown to anyone, little Temperence doesn't survive the year.  Being four at the time, Thomas doesn't quite remember much else aside from his mother being completely devastated.  It is the main driving force for the family to relocate.

1879 The Montgomery family relocates to Hogsmeade for a fresh start.

1882 James Montgomery is drafted into the Irvingly expedition, much to his wife's dismay.  He survives and decides to take the offered money and land and relocate his family once more since Hogsmeade has started to grow more crowded than he likes.  However, they still visit often.  Thomas quite likes the move, especially since it means his muggle grandparents can visit without too much worry.  Ester, however, dislikes all the change and never fully gets over the death of her second child.  She starts to disappear sometimes, and the family tries to cover it up.

1885/1886 Thomas goes off to Hogwarts and is sorted into Ravenclaw!  He is ecstatic to finally start his education and head down a path that hopefully ends in him being very gifted at Transfiguration.  He becomes immediate friends with George Waterford and never holds the accidental nudity incident against him.   He also meets quite a few others whose company he enjoys, and he throws himself enthusiastically into his studies. When he returns home for Christmas holidays, his mother is missing again.  She still hasn't returned by the time he has to go back to Hogwarts.  About a week after, rumors start circulating down the hallways, and the poor boy has to learn secondhand what exactly his mother has done.  It is only after Thomas sends his father a letter than the news is confirmed.  His mother has ran away with a pornographer, a wizard she has been visiting in Hogsmeade all this time.  The scandal hits him hard.  He refuses to discuss the matter with anyone, save for George.  Any attempts make him angry, and he fully disappears into his friend group for the rest of the year.  It is difficult to avoid the jeering remarks and comments from others.  What is most troubling is that his mother won't answer any of his letters.  He feels as if she has died.

1886/1887 Second year is a bit easier, but an incident such as the one that has befallen on his family isn't one that is easily forgotten.  However, he starts to come out of his shell a bit more and starts to learn to ignore what others say.  He starts to receive confusing letters from his mother that he doesn't answer.  They stay stashed in a box in his trunk.  He joins Tranfiguration Club this year. His paternal grandparents move in with them in Irvingly.

1887/1888 Third year, he picks up Ancient Runes and Care of Magical Creatures.  He also becomes an active in Club Quidditch. The letters continue to arrive, but only when he is at school. Thomas still doesn't answer them, but sometimes he reads them.

1888/1889 Fourth year brings a lot of studying and new inquiry into becoming an animagus. He becomes the keeper on the Ravenclaw house team. Jemima Farley's diary is leaked, and it is revealed that she read one of his mother's letters. Now the whole school knows. The temper he had worked on grows thin. He starts to think there is something going on with George Waterford, but he respects their friendship too much to ask awkward questions.

1889/1890 Thomas doesn't end up being selected as prefect. He's slightly disappointed, but he believes it will give him more time to focus on his animagus studies and OWLs. Him and George compete in the Pumpkin Regata and fail miserably. There's a dueling competition, and he gets matched up with Jemima Farley. He's too reckless and bitter to do well and loses. Thomas starts answering the letters from his mother. It is a huge source of stress in his life, but part of him likes that he has reconnected. That is, until his mother showed up at the Coming Out Ball. It rains blood during their O.W.L. exams.

Defence Against the Dark ArtsA-
History of MagicOTBD
Ancient RunesETBD
Care of Magical CreaturesETBD

Thomas is mostly pleased with his results, but he's incredibly disappointed at his pathetic DADA scores. Thankfully, the Department of Magical Accidents & Catastrophes don't require it. He hopes to work there and eventually land a spot on the Ministry Research Committee or Committee on Experimental Charms.

1890/1892 The summer finds him hiding from trips to London to avoid his mother, geeking about the QWC, attending the Hogsmeade Lit Festival, and being embarrassed by being forced to dance at one of the Sandition Soirees.

-He LOVES Tranfiguration, and he is quite good at it.

-His mother ran off with a pornographer

-He loves flying

-He once became so angered over someone bringing up his mother that he turned their shoes into birds.

-His muggle grandparents live with them in Irvingly.

-He loathes Jemima.

-He has been receiving letters from his mother since second year.

Played By: Finn

Contact: PM or Skype

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Sent to @Ester Montgomery/@Elias Grimstone
Most were crumpled up and burned in the common room fireplace.  The last one is actually sent via school owl.

February 5th, 1890
Ms Montgomery,

Stop writing me.  I don't give a damn that you're supposedly sorry.  You abandoned us to become a strumpet.  You aren't my mother.  You're just a low-life whore who can't even

February 5th, 1890

I wish I could forget you.  What you did to Father and me is inexcusable.  I would appreciate it if you ceased writing me at once.  I do not love you.  I highly doubt you could ever be better.

Leave me alone,


February 5th, 1890

I miss you. Why did you have to abandon us? Weren't we enough for you? Why couldn't you have been happy with us? Did I do something wrong? Am I really that unlovable?

Your son,


February 5th, 1890


February 5th, 1890

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