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Jemima Farley
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18 year old Pureblood
(Disaster) Debutante
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Full Name: Jemima Eloise Farley

Nickname(s): Jem

Birthdate: 14th October, 1872

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Occupation: Student

Blood Status: Pureblood

Residence: Tutshill, England

Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff

Wand: Rowan, 9 3/4”, unicorn hair, swishy.

Family: Ikenna "Ken" Farley | Father | 18xx
Bess Farley née _____ | Mother | 18xx
Jacob Farley | Brother | 1861
Delilah ______ née Farley | Sister | 1864
Zipporah Farley | Sister | 1869
Noah Farley | Brother | 1874
At a smidge over 5'1", Jemima thinks herself awfully average. Her face and body are all soft edges, resolutely rounded since her childhood. She would dearly like to have some more sharpness, slimness, or elegance to her, thinking herself still terribly girlish though puberty is all but done with her. Like the rest of the Farleys, she has dark skin, and thick dark hair that she does her best to tame into appropriate buns, though sometimes will insist on using a relaxing potion on it. Her eyes are big and brown, and she has a sweet smile when she isn't being shy about it. She likes fashion - though doesn't always know what to wear, only that yellow is her favourite colour. She is right-handed.

1872 | Jemima is born to Ikenna and Bess Farley in Tutshill, England. Both her parents come from wizarding families, and are very fond of each other - nearly as fond as they both are of muggles, and they are fascinated by all aspects of muggle life. Both black sheep in their usual circles, it was this likeness that brought them together many years ago. (Imagine having two Arthur Weasleys for parents. Good. Now you know what they're like.)

1874 | Jemima just about remembers another baby being born, a little boy called Noah who spends most of his time screaming at the nonplussed nanny. Jemima spends most of her time trotting about in the company of her older siblings, Delilah and Zipporah - and her eldest brother when he's home. Everyone gets along, but Jemima struggles a little to find her feet among them nonetheless: she is a shy child, and prone to being a little high-strung about rule-following and the dreadful thought of getting in trouble.

1875 | Delilah heads off to Hogwarts, leaving Zipporah, Jemima and Noah at home.

1877 | Tucked away in their wizarding village, the uproar of 1877 passes Jemima by (though her parents certainly have opinions on magical-muggle relations).

1878 | The children's governess-led education is supplemented by her mother teaching them about (and testing them on) Weird Muggle Things, and her father taking the family out on holidays, where they attempt to do everything "muggle style". Apparently that's fun. Jemima goes along with most everything obediently and unquestionably, but finally finds a voice of her own in following her mother's suggestion to start to journal.

1880 | Jemima is polite and protective towards everyone she loves, but equally protective of her secrets, and when Noah tries to snatch her precious diary when he finds its hiding place, it spontaneously vanishes, and Jemima finds it later having magically reappeared in her stocking-drawer. Zipporah goes to Hogwarts this year.

1884 | Jemima has grown somewhat in confidence as the eldest child in the household, which is fortunate because she is off to Hogwarts this September, and really wants to make a good impression! She is sorted into Hufflepuff, which is not much of a surprise, and makes a fair few friends, which rather is!

1885 | She is not the smartest student, but she likes all manner of written work and doesn't mind Charms, either.

1886 | In third year, she gets to choose some more classes, and selects Care of Magical Creatures, Divination, and Muggle Studies. Jemima flip-flops a little on the last - while, with parents like hers, she is interested, and knows she'll do well, she also isn't fond of the odd looks members of her family get, sometimes. She certainly doesn't want to seem weird! Anyway, she's not that weird, she thinks, as long as she doesn't embarrass herself. (She embarrasses herself over the Christmas holidays, a lot a lot a lot, by finding herself under the mistletoe with a boy! They kiss, and she likes it very much, but this is terrible and awful and catastrophic, because she doesn't want to disgrace herself years before she even becomes a debutante, and also because she's terrified if she ever speaks to him again now he'll know how much she likes him and that he won't care about her anymore, or maybe just think that she's a terrible kisser.)

1887 | So she goes back to school, and avoids him as much as humanly possible, and gets through fourth year by continuing to write in her diary (she has a whole set of them back at home, now) about every big (or little) or embarrassing thing that ever happens to her or her schoolmates. One day she'll look back on these and laugh, won't she?

1888 | They are quite removed from the fog that hits Hogsmeade, down in Tutshill, but her parents are very perturbed by the rest of the wizarding world's uselessness at understanding how to live like a muggle. Jemima is more perturbed about her upcoming fifth year, thank you very much.

1889 | January's term begins with an unpleasant surprise. Someone (Kristoffer Lestrange) has gotten hold of her beloved diary (Frida's fault) and has spread copies all over the school. Everyone's read it. And everyone's... rather angry about what she's written about them. Cue much crying in the corridors and a few too many confrontations. How will she ever recover from this?!

Sunny but shy, Jemima is the sort of girl she doesn't expect anyone to notice. She likes to play by the rules, think everything through before making a move and hates to make waves, and if she has a mean word to say, it certainly doesn't get said to anyone's face, because she's a thoughtful, loyal, sensitive person with far more tact than that. lol
— Jemima has been writing a diary since the age of six, and can still be found keeping up an obsessive schedule of detailing entries from her bed every evening. Woe to those who interrupt her.
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