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Lycoris Dempsey (I)
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Played by Hawke
Pendergast Rose
19 year old Halfblood
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Full Name: Lycoris Wordsworth Dempsey

Nickname(s): Cori

Birthdate: September 23, 1869

Age: 19


Occupation: Pendergast Rose

Blood Status: Halfblood

Residence: September 23, 1869

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

Wand: Silver Lime, 9", sturdy, Augurey Tail Feather

Eamon Dempsey father [1824]
Lowri Dempsey neé --- mother [1836]
Ozymandias Shelley Dempsey brother [1856]
Endymion Keats Dempsey brother [1859]
Porphyria Browning Dempsey sister [1862]
Don Juan Byron Dempsey brother [1863]
Christabel Coleridge Dempsey sister [1865]
Shalott Tennyson Dempsey sister [1867]
Lycoris stands at a decently normal height of five foot one and has a rather slender build. Her waist is rather small with just a slight flare to her hips and a touch of curve to her bosom. Luckily, corsets exist or she’d have barely any curves to speak of. Her dresses are typically in the height of fashion though she’s not really one to care overly much for the finer and nicer fabrics. Her hair is a dark brown in hue, much like the rest of the Dempseys, though hers tends to have an auburn tint to it at times. Her dark brown eyes stand out against her porcelain complexion, a face that is slightly rounded but that always seems to be smiling. Her cheeks are on the plumper side and dimple with her smiles. She is right handed.
1869: The last child of the Dempsey family is born late in September. Lycoris, following in the trend, is named after a Wordsworth poem. She’s a bright and smiling babe from the start.
1870: Endymion leaves for Hogwarts.
1873: Porphyria leaves for Hogwarts.
1874: Ozymandias graduates and Don Juan leaves for Hogwarts.
1875: Lycoris proves to be a rather avid reader, though doesn’t seem to have much interest in poetry. No, she’s taken a liking to mystery novels and anything pertaining to herbology, particularly flowers. She stumbles across her own namesake as being a flower genus. She delves into the flower and its many species, learning quite a deal about it and its link to omens regarding death, reincarnation and even star crossed lovers.
1876: Christabel leaves for Hogwarts.
1877: Endymion graduates.
1878: Shallot leaves for Hogwarts.
1879: Just shy of her tenth birthday, Lycoris finally shows her first signs of magic. A vase of dead flowers bloom fresh after a particularly upset Lycoris notices them.
1880:Porphyria graduates.
1881: It is finally Lycoris’s turn to leave for school. The hat hardly rests on her head before she finds herself sorted into Ravenclaw. She joins the table of blue and bronze all grins and dimples. She makes plenty of friends among her housemates and eventually begins going by Cori as so many seem to struggle with pronouncing her names correctly. Her first year goes by in a whirlwind of excitement. The summer ends up with just as much excitement as her brother finds himself in a rather scandalous predicament though she’s a bit oblivious to what it all means.
1882: Porphyria publishes her first complete collection of poems and Cori is ever the braggart about it.
1883: Christabel graduates and then it’s time for a change in subjects! Or an addition anyways. The only class Cori cares to add is Divination.
1884: Plague and fire. Cori is just glad they live nowhere near any of it and is quite content at the family home in Ireland. She spends the summer perusing astrology and divination, deciphering the most unlikely of pairs that can be found. She takes an odd fascination with discovering things that have the least likelihood of happening but still prove to do so.
1885: Shalott graduates and finds herself at PSYR.
1886: Cori shocks the family when she ends up with two Trolls on her OWLs. History of Magic and Potions are clearly not her forte and are dropped from her schedule.
1888: NEWTs come and go and Cori manages to do well enough without any Trolls this time around. Her highest marks, however, fall in Divination and Herbology which surprises no one at all. She’s quite grateful, once again, to not live in Hogsmeade when the fog hits. But despite the strange magic killing substance, she finds herself still being enrolled to attend PSYR once the fall term starts. Until then, she’ll continue to flit about and do her own thing with plenty of astrology and divination to occupy her time.
Cheerful. Gentle. ~Normal. Mystic. Indecisive. Social.
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