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In a panic sort of reaction, she shut the door but neglected to make sure she was on the other side of it.
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Antigone Lestrange
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Hold me down, hold me down.
Throw me in the deep end, watch me drown.
Knock me out, knock me out.
Saying that I want more, this is what I live for.
Wife of Tiberius Lestrange
24 year old Pureblood
Wife of Tiberius Lestrange
5 ft. 3 in.
❤   Married
Full Name: Antigone Lorelei Lestrange née Baudelaire

Nickname(s): Tig

Birthdate: August 19th, 1867

Age: 24

Gender: Female

Occupation: Petulant Wife

Blood Status: Pureblood

Residence: Kent

Hogwarts House: Slytherin

Wand: 11¾” Ebony & Hippogriff Talon

Natal Family
Jerome Baudelaire – Father
Lorelei Baudelaire née von Brandt – Mother
Léonie ___ née Baudelaire – Sister
Ligeia Baudelaire – Sister

Spousal Family
Tiberius Lestrange – Husband
— Imperatrix Lestrange – Daughter
— Cleopatra Lestrange – Daughter
Unnamed Lestrange – Son †
Tatiana Lestrange – Sister-in-law
Antigone could be called pretty but she is not conventionally so. Her nose is prominent and sharp, her mouth is a fraction too wide, and she suffers from chronic resting bitch face - she often looks as though she's on the tail end of a sneer. Her hair is neither dark blonde nor light gold in hue — her blue eyes are perhaps her prettiest feature although they hardly set her apart from anyone else with blue eyes. Combined, however, she's not unattractive which must be partially attributed to the unfaltering confidence with which she carries herself.

Her figure veers towards androgynous being narrow and slender, although bearing children has subtly widened her hips and left her with a little more bosom than before - which isn't saying much. At 5'3" she's barely taller than average but her figure gives her the illusion of height she doesn't really have. When dressed in dark colors she looks particularly narrow and spindly, but she typically favors pastels, in particular, pink. She is ambidextrous with a slight preference for her left.

1867 | Antigone is born in Luxembourg, the third and final daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Baudelaire. Her arrival puts an abrupt end to her mother's childbearing years and with no son to show for it. Her parents struggle to accept her for the first few months and then sheepishly try to make up for it by spoiling her rotten.

1871 | The consequences of indulgence start to surface in her behavior. She becomes an increasingly difficult child. Her first act of magic occurs during a tantrum when she rendered her governess, the source of her upset, only capable of making duck noises.

1872 | The epitome of a spoiled brat, Antigone mixes poorly with other children of her age and frequently gets into fights of both a verbal and occasionally physical nature. She is unaccustomed to the word 'no'.

1873 | She is no longer unaccustomed to the word 'no', she just doesn't heed it. The governess suddenly quits one day. It couldn't possibly have anything to do with the frogspawn six year old Antigone soaked her mattress with or the mysterious disappearance of her terrier. Tig smuggled the dog into the butcher's wagon while a delivery was being made and while she never confessed, her smug grin gave away her involvement.

1874 | Tig's eldest sister begins her education at Beauxbatons.

1875 | Due to occupational changes, her father purchases a comfortable country house in England and moves the whole family. They return to Luxembourg for Christmases and the summer months. Antigone begins learning English.

1876 | Ligeia turns eleven and is sent to Hogwarts rather than Beauxbatons. Tig dislikes being left at home without any of her sisters; her mother seems to finally notice her youngest daughter is out of control and stops indulging her. Tig thought she was out to have a good time but honestly feels so attacked.

1877 | It's a struggle every step of the way but Tig's behavior has improved. A tiny bit. Sort of.

1878 | Like Ligeia, Antigone is sent to Hogwarts rather than Beauxbatons, and like Ligeia, is sorted into Slytherin. Her English improves rapidly after starting school. Despite consistent difficulties getting on with other children, she manages to make a friend of Brynn Malfoy.

1881 | Summer sees the arrival of proper corsets. She throws a series of heated tantrums and on one occasion throws throws her corset out the window. By the time school starts up again she is begrudgingly corseted. Tig picks up Arithmancy, Divination, and Ancient Runes. She also starts taking an interest in boys - specifically quidditch players with a disregard for rules. This is largely motivated by the desire to rebel.

1882 | A betrothal is struck up between her and Tiberius Lestrange. She fights this tooth and nail, feeling horrifically betrayed and manipulated by her parents who purposely avoided asking her opinion before securing the match. Upon a proper introduction to her betrothed, she is even more adamant in her decision to dislike him. Someone makes a terrible decision and appoints her prefect.

1883 | Tig has her first kiss with one of the boys on the quidditch team. A ring that her betrothed had gifted her proves to be a little more than a simple ring and responds to this stealthy smooch by trying to cut off the circulation to her finger. Mistrust of Tiberius increases. Tig chooses Defense Against the Dark Arts, Potions, Transfiguration, and Alchemy for her NEWT subjects.

1884 | Brynn does not return for their seventh year and instead goes off to Mrs. Pendergast's new finishing school. This greatly displeases Tig whose circle of friends at school shrinks considerably. After being paired with Ellory Pendergast for a homework assignment, Tig gets away with turning her into a llama in the middle of the library. She thinks this is hilarious and her greatest accomplishment to date. Tiberius sends her a gift that isn't cursed because it is a kitten. She names it Moselle and to her surprise, finds she likes having a cat. She doesn't let on to Tiberius that she likes the kitten.

1885 | An accident in the Department of Mysteries doesn't kill Tiberius to Tig's dismay, worse still the Coming Out Ball is cancelled. Moselle has kittens. Her wending is swiftly approaching.

She is not a happy bunny.

July 15th arrives all too soon and before she knows it she's married.

1886 | After a nasty duel with Ellory Pendergast at a tea party, Tig is invited to tea with Ellory and her mother. Mrs. Pendergast makes Tig cast the cruciatus curse on Ellory and is then promptly threatened to never raise her wand to Ellory again. It is then that she starts to realize what sort of family she's married into. Thinking she's in the clear, Tig is horrified to find herself sent off to Mrs. Pendergast's finishing school. To her long term relief, her stay is cut short after an attempt at framing Ellory for poisoning her, it becomes apparent that she is with child and is promptly removed from the school. On September 7th, twin girls Imperatrix and Cleopatra are born.

After a conversation with Tiberius, Tig reconsiders her stance on animagus transformation and begins taking a serious interest. Thinking her husband has similar intentions, she is determined to beat him to it even if she ends up a goose and so devotes much of her spare time to studying the process.

Thoroughly dissatisfied with her lot in life, Tig rashly decides absconding to Europe to 'clear her head' without telling anyone is a good idea. While AWOL, she is recognized and finds herself with a blackmailer. In a desperate attempt to contain the situation and save her own neck, she only has a train journey to figure out how to do this. In the end, she kills her blackmailer and the train full of muggles by blasting a hole in a bridge, causing it to derail and plummet hundreds of feet to certain death. Upon returning home she finds herself forced into taking an Unbreakable Vow by Tiberius.

1887 | Her stealthy study into becoming an animagus continues. While confined to a suite together at the Sanditon, Tig and Ellory get into another fight where Tig stabs her in the kneecap with a teaspoon. It isn't long before Tig figures out that she's with child again but she doesn't tell Tiberius until he all but calls her fat. Mere weeks later, a strange incident occurs in which Tig is unable to control herself around Tiberius, despite having the mental wherewithal to be repulsed by her own behavior. She suspects foul play. This paranoia deepens when less than a month later she falls dangerously ill and nearly dies. Her husband manages to concoct an antidote which spares her life, although he was the one who poisoned her in the first place. Not that she knows this, if she did she might have appreciated his determination to save her considerably less.

September 25th arrives along with the frail, mangled child that survived Tiberius' attempts on its life. Tig, fearing for her life and disgusted by the creature she birthed, tries to suffocate the baby. She believes she succeeded although in reality, Tiberius managed to wrench the barely breathing infant from her just in time to dispose of it himself. After nearly bleeding out in the aftermath of childbirth, she is once again saved from the brink of death but at the cost of her ability to bear children. This only distresses her due to her conviction that she ill be gotten rid of very permanently. She suggests a solution that involves her remaining alive which Tiberius seems receptive to, but Tig is left uncertain of her fate. Unwilling to murdered defenselessly, she does what she can in her delicate state to practice spells that might help her should Tiberius try to kill her before she can complete an animagus transformation which she considers to be her best bet. Her surreptitious spellwork results in her Lady's Maid dropping dead one morning and she is ultimately forced to come clean to Tiberius who, to her great surprise, assures her he won't kill her. Tig lets slip that she likes him and henceforth tries to tell herself that she didn't.

In the weeks leading up to Christmas, Tiberius proposes murdering a twin and Tig objects furiously. Shortly after, she is lead to believe that he killed one of their daughters anyway and takes to loathing him for his blatant disregard and perceived lack of respect. After a lot of angry shouting from Tig, it eventually comes out that both children are still alive to which Tig proposes keeping both alive and merging their identities in order that the superior child be assured life.

1888 | Antigone's animagus pursuits continue. Easter at Fort Lestrange sees her sharing a bed with Tiberius to her great displeasure. For the first time she actually enjoys the act which perturbs her immensely. She finally attempts animagus transformation in May and succeeds in turning into a Eurasian lynx. Naturally this goes straight to her head and she goes to rub Tiberius' nose in it which he does not appreciate. He uses the imperius curse on her. She goes semi-feral out of spite.

1889 | Tig gets captured whilst in lynx form and briefly thinks she's been shipped to America and is likely to die from her vow. The joke is on her because she's in London. She escapes and angrily goes home. After a tumultuous reunion, she removes her wedding ring and walks out on him for good. At least that was her intention at the time. Almost three months later and one ignored letter summoning her home, he tracks her down and nearly follows through with his plan to kill her. Miraculously she talks her way into one more chance. Sobered by her brush with death, she stops living as a feral lynx and feels oddly inspired to try acting like a proper wife.

1890 | Against all odds she falls pregnant. Tiberius convinces her to abort it in case it kills her as the last one nearly did. Ellory marries Claudius Lestrange in the summer and it's literally the worst thing ever. She regrets getting rid of her pregnancy earlier in the year and is hell bent on producing a son before Ellory can so hers is the eldest. Ellory beats Tig to the punch, Tig plots to do whatever she can to prevent a Claude Lestrange from having an heir.

1891 | Ellory's still pregnant and Tig isn't.

Disagreeable – Stubborn – Selfish – Aggressive – Snide – Spiteful – Impetuous – Willful – Wily
1878 — 1885
Ancient Runes







History of Magic







Extra Curriculars
Dueling Club
Transfiguration Club
Skills & Interests
Latin [Written]
Human/Animal Transfiguration
Corporal Patronus [Goose]
Imperius Curse
Cruciatus Curse
Legilimency [Novice]
Animagus [Eurasian Lynx]
Moselle — Cat
Maximus — Owl

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