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Edward Hornbuckle
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Played by Morgan
Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement
41 year old Purblood
ft. in.
❤   Married
Full Name: Edward Henry Hornbuckle

Nickname(s): Eddie - though only his family would use this name.

Birthdate: July 13, 1847

Age: 41


Occupation: Head, Department of Magical Law Enforcement

Blood Status: Pureblood

Residence: Cherrywood Lane, Bartonburg North

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

Wand: Hawthorn, 11”, Dragon heartstring, sturdy.

Elizabeth Hornbuckle, Wife
Henrietta Hornbuckle, Daughter
George Hornbuckle, Son
Albert Hornbuckle, Son
Edward is blessed with good looks and physique that doesn’t seem to want to quit, and Edward has certainly tried over the years. He is well kempt, put together and takes a sort of pride in his appearance, something his wife wishes he would pay more attention to. Edward has brown hair that is receding slightly, which he has compensated with a beard. He stands tall at 6’0. With his wand arm drawn he can be an imposing figure, he holds his wand in his right hand.
1847 – Edward is born to Marcus and Helen Hornbuckle, he is their only child. Marcus, a shopowner and businessman in Hogsmeade worked since the age of 13 and has been able to achieve moderate success.

1847-1858 – Edward’s early childhood was one that was filled with love, his mother doted on her only child and his father worked every hour of the day to ensure his son wanted for nothing.

1852 – The first signs of magic from Edward begin to show when he levitates a tea cup across.

1858 – Edward is enrolled in Hogwarts and is sorted into Ravenclaw, following his mother. His father was a Hufflepuff. Edward meets fellow student and future friend, Justin Ross.

1858-1865 – Edward’s time at Hogwarts was uneventful, where he was considered a good student.

1861 – Edward is picked as Chaser for Ravenclaw House Quidditch Team

1863 – Edward sits his OWLs;
Transfiguration - O;
Charms - E
Potions - E
Herbology - O
Defence Against the Dark Arts - O
History of Magic - E
Care of Magical Creatures - E
Ancient Runes - E
Astronomy - P

1864 – Edward is made Captain of Ravenclaw House Quidditch Team

1865 – Edward sits his NEWTs;
Transfiguration - O
Charms - O
Potions - E
Defence Against the Dark Arts - O
Herbology – O

1865 – Edward graduates Hogwarts and decides to pursue a career as an Auror, enrolling in the Auror training programme.

1868 – Edward meets his wife Elizabeth, the daughter of a wealthy merchant and from a prominent wizarding family. They courted for five months and get married in December of 1868.

1870 – Henrietta is born.

1872 – After completing his training and serving as an Auror for four years, Edward transferred to the Department of Investigations as an Investigator. The move, while some may say stunted his career prospects was driven by desire to live to an age more than forty.

1874 – George is born.

1875 – Edward is promoted to Assistant Head of the Department of Investigations under his school friend Justin Ross. During this time, they become good friends.

1877 – After the problems that cause the magical world to retreat to Hogsmeade, Edward and his family move to Bartonburg North.

1879 – Albert is born.

1881 – Henrietta enrols at Hogwarts and is sorted into Ravenclaw

1884 - Edward is promoted to Head of the Department of Investigations

1885 – George enrols at Hogwarts and is sorted in Ravenclaw

1886 – Edward is transferred to the Department of Magical Law Enforcement to join Justin Ross as his Assistant Head of Department. He establishes himself as an effective leader that leads by example.

1888 – Edward is appointed Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement upon Justin Ross’ election as Minister.
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