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Eldin Bones
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Played by Bree
Trainee Healer
19 year old Pureblood
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Full Name: Eldin Henry Bones


Birthdate: October 14th, 1871

Age: 19


Occupation: Trainee Healer

Blood Status: Pureblood

Residence: Wellingtonshire, Hogsmeade

Hogwarts House: Slytherin

Wand: Ash, 14¼ inches, Augurey feather, Firm

Henry Bones, Father [1843-1884]
Annabelle Bones (née Longbottom), Mother [1850]
Rosamund Bones, Sister [1868]
Arthur Bones, Brother [1869-1869]
Vesta Bones, Sister [1872]
Beckett Bones, Brother [1884]
With his dark brown waves, chestnut brown eyes, and wide smile, Eldin is the spitting image of his late father. He stands at a tall five feet, ten inches and has always been best described as "lean but toned" thanks to years of athletic involvement.

He isn't inclined towards vanity, but does his best to dress nicely, if a bit conservatively, and never likes to look too disheveled despite his hectic job.

He is a "smiley" person who never looks upset unless he is, which makes it difficult to hide his emotions. He wields his wand with his left hand, though can use his right when necessary.
1871 | Eldin is born the second son of Henry and Annabelle Bones following the death of their firstborn two years prior. He's a quiet child—almost too quiet for comfort.

1872 | His mother gives birth to a little girl named Vesta. Under the constant attention of a nanny, Eldin is unaware when his mother begins her internship at St. Mungo's.

1874 | He has an easy childhood without any unexpected deaths or drama. His early years are spent obsessing over dragons. He has posters of dragons from all over the world—Hebridean Blacks, Norwegian Ridgebacks, Chinese Fireballs—slapped all over his nursery walls, and he refuses to leave the house without his favorite stuffed dragon. He fancies himself a budding dragonologist, and frequently gifts his mother and older sister with poorly-drawn pictures of dragons.

1875 | At his dragon-themed fourth birthday party, Eldin animates one of the dragon figures he receives as a gift (and then the adults, full of glee, animate the rest of them for him).

1876 | After an evening of sneaking leftover desserts into his bedroom, he wakes to find his walls crawling with ants. He is so horrified by the sudden invasion that he quickly admits to the crime, and the house staff is luckily able to rid of the insects before they cause the five-year-old anymore trauma. Thus a lifelong hatred of bugs is formed.

1877 | He doesn't take the move to Hogsmeade very well, but is quickly placated by the gift of a toy broomstick by his Uncle Beckett. This coincides with his discovery of quidditch—a sport he'd grow to love even more as the years go by.

1880 | Rosamund goes off to Hogwarts and is sorted into Gryffindor.

1881 | Nearing the age of ten and the end of his patience, Eldin decides he's going to be a magizoologist. Then a quidditch player. Then an artist. Then a healer because that's what his mother does. And then a Ministry employee because that's what responsible men. He never decides, not really. One thing's for certain: he wants to do something.

1883 | Eldin goes off to Hogwarts in September. He finds himself in Slytherin, his mother's house. His academic career begins much like he'd expected—his grades shift depending on where his current interests lie, and he succeeds in the classes he enjoys most. His plan of trying out for the quidditch team is thwarted by a late-night reading session and subsequent late rising.

1884 | Eldin's father meets his untimely demise at the hands of the Hogsmeade laughing plague, leaving him fatherless and deep in mourning. Come September, Vesta joins him at Hogwarts in ----- house. He finally makes it to Slytherin quidditch tryouts and is made beater. His mother is promoted to head of her department and his brother Beckett is born.

1885 | Aunt Louisa dies, lengthening their period of mourning. He adds Ancient Runes, Arithmancy, and Divination to his schedule at the beginning of his third year.

1888 | Eldin's mom volunteers to join the Irvingly Fog Expedition, only to disappear along with the others for an entire month. She returns unscathed, and seemingly with no memory of the time passage. The fog finally clears, and he is able tor return to school in September.

1889 | Eldin is appointed head boy and quidditch captain. He spends his seventh year trying to determine what career path to take.

1890 | Slytherin loses the quidditch cup in his final year, but they win the house cup. He graduated after taking his NEWTs with plans to pursue a healing internship when his scores arrive. He joins his mother at the Hogsmeade Hospital as a trainee healer.
Friendly. An idealist. Takes life a bit too seriously at times, but only because he cares so much. Unintentionally manipulative, usually when he wants other people to like him; he's not afraid to pretend to care when he doesn't, or even to do things for people with a subconscious hope of the favor being returned. Likes to be busy.
  • Eldin speaks some French and has a basic grasp of Latin from studying plant and spell names.
  • Has a green thumb, but he doesn't like to get his hands dirty. Only when he gets on a weird gardening kick does he indulge.
  • Notably skilled in charm-work.
  • His patronus takes the form of a basset hound.
  • He supports the Wimbourne Wasps, his uncle's team, during the quidditch season.
  • A talented quidditch player, Eldin prefers the position of beater. He captained the Slytherin quidditch team in his seventh year.
Ancient RunesE
Defence Against the Dark ArtsOO
History of MagicA

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