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Michaud's Musical Merchandise Owner; Artist
Michaud's Musical Merchandise Owner; Artist

28 year old Halfblood
5 ft. 7 in.   ❤   Unattached
played by Kit
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Jacques Michaud
if your body is a work of art, can my tongue be the paintbrush?

Full Name: Jacques Gabriel Michaud

Nickname(s): Jac

Birthdate: October 21, 1861

Age: 28

Occupation: Michaud's Musical Merchandise Owner; Artist

Blood Status: Half-blood, also a quarter vampire.

Residence: Wales

Hogwarts House: Attended Beauxbatons

Wand: 10 ½ in., pine, fairly bendy, boomslang skin

Gautier Michaud, Father
Dominique Michaud, Mother
Diodore Michaud, Brother, 1841-1884
   --Florentine Micaud nee Lastname, Sister-in-law, 1846-1887
   ---Tristan Michaud, Nephew, 1870-

Selene, barn owl, gift from Ozias Lowe
    --received February 1, 1885

Jac stands at an average five feet, seven inches and has a mildly lean build. Due to his heritage his complexion is quite pale, giving the impression that Jac is either perpetually exhausted or the sickly sort. His wand hand is his right hand. Jac always dresses in what is considered fashionable for the middle class. He has dark hair and blue eyes.

Romantic. Artistic. Imaginative. Ornery. Listless
- is homosexual
- his patronus was previously a tiger but it changed to an owl though he does not yet know this
1861: Jacques is born the second son of Gautier and Dominique Michaud in France.

1866: First signs of magic.

1868: Diodore marries some woman that Jac decides he immensely dislikes.

1870: Diodore and his wife have a son named Tristan. The babe isn’t overly interesting but Jacques gets a kick out of spoiling the baby because it seems to piss Florentine off.

1873: Jacques goes off to Beauxbatons.

1877: At the age of sixteen, Jacques comes to fully realize that females hold no sexual interest for him. But the males do. This same year, he has his first discreet affair that ends quickly due to Jacques finding his lover to be quite dull in bed.

1879: Jacques brother, along with Florentine and Tristan,  move to Wales where Diodore takes it upon himself to open up a modest music shop.

1881: Jacques graduates from Beauxbatons and works for the local Ministry for a bit. It is during this year that he falls in love for the first time with a coworker. They enjoy an intense love affair that sadly, ends in the mans death from tuberculosis. He turns to drink as a means of coping.

1882: Jacques almost ends up in a scandal with one of his paramours. It gets covered up by the other mans well-to-do family but this is enough to make the rest of the Michauds decide to move to Wales as well.

1883: After being kind of all ‘ugh, this country’ and basically moping around, Jacques decides to make the best of it by acquiring employment in the British Ministry as a Translator in their Department of International Magical Co-Operation. He gets it due to being able to speak English, French, German and Italian. He also moved to Bartonburg.

1884 The year of no sex ever. It is the worst time of Jacques life aside from when his former lover died. Plague. Fire. Eh, he can deal with it. But he can't really deal with the no sex thing. His priorities are obviously stellar.

1885: At the end of January, things certainly start looking up. Jacques ends up hooking up with Ozias Lowe and definitely makes up for lost time all in one night. On February 1, his new lover gifts him an owl named Selene. What started out as just a friendship with carnal benefits swiftly turned into an intense love affair. In March, Jac is among those trapped in the Ministry and suffers a broken hand that doesn't heal quite properly. He lets this depress him and he quits painting since he can no longer hold the brush as he was used to. Jac also quits his job in the Ministry because there's no way he is going back in that building.

In October, Ozias manages to inspire Jacques to pick up the brush again and he adapts to things including using his left hand more as well.  

1887: Florentine passes away and Jacques is annoyed to find that Gautier had specified in his will that Tristan would go into his care. Tris moves in with him. At the end of the year, Jacques and Ozias break up. There had been a bit of rumors about their friendships [i]closeness[/i] floating around and Ozias had his family to think of.

1888: Nursing a broken heart and bored with life, especially now that Tristan no longer requires his care (not that he provided much to begin with..) and the shop is mostly left to managers, Jacques answers an ad for an illustrator. He finds the project of much interest and takes it on.

- Jacques is an artist that inherited a music shop from his brother.
- Moved from France in 1882.
- Jacques illustrated J. Alfred Darrows memoirs, The Untold Story of the Sycorax Expedition, and a few other works by other wizarding authors since then.
- Jacques once had a "questionably close friendship" with an upper class, pureblood man named Ozias Lowe.
- The Michauds have vampiric lineage. It is not a confirmed fact but there have been rumors following the halfbreed ban when Tristan did not return to Hogwarts.
- Jacques is gay.
- Jacques and Ozias Lowe were having a years long passionate love affair.
Played By: Kit

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As Jacques had half-expected, the man protested his offer. Jacques had personally never had much qualms about accepting kindness but then again, he was a Frenchman. And as it was, he didn't mind at all. He had the extra coin and the man did seem quite distressed. A blind man could see that he had not meant to be a thief of any sort.

"More than happy to. My name is Jacques Michaud," Jacques said as he pulled out his coin purse. Even if the man were to stiff him, it would hardly send Jac to the poorhouse.