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Third Year
Third Year

13 year old Halfblood
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played by Finn
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Archer Belby

Full Name: Archer Flynn Belby


Birthdate: June 20, 1877

Age: 13

Occupation: Ravenclaw Second Year

Blood Status: Halfblood

Residence: London, England

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

Wand: 12 inches, Redwood, Phoenix Tail Feather, Swishy


Ephraim Cyrus Belby/Cyrus Westerman - Father [1852]

Eloise Belby — née Phillips - Mother [1854]

Aria Belby - Sister [1874]

Cygnus Belby - Grandfather [1818]

Antiope Belby née Westerman - Grandmother [1828]

Isaiah Belby - Uncle [1855]

Iris — née Belby - Aunt [1860]

Major Belby - Uncle [1864]

Begonia Belby - Aunt [1867]


Archer has curious, dark green eyes and a mess of brown hair that he’s always carding his fingers through in thought. His shirts are often coming untucked, and his tie is generally askew from constant, anxious adjusting. Much to his mother’s dismay, his shirt sleeves are often blotted with ink. As far as colors go, he prefers earthy tones of brown and green. His pockets are always stuffed with items he has collected, bits of paper, and a book, if it will fit. He stands at a modest four foot eight and is left handed.
Archer has a good heart, and he cares immensely about others. (Sometimes, a little too much.) He tends to give people the benefit of the doubt and far too many chances, which often ends up in disappointment on his part. He always tries to do what he thinks is right, even if he doesn't always follow the rules or social mores by doing so. However, he is also incredibly shy, so he can't always make connections with others or express his thoughts the way he wants to. He's especially closed off to his family because he knows they probably wouldn't approve of his interests, and he fears that he'll become some sort of disappointment, too. He doesn't want to cause anyone else anymore grief, so he tries to be the easiest going child he can be. His unquenchable quest for knowledge is one of the few things he allows his shyness to take a backseat for. If he has a question, he'll often pursue it to the end of the world and back. While very intelligent, he isn't very street smart. Disaster tends to follow him everywhere.
He has a great singing voice. He tends to sing when he thinks he's alone, or when's he's trying to figure out something very complicated. Archer is athletic, yet he has little interest in it. If convinced, he'd likely excel at quidditch as a beater, but his heart wouldn't be in it. He loves gobstones. He's very messy and disorganized, but he always knows where everything is. Except for his socks.
1874 Aria Belby is born.

1877 Archer is born the second child to Ephraim and Eloise Belby.

1877-1883 His early years are pleasant. He's a typical, bubbly little boy. He always seems to have something to say, and his questions are incessant. As a toddler, the family jokes that the only sentences he knows are ‘Why?’ and ‘What’s that?’

1883 His father is bitten by a werewolf, and his family’s life is forever changed. Ephraim thought it best to divorce Eloise for everyone’s good, which only makes his mother and sister resentful. Without proper adjustment skills, Archer grows quiet and draws in on himself, not wanting to make their lives difficult in any way. It seems whenever he asks his usual questions, nobody wishes to answer him or grows impatient, especially if they're about his father. The boy instead turns to books, and they become his most loyal companions.

Later in 1883 Archer's first acts of magic occur without any remark from his family since they're still reeling from the year's incident. He has a habit of making books float back to him after they have been banished to a shelf at bedtime. (His family would say that he first displayed magic a year later when he prevented another child from falling out a window.)

1884-1888While the rest of his family has written off his father, Archer still hopes to one day re-establish a relationship with him. Since nobody tends to talk about him, the boy does all the research he can on werewolves in books, articles, and by asking questions everywhere he goes. (And sneak reading the letters his sister receives.) He is of the opinion that it isn’t the fault of the person who was turned, and, therefore, he doesn’t understand why the world shuns them. In his research, he’s also stumbled upon information on vampires, ghosts, and more, all of which he is intensely interested in. Though, speaking of such doesn’t really gain him many friends, so he tries to keep it under wraps.

1888/1889 Archer starts his first year of Hogwarts, and he is sorted into Ravenclaw. While he excels academically, his social pursuits constantly fall flat. Aside from the occasional study groups and tag-a-long adventures, Archer hasn't made any solid friendships. Due to lack of confidence and just generally bad luck, he is the poor victim to various misfortunes. His odd interests in beings and habit of speaking to animals as if they are humans is written in a journal for all the world to see. He has a panic attack and sobs in front of the entire school. He also becomes the poor victim of a potions experiment. It wasn't the best year. He hid at home most of the summer. 1889-1890 Second year is just as rocky. He's the victim of a thief who constantly relocates his belongings. One stand-out incident was when all his underthings found their way to the common room. He has made a friend in Claire Benet. The two go on adventures and research about beings. Many of these adventures are disasters, of course. He also suddenly has a vulture as a pet thanks to Florida Man's time calamity. He accidentally freed a bunch of hedgehogs and specifically rescued who he thinks was the one from the year before. His focus for the summer is to continue with his research and maybe meet some beings. 1890-1891 Archer selects Care of Magical Creatures and Ghoul Studies for his electives.

-Painfully Shy -Father is a werewolf, and he divorced Archer's mother -Likes to read -A bit of a walking disaster
-He has a keen interest in werewolves, vampires, ghosts, and other topics people tend to like to avoid -He's had a few semi-public panic attacks -Victim of many jokes and experiments
Played By: Finn

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February 28th, 1890 — The Great Hall, Hogwarts

The morning flock of owls streamed into the Great Hall like they did every morning, dropping off letters and packages to eager students hoping to hear from home. Archer took very little notice, intent on concentrating on his breakfast. After all, his clumsy owl usually straggled in once the morning meal seemed to be just about finished.

Tiredly, the young Ravenclaw worked at cutting into his eggs. He kept his head down, like he did most days, trying to just remain under the radar. He didn't notice the startled noises around him, until a shadow fell over his plate. Tentatively, he glanced up, a sinking feeling forming in his stomach. Who was here to terrorize him at this early hour? Wasn't stealing his belongings enough?

However, he didn't expect to lock eyes with a bird, nearly three feet in length, clutching a letter clearly addressed to him in its curved bill. It stood among the breakfast plates, unconcerned with the other students' gaping stares. This had to be a joke.

He couldn't move. What if this was the type of bird that could slice one's eyes out? How was he supposed to retrieve his letter? The avian was eerily silent, its mottled brown and black feathers lifted slightly as if it were waiting to fly off once more. Its head was strangely bare, aside from some dirty looking, white-ish fluff that gathered very densely at the base of his neck. Where had it even come from? Surely, not from Scotland?


Open to anyone who might be at the Ravenclaw table, staff, or even gawkers from other houses.

Archer's new Ruppell's Griffon Vulture. Thanks, Florida!

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