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“Got the morbs” was Victorian slang for a temporary melancholia — Dante
In a panic sort of reaction, she shut the door but neglected to make sure she was on the other side of it.
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Aria Belby
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Played by Bree
Sixth Year
16 year old Halfblood
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Full Name: Aria Antiope Belby


Birthdate: May 14th, 1874

Age: 16


Occupation: Fourth Year

Blood Status: Halfblood

Residence: London, England

Hogwarts House: Gryffindor

Wand: Rowan, 12 inches, Unicorn hair, Brittle

Ephraim Belby (now Cyrus Westerman), Father [1852]
Eloise Belby (née -----), Mother [1854]
Archer Belby, Brother [1877]

Cygnus Belby, Grandfather [1818]
Antiope Belby (née Westerman), Grandmother [1828]
Isaiah Belby, Uncle [1855]—and family
Iris ----- (née Belby), Aunt [1860]—and family
Major Belby, Uncle [1864]
Begonia Belby, Aunt [1867]
Despite her fair features, it's unlikely that Aria would ever be described as a proper English rose. While she has light skin and had light blonde hair has a youth, the latter has darkened over the years and her features have grown in less-than-ideal proportions. She has bushy brows that are nearly impossible to tame for any period of time, though her deep blue eyes that sit below them could be considered one of her "better" features.

She stands at a petite five feet, one inch tall, and is wholly un-extraordinary in every way. She does not dress above or below her means, though has adopted a more gloomy look since beginning Hogwarts that consists of monochrome outfits—especially in blacks, greys, and purples. She is right-handed.

A Blissful Beginning
Born but a year after her parents' marriage in 1874, Aria was immediately doted on by both mother and father. While the latter often worked a busy schedule at the hospital to keep their family afloat, he never failed to spend his allotted free time with his family. She was joined by a brother, Archer, in 1877, though her young age assured she had little involvement in his early years. Overall, her childhood was characterized by blissful naivety and overwhelming love and support—at least until that day.

When It Rains, It Pours
She'll never understand how her family unit managed to crumble in a single day, but it did. In 1883, the Belby family was informed that Aria's father had been bitten by a werewolf in an attack—a report that would circulate in the media for weeks to come, leading to their family's fall from grace. While it was apparent that things would only get worse, Aria never expected that the worst would be caused by her own father.

Ephraim Belby divorced his wife and left his family, leaving Aria with an overwhelming sense of despair. After years of being taught the importance of loyalty—familial loyalty, in particular—her father's sudden abandonment was enough to throw her into an incurable melancholy. To make matters worse, her mother was never the same; the divorce had left her bitter and resentful and very strict with her children.

Letters from her father would begin to come in monthly, but Aria could never find the will or the words to reply. They could begin to collect dust in the corner she tossed them in, but not before being opened, read, and then rather hastily shoved in their envelopes.

A Welcome Distraction
After years of assuming that she would be a squib—(it would only make sense, given her poor luck!)—her first sign of magic arrived in late 1884. It would be just in time for Hogwarts in 1885, which provided a much-needed distraction from the dark cloud that continued to hover over her household.

She had very few expectations when attending school; her family's misfortune had warped her personality to where she was completely unsure where the Sorting Hat would choose to place her. She would find herself in Gryffindor tower by the night's end, having made little effort to make friends earlier in the evening.

Academic strength made up for many of her social failings, but despite the rows of Os and Es she received on both her first and second year examinations, feelings of inadequacy never faded. Success became a dull expectation rather than a goal to work towards; she soon began to crave friendship and acceptance, though had little clue how to build relationships with the same girls she'd dismissed early on.

Things would only get worse in her third year in 1887. The Minister's daughter was outed as a werewolf, prompting a split between the student population at Hogwarts. The topic of werewolves was understandably a sensitive topic for her, but that didn't stop her from making attempts—very poor, very awkward ones—to talk about it with other students in her quest for acceptance. That, along with the added course load in the form of Care of Magical Creatures and Divination class, made this year one she would forget it possible.

The fog-related crisis of 1888 makes less impact on her than it did others, but that didn't stopped her from fretting about it. The thought of it traveling to London—or worse, having some unknown effect that causes the demise of Hogsmeade's entire population!—leaves her more anxious than years before. The letters from her father continue to come, and despite her determination to leave most of them unanswered, the stress of an unanswered letter eventually makes her begin replying.

Sixth year is upon her, and she's not ready to face the reality of nearing adulthood. She has no direct plans for career, but is entirely un-marriageable. She has yet to develop into a more feminine figure and remains plain as can be, and neither the direction to propel herself into an occupation that will one day allow her to make it in the world herself. In other words: she is lost.
    ❧ Aria does not like to talk about werewolves, especially when her father's name is mentioned.

    ❧ She has strong academic skills, but lacks social skills and has very few friends.
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