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Third Year
Third Year

14 year old Pureblood
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Flora Mulciber

Full Name: Flora Anne Mulciber


Birthdate: January 27th, 1877

Age: 14

Occupation: Third Year

Blood Status: Pureblood

Residence: Phoenix Place, Wellingtonshire, Hogsmeade

Hogwarts House: Slytherin

Wand: Cypress, 10 inches, Unicorn hair, Whippy

Ernest Mulciber, Father [1847]
Rufina Mulciber (née Longbottom), Mother [1855]
Merriweather Mulciber, Brother [1871]
Rufus Wilde, Lodger (& Half-Brother) [1882]

Emile Mulciber, Grandfather [1795-1881]
Marguerite Mulciber (née -----), Grandmother [1820]
Edwin Mulciber, Uncle [1844-1874]

Eldin Longbottom, Grandfather [1825]
Hermione Longbottom (née Potter), Grandmother [1831]
Annabelle Bones (née Longbottom), Aunt [1850]
— Henry Bones, Uncle [1843-1884]
Rosamund Bones, Cousin [1868]
— Arthur Bones, Cousin [1869-1869]
Eldin Bones, Cousin [1871]
— Vesta Bones, Cousin [1872]
— Beckett Bones, Cousin [1884]
Gladys Wilde (née Longbottom), Aunt [1853-1884]
— Alexander Wilde, Uncle [1837-1884]
Matilda Zabini (née Longbottom), Aunt [1856]
Domitian Zabini, Uncle [1854]
Nicodemus Zabini, Cousin [1877]
Zenobia Zabini, Cousin [1879]
Louisa Lovegood (née Longbottom, formerly Crabbe), Aunt [1858-1885]
Abraxas Crabbe, Cousin [1877]
Orlando Lovegood, Uncle [1855]
— Adele Lovegood, Cousin [1884]
— Auberon Lovegood, Cousin [1885]
Beckett Longbottom, Uncle [1859]
Marcella Weasley (née Longbottom), Aunt [1861]
— Catigern Weasley, Uncle [1853]
— Louisa Weasley, Cousin [1881]
— Caroline Weasley, Cousin [1883]
— Wesley Weasley, Cousin [1884]
— Celeste Weasley, Cousin [1886]

Harriet Prewett née Potter, Great-Aunt [1828]
Gideon Prewett, Great-Uncle [1820-1868]
Faustus Prewett, 1st Cousin 1x removed [1850]
— Jane Prewett née Pettigrew , In-law [1856-1883]
— Edelweiss Prewett, Second Cousin [1877]
— Iris Prewett, Second Cousin [1882]
— Mezereon Prewett, Second Cousin [1883]
Frances Crabbe née Prewett, 1st Cousin 1x removed [1856]
Felix Prewett, 1st Cousin 1x removed [1860]
Fitzroy Prewett, 1st Cousin 1x removed [1860]
Florence Greene née Prewett, 1st Cousin 1x removed [1861]
— Corey Greene, In-law [1857-1886]
— Chloe Greene, Second Cousin [1883]
— Corinne Greene, Second Cousin [1886]
Felicity Riley née Prewett, 1st Cousin 1x removed [1863]
— James Riley, In-law [1855-1886]
— Gideon James Riley, Second Cousin [1883]
— Grace Florence Riley, Second Cousin [1885]
Frederick Prewett, 1st Cousin 1x removed [1864]

Jameson Potter, Great-Uncle [1826-1882]
Elspeth Potter née Yaxley, Great-Aunt [1837-1877]
Bennet Potter, 1st Cousin 1x removed [1859-1886]
— Jane Potter, Second Cousin [1885]
Darcy Potter, 1st Cousin 1x removed [1862-1884]
— Jameson Potter, Second Cousin [1883]
— Elspeth Potter, Second Cousin [1884]
Charlotte "Lyra" Potter, 1st Cousin 1x removed [1865-"1883"]
Petite, peachy, and with a wardrobe full of finery, Flora has rarely struggled to fit society's standard for beauty. While bearing a striking resemblance to a younger version of her mother with her chocolate brown waves and heart-shaped face, her light blue eyes are inherited from her grandmother and her thick brows from her father's side. She carries herself with a carefree sort of confidence, and smiles at nearly everyone she passes.

With an eye for fashion she can rarely be found in anything considerably out-of-date. She enjoys frills, laces, and any accessories she can get her hands on; she is well-known for adorning herself with ribbons and other accessories even when in her drab Hogwarts robes. She wields her wand with her right hand.

Friendly to most, but far more selective of who she offers friendship to. Socially-conscious. Confident. A thinker. Good at handling her emotions, usually. Resourceful. Quick to pass judgments, but just as quick to reconsider them. Diplomatic. Preppy. Affectionate with those she is closest to. Enjoys a good adventure as long as she's unlikely to face consequences.
  • Languages,: English and French, and has begun practicing her Latin and Greek.
  • Classes: Flora excels in Herbology and Transfiguration, though generally does not put much stock in academics. She is more worried about her friendships and popularity at the moment.
  • Feminine skills: Skilled with embroidery and needlework, and better skilled on the harp than the pianoforte. A pleasant singing voice and a steady hand for painting.
  • A knack for reading tarot cards.
  • Not a a fan of quidditch, but she can always be found supporting Slytherin during matches (and Hufflepuff when they are not playing Slytherin). In the professional league, she supports the Wimbourne Wasps, her uncle's team.
  • Flora religiously collects fashion magazines, hair ribbons, and stationary.
  • She has is terribly fond of toads and has a red-speckled one named Fairy.
A Society Seedling

1877 | Flora is born the first child to Rufina Mulciber and the firstborn daughter in the Mulciber family. She is an easy, happy baby, and loves whatever attention is given to her. Four days later her Auntie Louisa gives birth to a son named Abraxas, and the two are quickly paired off as future playmates.

1879 | Unbeknownst to Flora, her mother suffers a miscarriage. Auntie Matilda gives birth to a daughter named Zenobia, who two-year-old Flora enjoys visiting.

1880 | Auntie Marcella marries into the middle class, and Flora is too young to know how it impacts the family. She still enjoys visiting her aunt, and does so whenever possible.

1881 | The Mulcibers visit New York for the holidays! Flora's does not remember much from the journey, but she is always reassured that she enjoyed herself very much. Auntie Matilda is revealed to have married a haflblood, which causes a bit of conflict in the family, and for a few weeks Flora does not see Zenobia.

1882 | Flora remains naïve—along with everyone else in the family—when her Auntie Gladys gives birth to her half-brother, Rufus Wilde. September sees Merriweather depart for his first year of Hogwarts, leaving a very somber Flora lounging around the family's home for weeks.

1884 | Death! Doom! Plague! Flora's living situation changes drastically (in her opinion) when Auntie Gladys and her husband die, leaving Rufus Wilde in the care of her parents. Flora struggles to hide her jealousy as he is given the center of attention for the first few weeks to get adjusted.

1886 | A first sign of magic appears, albeit a little later than she'd have liked!

1887 | While the Wizarding World Market disaster plummets the British magical community into chaos, Flora enjoys her time playing in her bedroom, pestering her mother for a chance to visit the House of Lytton in London, and trying on the prettiest of dresses. Her Hogwarts days are growing nearer, and she takes plenty of time to consider her future—her Hogwarts house, her classes, and what pet she'll be begging for come the next summer.

Blooming into Youth

Summer, 1888 | The Irvingly Fog crises sees the Mulciber family escape to the Sanditon, but not before their carriage strikes and kills Mrs. Georgia Whitledge. The situation puts a damper on her summer plans, as she suffers plenty of nightmares in the aftermath (especially since she is banned from telling anyone) but it does not stop her from trying to enjoy her summer. She purchases her school supplies—including her wand and pet toad named Mr. Afton—in July, and in August the fog lifts and allows the Mulcibers to return home.

September, 1888 | Flora goes off to Hogwarts alongside her cousin Rex and their friend Sirius. She is sorted into Slytherin house alongside Sirius, and immediately takes to Hogwarts' social scene. She enjoys Herbology and Transfiguraton, but spends far more time acclimating to Hogwarts life than she does studying for her classes.

1889 | Flora's father is involved in December's Ministry explosion, causing permanent injury. He is confined to his wheelchair, and despite her mother's attempts to reassure her that all will return to normal soon, Flora is not convinced. Merriweather graduates in May and goes off to work at the Ministry.

1890 | Her first interaction with a boggart reveals that it takes the form of a zombified Georgia Whitledge. Only her cousin Rex is there to witness it, and she confides in him her involvement in the death. In September she begins her third year, adding Divination and Ancient Runes to her course load. She begins to take a greater interest in animagi, and realizes that boys exist beyond the bounds of friendship.
  • Her mother is a popular socialite and her father works in the Department of Mysteries.
  • Her uncle, Beckett Longbottom, is the sponsor of the Wimbourne Wasps.
  • She is related to most of the pureblood families in magical Britain, most notably the Longbottoms, Prewetts, and the Potters.
  • She has close friendships with Abraxas Crabbe, Sirius Black, Hesper Gamp, and Zenobia Zabini.
  • She keeps a pet toad and carries her around to classes.
  • She is friendly to most out a desire to be popular.
  • Her father is wheelchair-bound after the 1889 explosion in he Department of Mysteries.
  • Her elder brother has always been on the sickly side.
  • Her cousin, Rufus Wilde, lives with her family.
  • Her cousin, Rufus Wilde, is actually her half-brother through her father.
  • Flora, along with her mother and Merriweather, were riding in the carriage that struck and killed Georgia Whitledge.
Played By: Bree

Contact: PM Edric Umbridge; Skype

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