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Bella Scrimgeour
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Played by Bree
23 year old Pureblood
5 ft. in.
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Full Name: Annabelle Cecilia Scrimgeour

Nickname(s): Bella

Birthdate: October 30, 1868

Age: 23

Gender: Female

Occupation: Magizoologist, Podmore Zoological Gardens

Blood Status: Pureblood

Residence: A rented room in a small Irvingly home

Hogwarts House: Gryffindor Alumna ('87)

Wand: Hawthorn, 10½ inches, Phoenix feather, Hard

Argus Scrimgeour, Father [1824-1888]
Media Scrimgeour (née Bulstrode), Mother [1842]
Julius Scrimgeour, Brother [1862]
Araminta Scrimgeour, Identical Twin [1868]
General | Bella stands at the above-average five feet, six and a half inches tall, and a has a long, willowy build. She lacks natural curves, relying on the extra padding of her dresses to give her a more "feminine" appearance. She has long, auburn-brown hair that's usually in some sort of messy braid. Her eyes, which have often been described as her best feature, are bright blue and framed by thick brows. She wields her wand with her left hand.

Expressions | Bella's face rests naturally in a smile, so when she's not smiling it's apparent to anyone who knows her that something isn't right. Not that she does much to hide her emotions—she's always been expressive, almost to the point of looking childish in how deeply she lets her emotions impact her face. She's mastered the art of the childish pout, and will scowl at anyone who she feels is deserving of it.

Deportment | Bella spent most of her Hogwarts years trying to shrink into the shadows, but now carries herself with an unearned confidence that resulted from a years-long effort to rebuild her self-esteem and "own" her circumstances. She doesn't enjoy being the center of attention, but when made the center of attention she does not shy away from it and is defectively cocky about it. When in confrontation she'll either shrink back (if it hits a sore spot), or try to make herself larger (if she feels unfairly targeted).

Fashion | Unfashionable and not fussed at all about it, Bella results to plain muggle dresses. She usually wears an apron with pockets over her dress for the ease of carrying things, and her shoes are worn and continuously being repaired.

Accessories | Because of a physical job that usually messes up her hairstyle or ruins it entirely, she always carried an extra ribbon or two.

Scent | Sweat, soil, whatever weird plants she's been gathering, animal musk, and a strange mix of spices from the old bottle of cheap perfume she keeps. Usually not all at once, though.

Distinguishing Features | Her notable features include her numerous scars, especially the one tracing down her right jawline, and her missing left-hand middle finger that was lost to splinching. She is, unfortunately, left-handed as well.

Face Claim | Danielle Rose Russell

1868 | Annabelle and Araminta are born to the Scrimgeour family on the 30th October. Bella, the younger of the two, is far more rambunctious and is difficult to hush.

January, 1869 | At two months of age, Bella is kidnapped while the nanny walks her and her sister through the the streets of London. The kidnappers are a group of muggle criminals hoping to demand ransom for the child after her kidnapping is reported in the newspaper; however their plan goes awry when the muggle paper never reports on her disappearance. Unsure of what to do with the child, they talk her to a village outside of London where she's cared for.

Spring, 1869 | It isn't too long before they all begin to notice strange occurrences that only seem to happen when the baby is upset. After putting up with it for a few months, one incident spooks them into abandoning the baby in the village park. Bella's cries are quickly noticed by a passing couple, who brings the child into their home and, after days of trying to find her mother, assume she's been abandoned and vow to raise her themselves. She is given the name "Matilda Draper", but Bree will henceforth still refer to her as Bella as not to confuse the reader, and most importantly, herself.

1877 | Muggle riots take place as word of the magical world manages to find its way into their small village. While unsure that their daughter fits the description of a "witch", the Drapers are aware of Bella's abnormalities and ensure she is hidden during the period of the uprising.

Summer, 1880 | Bella's family is approached by a man—a very odd-looking man—who claims to bring important information regarding Bella and her future. He brings answers to the years of questions the family has; Bella is not merely an unusual girl who brings unusual activity where she goes, but instead a witch.

September, 1880 | Bella goes off to Hogwarts. While she does expect her life to change, she could have never imagined how much it does. Upon beginning the sorting ceremony, she discovers another girl who looks nearly identical to her in appearance. While Bella has little clue what it means, the other girl surely does. It is revealed that Matilda Draper is in fact Annabelle Scrimgeour, the daughter of Argus and Media Scrimgeour who had been kidnapped almost twelve years prior. While initially expecting to be welcomed into the family with open arms, both her natal parents—and all her natal relatives that come to see her—look upon her with cynicism due to her upbringing in the muggle slums.

October, 1880 | As her twelfth birthday approaches, Bella is informed of the death of her grandmother, Arista Scrimgeour. While she isn't exactly given a reason why, she swear she can hear mumbles about "the shock of the girl's return was too much for her".

Winter, 1880 | When Christmas break comes, Bella is not allowed to go see the Drapers and instead is picked up by the Scrimgeours. Their insensitivity towards her situation becomes clear when they make it clear that she will not be returning to her muggle family.

Spring, 1881 | Unlike most muggle-raised students who spend their first term excitedly exploring the magical world, Bella becomes withdrawn and asocial. She does not make friends very well apart from the few Gryffindor girls in her year—such as Cora Van Helsing— that show her kindness. She tries her best to bond with her identical twin (who does her best to greet her with bubbly chatter and kind smiles), but Bella ends up viewing her twin as what her biological parents wish her to be.

Summer, 1881 | Her first full summer with the Scrimgeours is not at all ideal. She learns more about each member of her family, and much of what she learns does little to comfort her. Her father, a former auror who retired after being tortured, is emotionally unstable and has a tendency to resort to threats and verbal attacks when angered. Her mother, though not mean on her own accord, does little to defend her children against their father's wrath. Her identical twin sister does little to defend herself, and her elder brother seems to always be away from home. Bella gets into trouble on multiple occasions for back-talking and disobeying her parents, leading to the beginning of a tumultuous relationship with her parents.

1882 | Bella enrolls in Arithmancy, Divination, and Earth Magic as her electives. The second proves to be her favorite of the three, and though she has no "inner eye", she's good at giving answers the professor wants.

Summer, 1885 | Bella takes her OWL examinations and later chooses to continue with the following NEWT-level classes: Alchemy, Charms, Defence Against the Dark Arts, Divination, Herbology, Potions, and Transfiguration.

Autumn, 1885 Alchemy is the biggest pain in the ass class Bella has ever taken—even more so than the Flying class she swore was going to end her life before her first year.

May, 1887 | Bella takes her NEWT examinations and graduates.

June, 1887 | After spending less than a month at her sister's side as a debutante, it's obvious the stress of society, combined with the constant conflicts with her father, is not well for her health. After speaking with her mother (who in turn speaks with her father), her parents decide to send her to live under the care and supervision of her maternal aunt, Laverna Flint, in Dorset. Her Aunt Laverna, though carrying  a surname that intimidates Bella, proves far easier to handle than either of her parents, even convincing her parents to allow her to work as a healer with the explanation that allowing her some freedoms would likely make her far more agreeable. As such, she takes up an intern position in the Potion and Plant Poisoning department of St. Mungo's.

July, 1887 | Bella continues working at the hospital and strikes up a friendship with her cousin, a former Hufflepuff who was in her year. Though the two girls had known of each other's existence, a close bond had never formed between them while at school.

Autumn, 1887 | As the year progresses, it's apparent that her Aunt Laverna was right—being given freedom to make decisions of her own has made her far less moody and far more friendly. She manages to befriend many of her coworkers, and proves more sociable as events with her cousin.

Spring, 1888 | After a series of Witch Weekly articles regarding her rumored relationship with Reuben Crouch, Bella finds herself actively choosing to pursue the relationship by running off with him for an evening in Ireland. There, share touches and kisses that would have her labeled a whore by society in an instant if anyone were to find out. (Art Pettigrew apparently does, but that proves to have little impact on things.)

Her father takes the tabloid rumors too seriously, and, after confronting her at her Aunt Laverna's home, attacks her—and, unfortunately for Bella, leaves lasting scar damage. She runs off to stay with the MacFustys and is subsequently fired for not showing up to work for a week. Fun.

After writing to the aurors to inform them that she is indeed alive, she's taken to St. Mungo's and her father is arrested. Her conflicting feelings for Mr. Richard Gladstone, who she's long considered the "ideal" gentleman, come to a head when he admits his feelings run deeper than friendship; however, in the midst of her despair, she rejects him.

She runs off to Shere, Surrey—the village where she was raised—rather than returning home to her family after being released from the hospital and takes up residence in the local inn. This, combined with her unwillingness to reconnect with her family, sees her drop to the working class. A nasty habit of overindulging in alcohol also sees her missing a finger after a nasty splinching incident.

Summer, 1888 | Bella fortunately finds herself outside the fog-zone after it invades Hogsmeade and the surrounding areas, and even more fortunately finds employment under Malcolm MacFusty as his personal assistant in June. She returns to the Hebrides with the hope of making a living and gaining experience outside the field of healing. However, the Irvingly expedition brings an incentive that she cannot resist (namely, a pile of galleons), though inevitably ends up in the infirmary after a few mere hours. She survives, though, and returns to the Hebrides once the fog lifts. She becomes a friend of her boss' wife, a playmate to his daughter, and a periodic shadow to his enigmatic brother.

Fall, 1888 | Bella begins to settle into a routine in the Hebrides, and eventually finds herself ensnared by James MacFusty's charms despite their constant bickering. They begin a "no strings attached" relationship, though it's less than ideal on Bella's end. Things come to a halt when it becomes obvious that his feelings for her will never develop into someone more, and she leaves him—and the MacFusty family—to find her own way in the world.

1889 | Bella goes to work at the Hog's Head as a barmaid, and it's terrible. She hates the repetitive, boring work and the dirty atmosphere. It's nothing compared to the open fields of the Hebrides or the clean halls of St. Mungo's.

1890 | After months of pondering yet another career switch, Bella finds a new opportunity at the Podmore Zoo. It is only through another's leap of faith that she is granted chance as an apprentice magizoologist, and Bella is determined not to let them down. She leaves the Hogsmeade slums and rents out a room in a small Irvingly house that she shares with three other working women. She is determined to make her way in the world and establish some sort of security, even if she does not know what that looks like.
Speaks her mind. Does not shy away from conflict. Independent to a fault. Enjoys adventure a little too much. Likes to take care of people and creatures, even if they do not welcome the attention. Flighty. Acts on emotional impulses rather than logic and reasoning. Attention-seeking. Physically active. Tactless. Something of a romantic, even if she tries to deny it.
  • Languages: English, and only English. In her teenage years an attempt was made to teach her French, but she never progressed past greetings.
  • Feminine Skills: Skilled with sewing but not embroidering. She has a pleasant voice but has too clumsy fingers to be good at any instrument.
  • Magical Abilities: Possesses an expert-level knowledge of herbs and potion ingredients, and is a hobbyist potioneer. Terrible in combat. Knows a lot about dragons. Can read tea leaves but rarely needs to entertain people with it anymore.

  • Patronus: Has never been capable of casting one.
  • Amortentia: An eerily familiar cologne, the smell of the Earth after rain, and dragon leather.
  • Boggart: A mirror image of herself, but dressed in rags and looking worse for wear.


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