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Billie Farrow
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I may be small, but I've got giant plans to shine as brightly as the sun.

Third Year & Seeker
13 year old Half Blood
4 ft. 6 in.
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Full Name: Wilhelmina "Billie" Farrow

Nickname(s): Billie, but it's the only name she'll go by

Birthdate: June 28, 1879

Age: 13

Gender: Biologically: Female | Perceived: As either gender, depending on clothing. She presents as female, technically. | Feels: Like she doesn't fit either gender. She would be nonbinary in modern times

Occupation: Shop Hand, Adventurer, Seeker

Blood Status: Halfblood, but she has to tell people she is a muggleborn.

Residence: The back of Ollivander's Wand Shop, Hogsmeade.

Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff

Wand: Ebony, 10 1/3", Golden Unicorn Hair, Felxible - Crafted by Gideon Ollivander


Anna Farrow (1856) - Religious Muggle Mother

Joe Farrow (1876) - Muggle Older Brother

Gideon Ollivander (1854) - Secretly Her Father

Quincey Honeyduke - Basically Uncle

Augusta Robbins - Hero/Older Sister Figure


Billie is fairly short and stands about 4 feet and 6 inches. She's awfully scrawny and gangly, but she has recently been putting on some muscle now that she's better fed. Her hair is chopped short into a mop of brownish, reddish chaos. She has a very boyish and androgynous appearance. She dresses like your average working class child, and her clothing often sports tears around the knees and elbows from all of her activity. She is fairly dusty as most children are. While at home, she wears male clothing. While at school, she begrudgingly wears female clothing, but she almost always has trousers underneath her skirts.
1874-1878 Anna Farrow spent much of her young life in a village not far from Hogsmeade. There, she met Thomas Farrow, the son of a smithy whom she very quickly fell in love with. With him, she has her first child, Joe. The three live happily until Joe is around 2 and Thomas is killed, hit by a carriage in the streets.

1878-1879 Thrown into grief, Anna changes, resorting to drinking and gambling. It is during that time that she is charmed by Gideon Ollivander who ends up getting her pregnant with Billie.

1879-1884Much of Billie's early years consists of them moving from place to place while Anna struggles to hold down a job.

1884 When Billie is 5, Anna finally lands a steady job as a house maid. It is then that the young girl starts to show her first bouts of accidental magic. At first, her mother brushes it off as going batty, but soon it becomes apparent that her daughter is the root cause.

1884-1887 Anna thinks perhaps she can beat the magic out of her child, but, when that doesn't garner any results, she seeks help from the church. They don't treat Billie too kindly either and encourage Anna to continue.

1887 After a certain, disastrous episode of accidental magic that ends with Anna getting into trouble with her employer, Billie is cast out. Eight-years-old and alone, the girl cuts off all her hair and acquires boys clothing so she can assume another life and find employment easier. Although an honest sort of child, she constantly ends up with the wrong crowd of friends and becomes a rat catcher. She is quite good at her profession, but it pains her to have to kill the poor animals. Once, she made the rats in someone's kitchen just disappear. Unknown to her, they were later found in the house next door.

1887-1888 She wanders on foot from village to village until she reaches Hogsmeade where she finds herself among other individuals who are also different. She scampers about town, making friends, clearing people's households of rats, and trying to start a new life for herself.

1888-1889 She finds her father, Gideon Ollivander. It is a surprise to both of them that they are related. They keep their kinship a secret, but Billie moves into a room in the back of the shop. She starts to learn to read and grapples with this new world she finds herself in, and the reality that she probably has to return to being a girl once she's able to go to school. She continues to make friends everywhere she goes and embark on all sorts of adventures (and some misadventures).

1890 to Present Billie starts school as a girl, and she's devastated with the idea. However, she wants to make Gideon proud and one day make something of herself, so she faces the world with a brave face. She's sorted into Hufflepuff, and she begins to make a nice collection of friends and even a few 'enemies.' She even gets to be SEEKER on the house team as a first year! She's best at practical subjects, but her academics are starting to catch up with everyone else. Mostly. There are still some...accidents.

Billie's schooling is patchy at best, but she possesses her own sort of street intelligence, and she is very creative. Some folks would call her odd at the way she prefers the presence of animals over people, but they seem like the safer option. She isn't fond of people touching her, nor does she toss around her trust easily, but she is a very loyal friend once you get to know her. She distrusts and is afraid of women the most. Despite the cruelty of her family, she is a very kind child, even if she tends to make mistakes that might make people think otherwise. When she's able to present herself as a boy, she feels more free and comfortable with herself. Being a girl makes he feel like a fraud. She likes to be helpful. She loves baked goods. Her favorite color is green, and she's good at climbing. She also LOVES quidditch and learning about magical creatures. She's a bit of a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to odd jobs.
She's befriended a part-kneazle that is either a stray or someone's wandering pet. Either way, she's named it Pounce and tries to be sure she has some sort of food for it.

She has a cat named Soot!

She wants a niffler so bad.

Her nemesis/frenemey is Jimmy Fletcher with the punchable face.

She has a puffskein now named Mr. Fuzz.

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