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21 year old Muggleborn
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played by Olive
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Questor Spryly

Full Name: Questor Spryly

Nickname(s): Spryly

Birthdate: February 11th, 1869

Age: 21

Occupation: Jack of all trades, master of none

Blood Status: Muggleborn

Residence: London, England

Hogwarts House: Gryffindor

Wand: 9¾” Spruce & Kelpie Hair

From a distance he looks quite smart and respectable but on closer inspection his clothes are dirty and fraying in places. He has a cheeky grin and pretty blue eyes which often come in handy when trying to charm a lady. His hair falls to mid-cheek level and curls at the end, giving his dirty blond locks something of an unruly look about them. He’s 5’5” but he’s hoping for a late growth spurt. He is right handed.
Cheeky. Resourceful. Charming. Friendly. Daring. Stubborn. Bold.
1880 — 1885





Ghoul Studies


History of Magic



Extra Curriculars
Gobstones Club
Gryffindor Quidditch Team — Chaser (1882 - 1885)
Skills & Interests


1869 | A baby is left on the doorstep of an orphanage, a crude scrawl on a grubby piece of paper is the name ‘Christopher’. Between the sloppy handwriting, poor spelling, and the questionable literacy of the matron who discovered him, he is henceforth known as Questor. Not knowing his last name, they assign him one.

1874 | After being caught stealing, Spryly is about to be severely punished when an act of accidental magic results in his would-be disciplinarian’s hair piece turning into a pigeon and defecating on his head. Spryly finds this absolutely hilarious until he’s whipped and turned out of the orphanage for being ‘in league with Satan himself’. Now homeless, he is fortunate that it’s at least summer, but it won’t be forever...

1876 | Having made it through a couple winters, Spryly is a seasoned street urchin and survives mostly on what he can beg and steal from those around him.

1877 | Magic is exposed! This mostly passes Spryly’s notice until an act of accidental magic is witnessed by a fanatic muggle who tries to make an example of him. The muggle, not knowing in great detail how ducking worked in the middle ages, crudely ties Spryly up and tries to make him confess to being a witch by lowering him upside down into the Thames from a bridge. Were it not for an old wizard chancing upon the small commotion of muggles whooping and squealing at the spectacle, he might have drowned. The wizard uses some deft spellwork to befuddle the muggles and rescue the unconscious eight year old.

After being brought back to the old wizard’s small dwelling, he fails to awaken, instead succumbing to a bad fever. When Spryly wakes up over a week later, he’s utterly bewildered at the unfamiliar surroundings.

The old wizard turns out to be a broommaker by the name of Ezekiel Swoop. Having lost his own children many years earlier, he sees a chance for a childless father to give a home to a fatherless child. Once the old man is certain that he’s a legitimate wizard, Spryly is told all about the magical world and as his strength returns, he begins helping the old man with broomstick production, doing small jobs like gathering quality twigs for the tail and mixing odorous liquids to form varnishes and the like.

Meanwhile, Ezekiel struggles to get Spryly to take a bath. Rather than the reluctance to bathe typical of young boys, Spryly is petrified of the water.

1878 | Spryly is finally coaxed into bathing after falling in a particularly ripe pile of dung, the stink of which refused to shift even without his clothes. It was bathe or get thrown out.

1880 | A letter inviting him to Hogwarts arrives. While Ezekiel had tried to teach him basic literacy, he proved a slow learner and even after a couple years of sporadic reading and writing lessons, remained unable to read his own acceptance letter. He is overjoyed to be going to Hogwarts in September, although Ezekiel’s reminder that he would have to learn how to read and write better dampened his spirits a little. His reading and writing lessons occur at a greater frequency in the build up to September and while he doubles his efforts, he’s still struggling by the time September 1st rolls around.

He is sorted into Gryffindor and nearly busts a gut pigging out on the food at the welcoming feast. As much as he likes Hogwarts, his grades are middling at best and he’s often a disturbance in classes.

1882 | He tries out for the quidditch team and makes it onto the team as a Chaser. At the end of the year he opts to take Care of Magical Creatures, Divination, and Ghoul Studies.

1885 | In May, the broom shop is broken into. Unable to supply the thieves with the money they demand, Ezekiel was beaten and left for dead. And so he died. Spryly reluctantly sees out his OWL examinations and the remainder of the school year. With little inherited from Ezekiel besides the business, Spryly cannot afford to put himself through the rest of his Hogwarts education. He has been trained well enough in making brooms to continue the business but knows little of how businesses are actually run.

1886 | Ezekiel’s broomsticks were never highly sought after and their popularity wanes even further when customers realize the only one making and selling the brooms now is a fifteen year old boy. Unable to pay the rent, he is forced to close the shop and find occupation elsewhere. He manages to sell off the remaining broomsticks but gets very little for them.

He tries to support himself with honest work at first, applying to various shops in Diagon Alley. He manages to get a job at Flourish & Blott’s just in time for the school rush. He sees classmates for the first time since leaving Hogwarts, although not all of them are as willing as others to acknowledge him. One female classmate in particular catches his attention. As infatuated with her as he was in his last year of school, he flirts with her relentlessly as he helps her find the right books. Despite being an amateur at romance and flirtation, his efforts seem to have the desired effect. In the few weeks left before the start of the school year, he manages to strike up a clandestine relationship with her, resorting to brief meetings whenever she could get away from her family on shopping trips. On their last meeting, Spryly convinces her to part with her virginity which really is impressive considering his romantic backdrop was a dingy street behind an owl shop.

She writes to him once after returning to school but he is too embarrassed by his poor handwriting and even worse spelling that he never replies. He realizes it was stupid to entertain the idea of her, considering the class disparity.

1887 | After six months of working at Flourish & Blott’s, he is dismissed after an incident involving a well-to-do customer and Spryly’s smartass mouth. Lacking a character reference and with the neighboring shop owners aware of his dismissal, finding work proves difficult. He tries to set up as a shoe shiner but doesn’t make enough to cover his rent and is soon homeless. He starts offering his services for odd jobs such as washing windows and handing out fliers. It doesn’t pay too badly but it’s unreliable and rarely leaves him able to put a roof over his head for long. Desperation drives him to a dishonesty and he starts making up work for him to do, sometimes even going so far as to knock roof tiles off himself just to offer his services to put them back.

1888 | His survival continues to rely on his charisma and quick thinking, although he aspires to a better, more honest lifestyle.

Played By: Olive

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Spryly was annoyed to find himself dismissed as though he hadn't said anything at all. A leader had been asked for and he'd stepped up to the plate, they were all just irked because they didn't want to be lead by someone who wasn't a few years off retirement and senility. It was plain rude, that's what it was. Worse still was the apparent willingness to let a woman lead over him! Now he had nothing against women but he was pretty sure the general social consensus was that women weren't appreciated in roles of leadership over men so how little must they think of him if she was the preferred alternative?! He supposed it made sense that she lead considering she apparently worked there but he still didn't appreciate the blunt rejection.

He fell into a broody sort of silence until he tuned back in again at the mention of buffalo or whatever. He didn't see a buffalo (whatever they looked like). "Bloody hell, look at that great big ugly cow!" His brief sulking spell was all but forgotten as he jabbed a finger in the direction of it. He made the mistake of gaping too long and almost inhaled a locust. "Blergh!" Spryly swatted violently in front of his face.