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Potion and Plant Poisoning Healer
Potion and Plant Poisoning Healer

25 year old Halfblood
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played by Nichole
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Anthony Delaney

Full Name: Anthony Fiach Delaney

Nickname(s): Ant, Tony

Birthdate: April 14, 1863

Age: 25

Occupation: Plant and Potion Poisoning Intern

Blood Status: Halfblood

Residence: London; What else are you supposed to do travelling to a new country but crash at your brother's townhouse?

Hogwarts House: N/A [Ilvermorny - Pukwudgie]

Wand: Snallygaster heartstring, hawthorn, bendy, 12 and 1/8th inches

Joseph Delaney - Father, Founder of Delaney Imports
Christianne Delaney neé Fredericks - Mother, Seamstress
Jeremy Delaney - Brother, Manager of Delaney Imports
-and family
Marcus Delaney - Brother, deceased
Shawn Delaney - brother, Ship Captain
Lincoln Delaney - Brother, deceased
Leonard Delaney - Brother, deceased
Caroline Delaney - Sister, debutante

A mop of brown hair starts off Anthony if one goes from top to bottom. Cut closer to his head, it will lay flat but he tends to let it grow out into curls that scream mess with me. His hair isn't wild, it's actually rather easy to tame, the catch being he simply never bothers to tame it.

Skin far tanner than the social norm marks him as an outsider - try telling him to sit still and stay in his cabin, or wasn't going to happen even if he only played healer for the trip and had rather little 'work' to do - though it sets off his blue-grey eyes that's color seems to shift with the light.

Never one to fail to make an impression when he walks in the room, Ant's tall, even for a man. Standing at six foot two, he's got a broad frame to match. Still, in one sense he's smaller than his brothers in the sense he has far less muscle build upon him - likely a result of choosing to be a healer rather than work on our with ships. Still, he isn't quite scrawny looking either. Call it genetics.

As far as clothing, he tends to prefer wizard fashion, though he rarely gets the chance to wear but at his work - muggles certainly give odd looks at a man strolling past in robes. When in muggle clothes, he favors looser suits and has a knack for 'losing' his tie.
compassionate - big goof ball - down to earth - over protective - honest - restless - curious - hesitant
1863 | Born late into the night to Joseph and Christianne Delaney, after a long labor, the young baby comes into the world quite quiet and seems to just be watching everything around him. Anthony's birth seems like a turn around in luck for the Delaney family as he is as healthy as can be.

1866 | Big brother Shawn is off to school leaving the three-year-old boy the only child in the house. It seems to bring out a different side to the child, who in the presence of Shawn had been relatively quiet, he now becomes quite boisterous though this could just be him growing up. Later in the year, another child is born, Leonard, and he is quite excited at the prospect of a new playmate not really understanding a baby isn't a good playmate. He never gets the chance to find Leonard as a playmate as he doesn't live more than a few days. This confuses the boy as he hadn't yet been confronted with death and he often asks what happened to his brother.

1667 | Like many of his siblings, his first sign of magic comes early when he tries to make his mother smile by enchanting a toy soldier to march up to her.

1869 | One last child is born to the Delaney's - the first and only girl. The idea of having a sister is strange to him and he is a little hesitant to grow attached after Leonard, but his will quickly crumbles and thankfully she lives through her first year. It's a little strange when Jeremy doesn't go back to school in the fall and suddenly there isn't just him at home most of the year but two others and it overwhelms him slightly.

1871 | Caro shows her first sign of magic; however, it results in a cake dropped on her face and he finds this quite funny. He does try to help her clean up, but being eight, he isn't much help.

1873 | Shawn graduates from school and while it isn't as weird to have him back year round as it was Jeremy, it is a little strange but he adjusts quite quickly, though he does wish he had a brother closer to his own age to play with. However, he is off to school the next year and is rather deterred by the idea.

1874 | It finally comes time for him to start school and he is shown off by all off his family but Shawn who has taken up captaining the family ships and was out at sea during the time. He's too excited to really be bothered by this fact. At school, he is offered a place amongst Pukwudgie, something that surprised no one. After the sorting, he is allowed to choose his wand.

1875 | With the new classes to expose him to new things, Anthony starts to take interest in healing and starts to wonder about doing that rather than going into the family business. He says nothing about this as he is scared to disappoint his father or be told no with both of his older brother choosing to go into the business.

1877 | Anthony solidifies his career path and starts to focus his courses and finally racks up the nerve to tell his father he wants to be a healer. To his surprise and pleasure, his father takes it will and gives it his approval, something that means the world to him.

1880 | Caro starts school this year and is welcomed into Thunderbird completing the tradition that each child was chosen by a different house. It's neat to have his sister around for his last year, though he is kept busy by his studies so he isn't as involved in her first year as he would have liked.

1881 | After school he goes straight into an internship with the local magical hospital's magical plant and poison ward and quite likes it, even with the darker aspect he has to dabble in learning the poisons.

1882 | Finishing his internship, he is promoted to a full healer and spends far to much time in the hospital. Halfway through the year, Shawn becomes engaged to Imogen Davies.

1883 | On one last delivery before the wedding, Shawn's ship goes missing - with him on it. Searching proves unfruitful and eventually, Shawn is declared dead and far to familiar with the loss of children, his death is accepted as the hard truth.

1887 | Caro graduates and surprise surprise. It turns out his brother isn't actually dead but rather his ship had been attacked by the very man who'd hired it and a head injury had left his brother without his memories. Shawn reveals he is determined to chase after Imogen and somehow Caro convinces them to allow her to go with Shawn to England.

1888 | Shawn and Caro leave at the beginning of the year on a ship to England leaving Jeremy, Anthony, and their parents behind in America. All goes well until up and suddenly, the long dormant Delaney Restlessness strikes Anthony for one of the first times in his life. He ignores it for a little bit, but the idea never leaves his head and suddenly he realizes that he could travel to England for a legitimate purpose - learning about the healing practices used in England. Armed with this he prepares to depart aboard one of his family ships - acting basically as a stowaway, though one with permission - and makes it to England come June.
Played By: Nichole

Contact: Skype

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