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Chrysanta Lestrange
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Played by Rune
Hear no evil, speak no evil— and you'll never be invited to a party.
Detached Wife & Socialite
54 year old Pure blood
ft. in.
❤   Married
Full Name: Chrysanta Violetta Lestrange (née Scrimgeour)

Nickname(s): Chrys (only by close family and friends)

Birthdate: June 1st, 1834

Age: 54


Occupation: Detached Wife & Socialite

Blood Status: Pureblood

Residence: Hogsmeade (officially), but is often found separately in her country estate, Westley Park, Scotland.

Hogwarts House: Slytherin

Wand: Yew, 14", dragon-heartstring, severe.

Aurelius Lestrange, husband.
Violetta Lestrange, daughter.
Rufus Lestrange, son, deceased.

Argus Scrimgeour, brother.
— and family
Louisa Flint (née Scrimgeour), sister.
— and family
Hadrian Scrimgeour, brother.
— and family

Caspian Lestrange, brother-in-Law.
— and family

Chrysanta is a cold-faced woman with deep-set eyes and dark, brown hair, often neatly tied back in a bun. Graced with a natural regality, her features are sharp and icy, making it hard to accurately display warmth or caring. She uses her left hand for wandwork, and on that subject keeps her nails manicured and sharp and lacquered to match her painted lips.

Generally she dresses in dark shades of purple, green or black, and is sure to keep her neck dripping with jewels. While not a physical part of her appearance, she is an avid smoker and is never seen without a cigarette.

1834 | Born; she is the youngest of her siblings and instantly her father's favourite despite being so low on the totem-pole.

1835 | Displays her first bout of magic when she changes the colour of her mother's favourite rubies to emerald.

1845 | Attends Hogwarts School and is sorted into Slytherin. Over the course of her attendance at Hogwarts, Chrys is seen as a both popular and frightening figure to many of her classmates. While she is prone to breaking hearts of young boys, she is also unafraid to display her regality. Chrysanta also manages to become a highly regarded student in both potions and duelling, beginning to dream of a future where she can pursue those talents.

1852 | Unfortunately, she is sought after by Aurelius Lestrange. Much to her dismay, he's unshakeable and somehow his heart never could be broken. Due to his surname, she accepts his offer of marriage, excited only by the prospect of living comfortably. After time, she thinks she could love Aurelius.

1864 | After almost a decade or more of attempts at children, the dying love of her marriage is suddenly rekindled when she becomes pregnant. Unfortunately, it dies the instance she pushes out her first child, a daughter, Violetta, disappointing her husband. To make matters worse, Chrys falls gravely ill after profuse bleeding, though miraculously recovers the next autumn.

1872 | After almost another decade of a hollow marriage, Aurelius convinces his wife to attempt once more at a son. She becomes pregnant, though she is frightened by the possibility of a daughter; if she fails to produce a son, she suspects she'll be subjected to more fruitless attempts by her husband.

1872 | | Chrys suffers a great loss when, at thirty weeks pregnant, she loses her second child. To make matters worse, her late child is revealed to be a son, destroying any romantic bond left between her and her husband. The following year, Chrysanta purchases Westley Park in the Highlands, leaving her husband to live in Hogsmeade.

1876 | Her daughter, Violetta, is off to Hogwarts, and Chrys' depression deepens. She takes up drinking as a hobby.

1878 | Encouraged by her friends, the reclusive Madame Lestrange begins to throw private parties at her countryside home. Her husband is definitely not invited.

1880 | After years of her daughter's obvious hopes for a husband, Chrysanta begins to wonder if she, too, would ever find love again. Nevertheless, she remains ever-involved in her daughter's life and hopes to navigate her away from men like Aurelius; she would kill any man that would cause her daughter harm. Actually, Chrysanta would kill just about any man.

1884 | Chrys, narrowly, avoids the plague. She thanks the brandy and a hearty hobby of smoking.

1888 | Chrysanta's brother is arrested. She doesn't care, but notices the impact it has upon her reputation. Instead, she begins to view her brother with disdain rather than apathy. Idiot.

Defence Against the Dark ArtsOO
Study of Ancient RunesE--
History of MagicOO

  • ❧ Chrysanta is an accomplished duellist, though she bears no true certification nor education besides Hogwarts; following her graudation, she installed a severe system of practising every day.
  • ❧ Chrys' patronus was, in her youth, an eagle, but after the death of her son, it transformed into a vulture. Both repulsed and yet confused by it, she finds the image of it vile and has pledged to never cast it again.
  • ❧ She primarily lives in Westley Park, a Scottish Highland estate she purchased many years ago, though this is not public knowledge.
  • ❧ While she is unhappily married, she is not exactly interested in men; she has been, in the past, but always has found herself fond of the company of other women. Of course she is discreet, but she has been known to have a mistress or two around.
  • ❧ Chrysanta plays both the violin and piano and spends quite a bit of money on horse breeding.
  • ❧ She throws many private parties, usually once a week or more. Dinner, alcohol, and of course good music.
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