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Junior Assistant to the Minister of Magic
Junior Assistant to the Minister of Magic

30 year old Pureblood
5 ft. 8 in.   ❤   Courting
played by Olive
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Charles Macmillan

Full Name: Charles Nelson Macmillan


Birthdate: May 24th, 1860

Age: 30

Occupation: Junior Assistant to the Minister of Magic

Blood Status: Pureblood

Residence: London

Hogwarts House: Slytherin

Wand: 10” Acacia and Fwooper feather

John Macmillan — Father
Helena Macmilllan — Mother
Edward Macmillan — Brother
Howard Macmillan — Brother †
Elmer Macmillan — Brother
Lawrence Macmillan — Brother †

Noelle Macmillan née Selwyn — Wife †
Althea Macmillan — Daughter
Despite being on the taller side of average height, he feels inadequate and short when stood next to his brothers standing a full two inches shorter than Elmer at 5'8". He's thin but stocky in build with a strong jawline and a defined brow which lends itself perfectly to scowling. His eyes are a cool gray in contrast to his thick dark brown hair which likes to defy his attempts at taming it into an orderly hairstyle, much to his ongoing chagrin. He is left handed.
— Insecure
– Mercenary
– Selectively Charismatic
– Ambitious
– Diligent
– Hard-worker
– Dickish
– Judgmental
– Stubborn
– Oversensitive
– Haughty
– Easily Influenced
1871 — 1878
Ancient Runes

Ancient Studies





History of Magic

Muggle Studies




Ancient Runes


History of Magic


Extra Curriculars
Chess Club
Skills & Interests
Latin [Written]
Gobbledegook [Oral]

1860 | Starting as he means to go on, Charles is a pain in his mother's side pretty literally. Post womb departure, he would go on to be a pain - in a more figurative sense - for everyone else too. He's a very fussy infant, despite being perfectly healthy, and proves early on just how strong his lungs are.

1861 | Howard is born. Still too young to do much besides soil himself and bawl, this development goes relatively unnoticed by Charles.

1863 | Elmer is born a couple weeks before his birthday and he is now old enough to notice the arrival of another brother. He doesn't really appreciate it. Now three, Charles proves to be an ornery little boy who enjoys tantrums and using crocodile tears (and often real ones too) to get his way. It is at this age that he starts exhibiting magic, almost always during a tantrum. Usually it manifests in magically thrown toys, small breakages, or on one particular occasion, a top hat roughly shoved right down over his brother's face. He finds himself clashing most with Edward more so than Howard.

1864 | Howard dies. Charles, being quite sensitive, cries even more than usual because of the sudden change of atmosphere in the household. For a good while after Howard's death, Charles is also paranoid that he'll follow suit.

1866 | Another brother. Charles doesn't vocalize any displeasure at this, but his behavior regresses a little in the aftermath - he cries more often than usual and becomes a bit of an attention whore around adults.

1867 | Charles is still prone to tears and sulking, he is also a sore loser and cries when he loses at games. He still tries to pick fights with Edward nonetheless, and discovers new interest in Elmer who is now mobile enough to play with, not that he rates Elmer as a playmate. Being younger, Elmer obviously has the upper hand where Charles' tendency for sniveling is concerned - he looks a little silly crying next to a four year old. One such incident is when Charles initiates an unfair game of tag in which he threatens to pinch Elmer if he catches him. Just as he's about to trap his short-legged quarry, the four year old disappears suddenly and moments later is on the roof of the house. A fuss is made over this and Charles, naturally, sheds some tears but finds sympathy lacking in light of Elmer being the one stuck on the roof. He angrily cries some more and decides he hates everyone.

1868 | Lawrence dies. Unlike the death of Howard, Charles is less traumatized and believes himself to be too old to die suddenly. At eight years old, his cry baby tendencies are earning him more reproach and less reward now. His tutor admonishes him most severely for his tears and Charles deeply resents him for it. His relationship with his remaining brothers does not improve with the loss of Lawrence.

1869 | Edward goes off to Hogwarts and Charles thinks good riddance, although a part of him is deeply envious after all he's heard about the place. He is still prone to crying, however when playing with Elmer he has learned that being mean to the younger boy is usually more rewarding than sobbing and trying to get his brother in trouble.

1871 | His turn for Hogwarts finally comes around. In the months and weeks leading up to his departure, he finds out that Edward hasn't chosen to stay at school for as long as he does but rather he has to. This revelation upsets Charles a great deal and, obviously, he sheds an inordinate number of tears over it. Dreading the start of school, he nearly misses the Hogwarts express on September 1st because he hid himself in the pantry during the night and fell asleep there. Had breakfast not been delayed by his apparent absence, he ironically might have been found sooner. By that evening, he's sat at the Slytherin table, very subdued unlike most of his fellow first years who are excited to be where they are. For the first few weeks of school, Charles regularly cries himself to sleep, writes miserable letters home to his mother, and suffers acute homesickness.

By the time he comes for Christmas, however, Charles is a different child. After a few tearful outbursts at school and some teasing for it from his peers, he grows a thicker skin and a sense of shame for his false tears. He is still a sensitive young boy but internalizes it. The result is a very stern and serious child, although he does still find himself on the verge of tears every so often.

1872 | At the start of his second year, Charles tries out for the Slytherin quidditch team. The tragic reality is that he's pretty terrible at quidditch and isn't the most confident flier. He's far too tense and rigid on a broom to be much good. To his mortification, he ends up in the hospital wing after tryouts resulted in his being hit in the face by the quaffle. It broke his nose. His one consolation is that he only cried for a few seconds after it hit him and there was enough blood that by the time he was back on the ground no one could even see the drying tears.

1873 | He chooses Ancient Runes, Ancient Studies, and Muggle Studies for his electives. Charles' friends are discussing girls one day and while he is doing more listening and contributing, he realizes the significance of his mind repeatedly wandering to his cousin, Emma.

1876 | Charles performs well on his OWLs. He continues with Ancient Runes, Charms, History of Magic, Potions, and, in addition, takes up Alchemy. Edward graduates and goes into healing, Charles spends the summer airing his opinion of it being a very "middle class" occupation. This is of course the first time anyone's ever heard Charles run down healing. To prove a point that's lost on everyone but Charles, he takes up a summer internship at the Ministry of Magic. During this particular summer he also loses his virginity, his main motivation for this being a new found need to seem more mature.

1878 | Charles graduates from Hogwarts and interns with the Department of Magical Co-operation.

1879 | No longer an intern, his elevation to an actual employee of the department does much for sense of self importance.

1882 | There is a period of time during which Charles becomes quite convinced Edward is secretly courting a young lady. Unable to tolerate the idea of Edward reaching another life achievement before him and therefore stealing all of the novelty, he turns his attention seriously towards finding a bride. He doesn't tell anyone, however, not wanting to hurry Edward along or look a fool if he fails to find one very quickly. In the meantime, he purchases a townhouse in London without viewing it and moves out of the family home. The independence agrees with him but he does miss his mother. Not that he'd tell anyone as much. So far there is no announcement of impending marriage or courtship from Edward, although Charles is still quite certain it will come sooner rather than later.

1883 | Edward is still publicly single but is still fixated on beating his brother to matrimony. Wouldn't his Mama be proud of him for being the first son wed! In his stubborn crusade to outdo his older brother, Charles makes the mistake of rushing into courtship. Miss Noelle Selwyn captures his attention with her prettiness, lack of betrothal, and her brash sort of wit which is he unaccustomed to in a lady. After a mere six weeks of courtship, he proposes and she accepts. He takes great relish in breaking the news first to his mother.

In the months leading up to his marriage, he finds his thoughts increasingly straying to compare the merits of his married cousin, Emma and his considerably more unfamiliar fiancée. Attributes which he first found novel and charming, he starts to have second thoughts about but he feels trapped by social expectation and his own pride. Charles becomes a Translator. He is barely married a week before he realizes what an awful mistake he made. The former Miss Selwyn is nothing like Cousin Emma. She drops her guard once they are married and reveals quite how uninfatuated she is with him with petulant remarks and remarks in public that deeply embarrass him. The more he tries to control his wife, the more she rebels against him. To make matters worse, Edward is still very single and Charles finally admits to himself that he jumped to the wrong conclusion all those months ago.

1884 | To his great relief, he succeeds in impregnating his harpy of a wife whom he has now formed habits of avoidance around. He is pleased that she can both be removed from society for a while and that he has no need to bed her. He doesn't feel a strong need for an heir yet - he has all the time in the world as far as he's concerned - but after a period of avoiding the marriage bed shortly after their wedding, she called him out on it and he felt his masculinity threatened. In hindsight he decides she did this on purpose because she enjoyed sex too much. In August he becomes a father. To a girl. His wife decides to call her Nimue which he considers to be an awful name and they fight about this for a while before he decides the child isn't worth the effort. He feels the girl is sure to become her mother in miniature in time anyway. Dissatisfied with his home life, he actively avoids coming home for dinner and takes on as much extra work as he can.

This obviously does nothing for the state of his marriage but does much for his career.

1885 | The new year rolls around and Charles still hasn't returned to his wife's bed. He insists she's probably still delicate from childbirth but the reality is that his hatred is such that she repulses him. Physically. He's always managed to overcome his repulsion with her in the past but she finally wears him down and he returns to her bed. Or he tries to. His reluctance and loathing of her is so intense that he is unable to perform. She mocks him and he has to storm out of the room to stop himself from doing something he would regret later, if only because it would be illegal. Charles starts fantasizing about divorce, trying to imagine the perfect scenario in which his reputation would remain unblemished. He knows he could never seriously go through with it but the thought is very therapeutic all the same.

After a humiliation at Noelle's hands during a dinner party, Charles begins seriously considering a lunatic asylum - isn't that what gentlemen do with difficult wives to avoid the scandal of a divorce? After goading him incessantly over dinner one evening, Charles gets rather drunk and ends up in his wife's bedroom determined to prove his virility. The alcohol helps only in the sense that he can tune out Noelle and imagine he's in bed with another woman successfully. He makes the mistake of uttering the name 'Emma' during the encounter which ends things rather abruptly...

A few months later the extent of his virility becomes apparent which irritates him immensely as he was in the final stages of sorting out an asylum for her. Obviously he can't commit her now. He is called home from work early one day in December to news that his second child is on its way. A good month or so earlier than expected, things take a turn for the worse. Charles is given an ultimatum - save his wife or save his child. He takes no time at all in demanding priority be given to the child. Some hours later, he is informed that both perished. An overwhelming sense of relief engulfs him. This relief is short lived. To his absolute horror his wife has become a ghost. Charles gets very drunk and cries himself to sleep in the early hours of that morning whilst his ghost wife literally haunts him. He escapes his phantom spouse by staying with his parents for Christmas and takes the opportunity to start referring to his daughter as 'Althea' as though she'd never been called anything else.

1886 | He manages to last four months with Noelle's ghost before he purchases himself a bachelor pad to escape her. He leaves Althea (formerly Nimue) behind.

1887 | Charles is promoted to Assistant Head of the Department of Magical Co-operation, a stroke of good fortune that suggests to him that his luck is on the up again. Towards the end of the year he finally sells the house to someone who was seemingly undeterred by the presence of Noelle's ghost. However, he is now forced to accommodate his daughter in his apartment and it is far from ideal.

1888 | He is trying to find a solution to his daughter living with him while also striving for a promotion, despite how comfy Crouch seems to be in his job. He lives in fear of Noelle turning up in his apartment.

— He lives in a bachelor's apartment in London with his daughter.
— His late wife was trouble.
— His wife is dead but her ghost remains.
— Bloody wounds nauseate him. A pool of blood on the floor is fine though.
Played By: Olive

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The party was aesthetically something to appreciate, he supposed, but like most balls he found himself regretting his life choices and wishing he'd steered his evening in a different direction. He had begrudgingly danced with a lady or two but was trying in earnest to avoid much more dancing. His dance partners seemed always to be either vapid and thus incredibly dull or they were the sort who had varying hints of Noelleishness about them and he wanted nothing to do with them.

His efforts to avoid further females had been going well and then they suddenly hadn't. As usual his gut reaction was to internally groan at being trapped by etiquette and this was no different when the female opposite him was Tatiana Lestrange. Charles defaulted to autopilot almost immediately and it wasn't until she mentioned his promotion that his brain started to actively join in the conversation. His perception of Miss Lestrange was vague at best - he could probably count the number of words he'd exchanged with her in the past on one hand if he could actually remember what they were. What he did know about her was that her father was Tybalt Lestrange and if pushed for an opinion he'd probably shrug and say that she'd never caught his attention (nor apparently that of other men) so she was probably a bit vapid and uninteresting.

"Thank you, I'm pleased to say that you've been well-informed." It didn't necessarily mean anything but it suggested she wasn't entirely vapid and self-absorbed. It also gave him pause. What did he really know about Miss Lestrange? Yes, she was the daughter of mass murderer Tybalt Lestrange, but a Lestrange all the same which carried plenty of weight. Hadn't she also been at finishing school or was he mixing her up with another Lestrange? She was unmarried, he could think of no immediate gossip or scandal involving her name, and she was actually attractive. Why wasn't she married? Something had to be wrong with her.

Perhaps she was too clever or too desperate, she wasn't one of the younger ones anymore was she? "You must have your ear quite close to the ground, I didn't think anyone knew yet."

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