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Apprentice Curse Breaker

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Somersby Fudge

Full Name: Somersby Jedidiah Fudge

Nickname(s): Sommer - although mainly by family when they wish to annoy him

Birthdate: March 15, 1871

Age: 19

Occupation: Sixth Year Ravenclaw

Blood Status: Halfblood

Residence: Sanditon Resort, Sussex

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

Wand: Willow, 11”, Swishy, Kelpie Hair Broke in 1889 after the Christmas Portkey incident
Pine, 10", Pliant, Kelpie Hair

Herbert Fudge | [1849-1887] Father, dead/ghost, Owner of Sanditon Resort
Winifred Fudge nee Fisk | [1852] Mother
Holliday Fudge | [1873] Sister
Irene Fudge | [1875] Sister
Paxton Fudge | [1877] Brother
Sunday Fudge | [1878] Sister

Gilbert Fudge | [1805-1881] Grandfather
Eugenia Hobday née Pince, formerly Fudge | [1814] Grandmother
Jedidiah “Uncle Jed” Hobday | [1803] Step-Grandfather
Bonnie ----- née Hobday | [1845] Step-Aunt and family
Orson Hobday| [1852] Step-Uncle

Sullivan Fisk | [1825] Grandfather
Saralyn Fisk née ----- | [18xx-18xx] Grandmother
Oscar Fisk |  [1851] Uncle
Somersby stands at a tall five feet and ten inches. He has brown hair that is always just a tad took long or short to be in any sort of style and kind seafoam green eyes. He is pale during the winter but during summers at home he does appear more tan. He prefers muggle clothing. Somersby’s wand hand is his right hand.
Somersby is fairly quiet and reserved when around those he doesn’t know. Like most, if he knows someone he is more likely to be talkative. He is a deeply curious individual and likes to know things. He also has a tendency to be a bit put off or offended if he thinks things are being taken too lightly. He is almost too serious at times. He puts undo amount of pressure on himself. He feels like it is a personal failing that he doesn’t know what he wants to be when he grows up and is increasingly under stress because he thinks is family expects one thing and he really doesn’t want to do that or to let them down. Let’s be real, being a teen is stressful.
[align=center] -- Early Years -- [/align]

1871: Somersby is the first child born to the young Fudge couple.
1873: The second of the Fudge brood is born, young Holliday. Somersby remembers little of this other than the fuss and activity of a new child in the family, although he is told that he is reasonably receptive of his younger sister.
1874: At three years old Somersby displays his first sign of magic when Granny comes to visit and he accidently dumps her cup of scalding tea into his lap. (He just wanted to know what was in the cup!) It turns to flowers and bubbles as it reaches his lap and does no harm to the young boy.
1875: Irene is born, she’s reasonably cute but Holliday is a better playmate and Somersby shows little interest in the newest member of the family.
1877: Finally! Somersby has a brother. Paxton is born in February and proves himself to be as uninteresting as young Irene was when she was born. She’s redeemed herself by now and Somersby is fond of his littlest sister but he remains firm that babies do not make good playfellows. Lessons begin in earnest for the oldest of the Fudge children as a governess is hired.  
1878: The house feels increasingly full as another sibling is born, although Somersby does think little Sunday has a cute smile. He suggests the name Sunday, thinking it apt as she was born on a Sunday. His parents agree.
1879: Little Irene displays her first sign of magic on a rose bush outside. Somersby is a proud older brother.
1880: The family takes their first trip to the beach. Somersby loves it although it ends in chaos as both Holliday and Paxton display their first signs of magic in less than convenient ways. Somersby tries not to begrudge them this, but as no more trips to the beach are forthcoming he does feel quite a bit put out by this turn of events.  
1881: When Grandfather Fudge dies Granny moves in with them. Their home is increasingly small, but additions are added, so it can’t be too bad, Somersby reasons. Plus, he reasons, he only has one year until he starts at Hogwarts
1882: Somersby’s parents sell the family home and move them to the Seashore. Somersby is excited and spends much of the summer helping his parents start to prepare for the resort to open.

[align=center] -- School Years -- [/align]

1882-1883: Despite the excitement of the move Somersby is even more excited to start school. He arrives at Hogwarts and is sorted in Ravenclaw. His first year is successful and when Somersby returns home the resort is officially opened.  
1883-1884: His second year starts and Somersby finds that he really does enjoy most of his courses and can’t wait until he can pick his electives. When Somersby returns home he finds that his father even establishes a small zoo! Which Somersby enjoys helping his father with.
1884-1885: Holliday joins him at Hogwarts and he is a mix of excited and proud that she is sorted into Ravenclaw. Because of his enjoyment with the zoo at home he adds Care of Magical Creatures (and discovers an affinty toward it), Ghoul Studies, and Earth Magic to his schedule. The end of the school year Somersby hears that Granny has remarried - to Uncle Jed. Summer at the resort is a bit slower as news reaches the family of the Plague. Somersby worries that the plague may reach them as well, but they all remain well. Thank Merlin.
1885-1886: Irene starts at Hogwarts and is sorted into Slytherin.
1886-1887: Somersby’s fifth year is spent worrying about his O.W.L.s. He is a bit disappointed that he’s not picked as a prefect but he can’t begrudge his friend Ben the position. The summer between fifth and sixth year is the worst time in Somersby’s life. Herbert and Holliday attend the Wizarding World Fair (which Somersby feels guilty for not attending because of a case of Dragon Pox that he thinks unfair of getting at the age of sixteen).  His father saved Holliday but not himself. Much to the family’s surprise Herbert lingers as a ghost. Somersby finds himself a mix of emotions at this change in circumstances and is increasingly annoyed at his father’s inability to take his own death seriously!
1887-1888: Somersby throws himself into his studies but finds himself increasingly disliking Care of Magical Creatures, despite his father’s pride in his son’s ability in the subject and how easy it is for Somersby. He also takes less of an interest in the zoo at home during the summer. He adds Gobbledegook to his schedule and drops Astronomy, History of Magic, Herbology, and Earth Magic. He doesn’t mind the additional coursework and prefers it to worrying about the future or his family.
1888-1889: Going into Somersby’s seven year he finds himself increasingly stressed about what his future will look like. Paxton is to start at Hogwarts with his siblings. Before school starts for the year Somersby and Benjamin volunteer for the venture into Irvingly during the Fogsmeade situation. Seventh year Somersby makes the decision to work for the Ministry of Magic despite his father's wishes he take over the resort.

[align=center] -- Academic Record -- [/align]

Defense Against the Dark ArtsE-
History of MagicO-
Care of Magical CreaturesO-
Ghoul StudiesO-
Earth MagicA

-- Adult Years --
1889: Somersby and his father get into a row when Somersby tells his father of his plans to work in the MInistry of Magic's Goblin Relations Division. His father proposes that Somersby go on abroad for three months before he commits to anything. While abroad Somersby meets Jo and the two become friends (and for a short time - with benefits). Somersby also meets a curse breaker and becomes interested in the work. Somersby returns home only to find himself in an unfortunate Portkey mishap that lands him and Acacia Ruskin in southern England, she wandless, him with a broken wand. They pose as a married couple until they are able to make their way home.
1890: After the chaos of the last few months Somersby realizes that he still wants to help the world, but has little interest in doing it from a desk, not that he will admit this adventurous streak to his father. He decides to apply to become a curse breaker intern.
- Somersby use to work for his father at Sanditon Resort with the animals
- Somersby's father is a ghost
- Somerby's ghost father and his mother married (again) in the summer of 1889
- From September - December 1889 Somersby was abroad for his father
- Somersby and Acacia Ruskin disappeared Christmas Eve 1889 in a portkey incident, they made their way home by muggle means until they reached London three days later
- Somersby does not get along well with his father
- Somersby's father wanted him to work for the resort
- Somersby's once wanted to work for the Goblin Liaison Office in the Ministry of Magic
- While abroad Somersby met a cursebreaker, which inspired his application to intern as a cursebreaker when he returned
- Somersby's mad at his father for dying and then for coming back as a ghost, he thinks his father is reckless
- Somersby and Acacia Ruskin changed the story of what had happened when they returned so that her reputation wouldn't be affected, in reality they posed as a married couple and were not chaperoned by an elderly lady during the Portkey incident of Christmas 1889.
Played By: Fallin

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