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Seventh Year & Chaser
Seventh Year & Chaser

18 year old Pureblood
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played by Bree
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Justice Rookwood

Full Name: Justice Erasmus Rookwood


Birthdate: September 02, 1872

Age: 18

Occupation: Seventh Year; Beater; Somehow, a Prefect

Blood Status: Pureblood

Residence: Hogsmeade, Scotland

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

Wand: Ash, 11¼ inches, Dragon heartstring, Firm

Hector Rookwood, Father [1837-1883]
Polymnia Rookwood (née -----), Mother [1850-1883]
Clementine Rookwood, Sister [1873]
Faye Rookwood, Sister [1877]
Blessed with the most appealing of genes, Justice has managed to completely avoid any semblance of adolescent awkwardness. He stands at five feet, eight inches tall—tall enough to be considered "above average" for his age while avoiding any bumped heads or sticking out like a sore thumb.

His build is neither notably scrawny nor muscular, but a healthy diet and regular exercise ensures his muscles are at least toned enough to be noticeable.

His hair, which used to be an unmanageable mop of dark curls atop his head, has more recently been styled to seem purposefully messy in all of its dark. His eyes are also brown. He walks with an arrogant sort of swagger, though always manages to find himself curled into the strangest positions when nose-deep in a book. He dresses with care and prefers dark shades over bright colors. He wields his wand with his right hand.

Studious. Likes board games, though he hardly discusses it out of fear of being "the weird kid". Flirtatious. Arrogant. Brash. Sensitive. Jock-ish attitude. Can be judgmental. Competitive spirit.
    — He's a speedy reader and enjoys any class that's memory-based, especially History of Magic and Ancient Studies.

    — Having been on the quidditch team since second year, he is naturally a strong flier.
    — His boggart is a pair of disembodied legs.

    — He can be a bit of a flirt, but is mostly harmless.
1872 | Justice is born the first child to Hector and Polymnia Rookwood. Even the birth of a son is not enough to permanently quell the strain between husband and wife, who have long fought—sometimes physically—through life’s every inconvenience.

1873 | A desperate attempt to please her husband results in Polymnia giving birth to another child, a daughter name named Clementine.

1874 | Justice shows a first sign of magic at the young age of two!

1877 | Justice’s mother gives birth to another daughter, Faye. The summer after her birth consists of muggle riots and a mass migration of the magical community to the village of Hogwarts, but living in the countryside has its perks: there aren’t enough people around for a full-blown uprising.

1880 | Justice continues his pre-Hogwarts education under the instruction of a tutor. Having an extended family living all over the world, Justice has the privilege of learning both French and Urdu, though he’s much better at reading the latter.

1883 | After returning home from a day out with the nanny, the Rookwood siblings are greeted by an auror presence at their home. Both their mother and father are dead, their father having perished at wandpoint. Whether the death was intentional or a case of a misfiring spell is unknown, but with knowledge of the conflict that had always existed between husband and wife, the gossip mills soon begin spreading tales of a Rookwood murder-suicide. The Rookwood siblings are shipped off to live with their wacky uncle in Hogsmeade.

1884 | Justice goes off to Hogwarts and is sorted into Ravenclaw, while Clementine is sorted into Hufflepuff. He tries out for the quidditch team and fails, settling instead for Club Quidditch and the school’s Flying Club.

1885 | Justice makes the Ravenclaw quidditch team as a beater! The year concludes on a high note, with Ravenclaw winning both the quidditch and the house cup .

1886 | Puberty hits him—hard—and Justice finds himself crushing on one of his sister’s dorm-mates. The two share a kiss during Christmas break under non-magical mistletoe, but she seems to lose interest in him soon after. He assumes she was either embarrassed by the whole ordeal or wasn’t impressed with his kissing abilities; either way, the sudden rejection stings.

1887 | Anti-half-breed sentiment is on the rise, and it doesn’t help that the school year begins with talk of Topaz Urquart’s “condition”. While not possessing any particular prejudices himself, he tends to side with the anti-werewolf crowd simply because it’s obvious that a werewolf couldn’t attend Hogwarts.

1888 | When the Irvingly Fog Crisis strikes during the summer, Justice suffers a broken leg at the hands of a nasty circus troll. He’s tended to at a hospital outside of Hogsmeade and soon returns home, and the fog eventually clears, but he begins Hogwarts on a pessimistic note. The only good thing is his appointment as Ravenclaw prefect, but even that is dulled by the limp in his leg. 1888 solidifies itself as the worst school year so far when he and his siblings are shipped off to St. Mungo’s Home for Inconvenient Children after Faye angers their uncle.

1889-1890 | Justice survives his sixth year. He takes five classes: Ancient Runes, Ancient Studies, History of Magic, Charms, and Herbology. Barely. Ravenclaw fails to secure either the house quidditch cup or the house cup, leaving Justice even more determined to do better the next year.
— His mother and father died in an "accidental explosion", but many have speculation that it was actually a murder-suicide.

— Although the orphaned Rookwoods technically live at an orphanage, they often choose to house-hop during the summers.
— Justice likes to flirt. He had a thing for Jemima Farley once upon a time.
— He was attacked by an actual troll during the Irvingly Fog Crisis and heroically survived to see another day.
— Her mother actually did murder his father. Even Justice doesn't know this for sure, but generally dissuades anyone from mentioning it.
Played By: Bree

Contact: PM Edric Umbridge; Skype

Plot Preferences:
POSTING | My posts tend to run between 80 and 300 words on average, but can be shorter or longer depending on what I'm given to work with. I prefer faster-paced threads and love rapid-fire style posting.

CONTENT LIMITS | I won't write out gory scenes or ones that depict non-consensual sexual interactions. I don't mind normal smut, but only if the relationship is established and there's a plot or character-driven need for it in a thread.

PLOTTING | I prefer organic development for romantic relationships, but have no problem pre-plotting friendships and work relationships.

THREADS | I prefer not to have basic "meet-and-greet" threads because they get tiring quickly, especially when I have twenty of them at the same time. Anyways, my favorite ships and friendships have blossomed out of wacky or traumatic action threads ;)


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