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But then Miss Dempsey paid her so great a compliment that she wanted to hurl herself over the edge of the theater balcony in delight.
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Rufus Bixby
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Played by Fallin
First String Chaser and Captain of the Appleby Arrows
26 year old Halfblood
ft. in.
❤   Married
Full Name: Rufus James Bixby

Nickname(s): Bixby

Birthdate: April 6, 1864

Age: 26

Occupation: First String Chaser and Captain of the Appleby Arrows

Blood Status: Halfblood

Residence: Hogsmeade, rents a small house in North Bartonburg on Dodge Lane

Hogwarts House: Gryffindor

Wand: Rowan, 12", supple, Kelpie Hair

Carson Bixby | [1834] father, quidditch coach
Fiona Bixby née --- | [1840] mother, DMGaS employee
Alvin Bixby | [1867] | brother, apprentice broom maker
Harrison Bixby | [1870] | brother, 7th year student
Wallace Bixby | [1873] | brother, 4th year student
Sloane Bixby | [1876] | sister, 1st year student
Sawyer Bixby | [1876-1877] brother, died in infancy
Rufus is lean and while he appears slim he has well formed muscles from work. While he has never been entirely thrill at his height, only five feet and seven inches, he has accepted it and carries himself with confidence. His wand hand is his right hand. Rufus’s brown eyes are kind and often a smile lingers on his lips. He likes to keep his brown hair short and sometimes simply does not care to shave and has stubble or once in awhile he tries to grow a beard or at least a mustache, it rarely lasts. His favored clothes are flying robes but when required to actually wear other clothes he wears muggle clothing. He also is a metamorphagus although often enough he leaves his features alone, he does enjoy changing his hair color. He has a tendency change his hair to blue during matches to support his team.
- Early Years -

1864: Carson and Fiona Bixby welcome their first child into the world in the wee hours of the morning of April 6. They name their son Rufus. The first year is rough as Rufus is an active child and prone to depending attention from his parents, but his parents don’t begrudge him this because he is also prone to laughing and smiling more than the average infant.

1865: Carson retires from playing professional quidditch and begins to coach professionally instead. Rufus’s first memory is watching a quidditch game from the sidelines of the field with his mother while his father coaches.

1867: Baby Alvin is born, three year old Rufus expresses his displeasure by showing his first sign of magic and making the baby disappear. A frantic search follows and Alvin is discovered in the playroom safe and comfortable in his blanket. After his first initial fit Rufus finds that he actually likes the baby and becomes protective of this newest addition to the family.

1868: At four years old Rufus is given his first broom. He absolutely loves flying and while it barely flys over a few feet from the floor, he gives his family a stir by flying everywhere. He has a tendency to fly in the house until it is prohibited. His parents spend much of the year chasing him and his broom around their home and the grounds outside.

1870: Harrison, the third Bixby boy is born. Rufus decides that he likes this new brother as it means he has a new playmate to play with him and Alvin. He quickly grows bored with this new brother as he is constantly scolded for trying to include Harrison in his and Alvin’s games - particularly trying to fly with the infant. Rufus instead teaches Alvin how to fly on his broom. Much to his chagrin he is given a governess and is often much to energetic to sit through lessons, frustrating the governess.

1871: Rufus decides that he wants to be a quidditch player when he grows up. His parents encourage this dream for their son.

1872: For his birthday Rufus is given his first ‘big-boy’ broom. He tries to slip out of lessons to fly but often gets caught and scolded for such actions and learns to sit through lessons before he goes out and flys.

1873: Wallace joins the family. Rufus decides that he likes new siblings even if he can’t play with them. He helps his parents out by playing with Alvin and Harrison and letting his parents focus on wee little baby Wally.

1874: Rufus spends most of the year looking forward to receiving his Hogwarts letter and heading off to school. He dreams of playing on the house team.
- School Years [1875-1882] -

1875: Rufus receives his letter to Hogwarts in April and can’t wait to go to school. He starts Hogwarts in September and is sorted into Gryffindor. He can't wait until his second year when he can actually play for the house team and spends most of the year playing club quidditch and flying club to stay in practice. He easily makes friends at school but misses his parents and little brothers. Although he won’t admit it, he is excited to go home for Christmas break and see his family. He finds that he doesn’t really mind transfiguration or charm and that he loathes potions and history of magic.

1876: Rufus’s first year ends with Hufflepuff winning the quidditch cup. Rufus returns home and excited for a new school year and determined to be on the quidditch team the next year. He spends the summer training and drafts his brothers into quidditch games to help him. Before he returns to school Sloane and Sawyer are born. Rufus loves them and is instantly enchanted by the two. Rufus overhears the midwife tell his parents Sawyer might not make it the night, he worries but tries to distract his little brothers so they don’t realize what is doing on. Sawyer makes it the night and Rufus believes everything will be alright While he loves the two he is excited to go back to school. He tries out for the house quidditch team as chaser and is excited to know that he makes the team, this becomes his favorite part of school.

1877: In January Rufus finds out that Sawyer didn’t make it through the winter. He is granted permission to return home for a week. The year is spent in mourning clothes and Rufus develops a dislike of black clothing. To cap off the school year Hufflepuff wins the quidditch cup and Rufus is bummed. Rufus returns home in the summer happy to see his siblings and spends much of it with his hair blue so that his brothers and baby Sloane will laugh. He finds that Sloane is actually adorable and a bundle of energy and determines that girls aren’t all that bad after all. He returns to Hogwarts for his third year in the fall and adds Ghoul Studies and Earth Magic to his schedule.

1878: The Bixby family moves to Hogsmeade to try to get over Sawyer. Gryffindor wins the quidditch cup (and the house cup!) and Rufus is excited to be a part of such a team. During the summer he takes Sloane flying much to his parents consternation, but he likes that she laughs when they fly. In September Alvin is the first of his brothers to join Rufus at school and Rufus is excited to finally have family at school.

1879: Rufus’s four year ends with Gryffindor winning both the quidditch cup, he’s ecstatic and returns home for the summer in high spirits. The summer is dominated by quidditch games that Rufus organizes with his brothers in the backyard. He gives his father most of his saved allowance for Sloane’s first broom, insisting that girls can be quidditch players too. Rufus returns to Hogwarts for his fifth year. Quidditch remains the highlight of his school career.

1880: Slytherin wins the quidditch cup ending Gryddindor’s streak much to Rufus’s disappointment. He scores moderately well in his OWLs with no Trolls. He returns to Hogwarts in the fall for his sixth year and takes Transfiguration, Charms, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Ghoul Studies and much to his annoyance Astronomy (figuring it will be an easy course). He develops his first real crush on a girl and begins to discover that he’s actually pretty good at talking to girls.

1881: Once again Gryffindor loses the quidditch cup, this does nothing to lessen Rufus’s determination to be a professional quidditch player. When he returns to school in the fall for his seventh year Harrison also comes with him and Alvin. He is a bit bummed that he is not captain, but doesn’t begrudge Leopold the position. During the quidditch season Rufus is scouted for professional quidditch teams.

1882: While Gryffindor once again loses the quidditch cup, Rufus is offered a position as a second string chaser with Puddlemere United following his graduation from Hogwarts. He takes his N.E.W.T.s, although he doesn't give them as much effort as his O.W.L.s as his future is already determined. Luckily his carelessness results in mediocre scores and no Trolls. When the draft is announced in May Rufus hopes he won’t be chosen as he would have to give up his new career. He considers moving to London just in case, but finds that he loves being close to home and rents rooms above a shop on High Street in Hogsmeade so he can still be close to his family.
- Academic Record -
Class-------------------------O.W.L.s------------------------N.E.W.Ts. Astronomy --------------------- A ------------------------------ A Charms ------------------------ A ------------------------------ P DADA ------------------------- E ------------------------------ A Herbology -------------------- A History of Magic ------------ D Potions ----------------------- P Transfiguration -------------- E ------------------------------ E Ghoul Studies --------------- E ------------------------------ A Earth Magic ----------------- P
- Adult Years -

1883: Rufus is given the chance to be a first string chaser for Puddlemere. He happily settles into his new position. Rufus grows close to Sloane and enjoys getting to know his little sister.

1884: Wally goes to Hogwarts and Rufus finds that he is settling into his adult life well.

1885: Rufus rents a house in North Bartonburg. Alvin graduates from Hogwarts and returns to the family home. Rufus is baffled when his brother takes an apprenticeship making brooms instead of trying out for a professional team but quickly comes to terms with the fact that the career suits his brother.

1886: When Sloane breaks her arm on one of Alvin’s brooms Rufus and Alvin get into a huge argument. They don’t talk for a month.

1887: Sloane is the final Bixby sibling to go to Hogwarts. Rufus misses her, but is glad she no longer feels like she is being left out. His mother begins to talk to him about the importance of settling down, he shrugs it off enjoying the opportunity to enjoy his life. He has no intention of marrying for position, money, or anything other than love after having witnessed his own parents’ marriage.

1888: Puddlemere United Wins the Pro Quidditch Cup in February and Rufus feels like it is the best possible start to the year!
Rufus is an incredibly optimistic and confident individual. He is a firm believer in persistence and hard work. He also thinks that if you don’t succeed once then it is always worth trying again. He is an incredibly protective individual who looks out for his family and places them above everything else. He is incredibly supportive and encouraging.He loves his career and enjoys life. He is known for being a bit too enthusiastic at times. He is also quite the charmer and loves to flirt, but at heart he is a true romantic with hopes of marrying for love. Rufus is also a bit brash and has a bit of a temper, sometimes it is not always justifiable. He also doesn’t mind having the attention on him and doesn’t easily get embarrassed.
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