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Abraxas Crabbe
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Played by Kayte
Sixth Year & Chaser
17 year old Pureblood
Sixth Year & Chaser
5 ft. 7 in.
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Full Name: Abraxas Julian Eldin Crabbe

Nickname(s): Rex

Birthdate: February 1st, 1877

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Occupation: Student

Blood Status: Pureblood

Residence: Wellingtonshire, Hogsmeade

Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff

Ash, 11 inches, with a mermaid scale core. Sturdy.

Louisa Lovegood, Mother [1858-1885]
Julian Crabbe, Father [1850-1877]
"Uncle" Orlando Lovegood, Stepfather [1855]
Adele Lovegood, Sister [1884]
Auberon Lovegood, Brother [1885]

Annabelle Bones née Longbottom, Aunt [1850], and family
Gladys Wilde née Longbottom, Aunt [1853-1884], and family
Rufina Mulciber née Longbottom, Aunt [1855], and family
Matilda ----- née Longbottom, Aunt [1857], and family
Beckett Longbottom, Uncle [1859]
Marcella Weasley née Longbottom, Aunt [1861], and family

Adelia Lovegood, Aunt [1860]
Andren Lovegood, Uncle [1867]

Colonel Whiskers, Cat [1888]
Abraxas looks to inherit the Longbottom height, though his scrawny build makes him look rather underfed and he hopes dearly to grow out into his lanky frame. His wavy, brunette locks would not be out of place in a boy band, and his brown eyes and delicate features make his appearance very reminiscent of his mother’s. The boy dresses as all wealthy boys of his age and time period do. Rex is right-handed.

His face claim is Louis Partridge.

The Longbottoms

Abraxas made his arrival in February of 1877, his middle names honouring his father and his grandfather. While the latter would go on to be a key male role model in his life, the former would tragically pass later that year, serving as little more than a portrait—the dull, unmoving, muggle kind—in the boy’s memory. Abraxas grew up under the weight of his father’s upstanding reputation, without that same father to teach him how to cultivate the same.

Though a nanny was employed to see to the lad’s day to day needs, many of the young heir’s—for he inherited everything from his father—earliest memories are of moments spent with his mother or his numerous Longbottom relations. At four, his first act of magic saw him transfigure his newborn cousin Louisa’s hair a bright blue, as he was not at all a fan of her natural red locks.
The Lovegoods

While as a toddler Abraxas served as the man of the house—as much as a toddler could—this position changed in the autumn of 1881 when his mother remarried to Orlando Lovegood. They move to Hogsmeade, and Abraxas gains a bushel of new relations to grow attached to. Orlando proves not quite to be the father Rex might have expected, but he’s terribly fond of his mother’s new husband nonetheless.

It is several years before their family grows, though—years in which his Aunt Olive inexplicably vanishes from his life, in which his mother’s sisters continue to produce more cousins for him, and in which Abraxas grows into the mild-mannered young lad that would see him through the coming years. Finally, in 1884, his mother delivers little Adele. Abraxas is immediately unsure about sharing his mother with another child.

1885 is the worst year ever. His mother gives birth to Auberon in March, perishing in the process. Abraxas is devastated by the loss of the one constant in his life, becoming taciturn and withdrawn. It is almost a year before he finally withdraws from his grief, and he grows fiercely protective of Adele—and fiercely hateful towards Auberon.

In 1888, his time for Hogwarts arrives at last, though much of the preceeding summer—with The Fog—makes him worry he will not be able to attend. Sorted into Hufflepuff, Abraxas is faced for the first time with a need to make friends outside of Flora and Sirius, a quest made easier by his placement on the house quidditch team as a chaser. He's understandably devastated when he loses his first quidditch match of the season.
  • Languages: Like all young, rich white boys, Abraxas is proficient in French. He is also learning German, but has not gotten particularly far.
  • An excellent, speedy reader.

  • Boggart: Any member of his family—including aunts, uncles, and cousins—dead.
  • Patronus: Unable to cast as of yet.
  • Amortentia: TBD
  • Fears: Orlando remarrying, TBD
  • Rex loves playing Wizard’s Chess, and has become quite skillful at it
  • He is fascinated by how things work, and will dissect larger objects to figure them out.

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