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Sisse Thompsett
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Sisse Fall
Heavy is the crown
Never falter, never let them bleed you out
I'll be still standing when they try to bring my castle down
I'll never bow down
Heavy is the crown

When the weight of the world crashing
Pushing you closer to the edge
You find a way to get a little bit stronger
To fight off the demons
Seventh Year & Charms Club President
17 year old Halfblood
Seventh Year & Charms Club President
5 ft. in.
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Full Name: Sisse Anne Thompsett


Birthdate: June 14, 1876

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Occupation: Hogwarts Student

Blood Status: Halfblood

Residence: 24 Hibiscus Lane, North Bartonburg, Hogsmeade

Hogwarts House: Gryffindor

Wand: Rowan, 10 and 3/4“, supple , unicorn hair

Matthew P. Thompsett, Senior | [1841] father
Charlotte A. Thompsett, nee Perkins | [1853-1891] mother
Matthew P. Thompsett, Junior | [1872] older brother
Henry J. Thompsett | [1877] younger brother
Sisse has grown into a willowy young woman. She has gained unexpected height, standing at five feet and four inches, while remaining delicate and small boned, although she wouldn't have minded if she also gained some curves - least there is a corset to modify that shortcoming. She moves with grace and a certain lightness in her step.

Her delicate features were inherited from her mother, and include her bright blue eyes and her charming and frequent smile. Her once blond and wavy hair which has darkened over the years to a chestnut blond, which in the sun shines more gold and red than the dark blond might indicate. She has carefully maintained her creamy complexion over the years.

Sisse always dresses with care. While she does not have a ton of new dresses she does her best (which is rather better than one might expect) to modify them to keep them in fashion. She dresses her hair with care as well and does her best to present herself as a lady.

She carries her wand in her right hand when in use and in her reticule or school bag when not in use.
- Pre-Sisse Years -
Matthew Thompsett was a well respected man when he met the young Miss Charlotte Perkins, she worked in a robes shop as a seamstress following her graduation from Hogwarts. The courtship between the two was quick, and the match made within two months of their first acquaintance. After the first year of marriage, Charlotte blessed Matthew with a son, named in his father’s honor. It was not long before Charlotte was with child again, however, this pregnancy was more difficult, she lost the child during her sixth month. The doctors advised her against having another child, however, she longed for a daughter. In 1876, Charlotte’s prayers and wishes were answered as she was safely delivered of a beautiful baby girl naming her Sisse after her sister.

- Early Years -
The Thompsett’s originally settled in Kent, having established themselves as good standing members of the community. However, when troubles started in 1877, only two years after the birth of their daughter, and a year after the birth of their youngest son, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Thompsett relocated to Hogsmeade. Despite the cover of the ministry they had been brought to attention of the muggles and their standing in society had decreased. Thinking of the future of their daughter and the importance of settling her into a magical society in hopes of one day marrying her well, they decided to relocate. The family bought a modest home in North Bartonburg, keeping within their income and allowing for them to employ a governess for their children and send their children to Hogwarts. They were in part helped by the inheritance of Mrs. Thompsett at the death of her father.

- School Years [1887-Now] -
1887-1888 (First Year):In September of 1887 Sisse joined Matthew at Hogwarts where she was sorted into her father and brother's house of Gryffindor. She flourished at school, having real friends beyond her brothers for the first time. Her parents expected the best of her and as such she did the best she could to live up to the expectations, but began to toy the line by joining activities decidedly un-lady like, such as the Flying Club and the Dueling tournament. She is not great at Flying, but thrives in dueling. During the summer Fogsmeade happens and her father sends them to Sanditon Resort to wait it out.
1888-1889 (Second Year): During Sisse's second year her mother is increasingly worried over her friendship with girls who like quidditch. Sisse drops flying club, but refuses to give up dueling club. Henry is the last of the Thompsett children to go to Hogwarts.
1889-1890 (Third Year): Sisse's mother begins to think of sending Sisse to be a Pendergast Rose. Sisse determines she will start to make a case for staying at Hogwarts all seven years. She also starts to realize there is a lot of tension in her friend group, around the same time as she starts to have feelings for her friend Cameron. Because she isn't really into quidditch she also starts to feel rather left out. She picks up Divination and Ancient Studies and Art, despite most of her friends taking other courses.
1889-1890 (Fourth Year):Before the start of the school year Sisse goes boating with her brothers. Matthew abandons them to hang out with his friends, leaving Henry and Sisse alone. After an unfortunate encounter with the Giant Squid's tentacle the boat overturns, leaving Sisse floundering in the water unable to swim. She is rescued by @"Edison Mooney" whom she begins to develop a crush on. Then later in the month she and the GryffinGroup get into trouble trying to rescue a cat from the lake, Sisse does her best to help without getting in the water. After this incident she asks Calla to teach her to swim. At the invitation of the Gillenwaters she attends the Morocco vs. Britain World Quidditch Match with the rest of the GryffinGroup.
Not long into the school year Sisse runs into Sloane and Cameron kissing. She is furious that Sloane didn't confide in her and a rift divides the friends. Cam tries to mend things between Sisse and Sloane but only ends up alienating himself from Sisse. In November Sisse and a group of students try to make their way through the magic corn maze that springs up on the grounds. Sisse tries to focus on her school work and avoiding Sloane and Cam as much as she can for the rest of the school year.
1890-1891 (Fifth Year): Sisse finds out she made prefect which makes her mother begin to question the plan of sending her to Pendergast as such she starts the school year off optimistically. She also becomes the Charms Club President. When the Hogwarts Express fails to arrive on the first day of school Sisse is overly worried. She helps take care of the first years as they remain unsorted for an extra day after their arrival. Despite the enmity of her friends with @"CADAWALADER SELWYN" she spends time with him as well as her friends. In late September she receives news that her mother has died in a spliching accident at the Sanditon Season Closer. Despite her status as a prefect she attends the Upperclassman Annual Holiday party. There she feels awkward for attending given that she is still in mourning. She and @"Nelson Higgs" cheer each other up and he asks her to dance. This is the first time she's ever been asked to dance. She has too much to drink and on her way back to the common room runs into @"Lester Hatchitt" which results in her first kiss. The next morning Lester doesn't mention it so Sisse doesn't either. Problem is neither of them mentions it and things get weird between them for the rest of the year. Given everything going on Sisse focuses on studying for the OWL exams. She finds out at the end of the year that one of her best friends, @"Alice Dawson", will be unable to continue attending Hogwarts. On the home front she realizes that her father is emotionally absent and that her older brother is trying to be the head of the house. At least any conversation of her attending Pendergast has disappeared. At the end of the year Sisse attends her first ball at the Hogwarts CoB.
1891-1892: Sixth year starts oddly with the absence of Alice and things no further resolved with Cam or Lester. Sloane and Sisse have patched together a sort of truce but things are never as easy as they once were. Sisse starts NEWT level classes in: Ancient Studies, Charms, DADA, Herbology, and HoM. She continues to take Etiquette and Art courses. At the Christmas party Sisse confronts Lester after a few too many drinks. Lester admits that he was too drunk to remember their kiss and for a moment it seems like their friendship might be mended. Instead he says he regrets it and Sisse takes this as he never liked her in the first place. Their friendship is even more broken after this. At the end of the year Sisse and Sloane finally have a heart to heart when Sloane admits that she doesn't love Cam and wants to break up with him. Sisse finally understands why Sloane never told her that she was dating Cam in the first place. Helps to organize study week with the Book Club and with the help of @"Millie Potts" solves a dancing teacup situation. As final exams roll around Sisse helps Lester after he falls from a tree returning their friendship to a form of what it had once been.
1891-1892: Summer brings devastation with the death her close friend @"Sloane Bixby". At this news Lester arrives to visit her and the two have a disagreement whether Sloane really is dead or not. Feels like a traitor to her friends as she realizes that Alice also believes that Sloane is not dead. Sisse begins to spend more time at the Potts house at the invitation of Calla's mother - Laurel and attends the wedding of Calla's older sister Dahlia. On an outing to London with her former governess she makes the acquittance of @"Alvin Bixby" and begins exchanging letters with him. When school starts she finds out that she has been appointed Head Girl. School feels weird with the absence of not only Alice and now Sloane, but the boys. Midway through September dragons attack London and she is desperate for news that her friends are alright.
Sisse has continued to grow into an charming and polite young lady. Over the years she has grown fond of her studies, especially in Charms, DADA, and the histories. She is incredibly caring and kind of not only her family, but also her friends, and is easy to love others. Is has become outgoing and easily makes friends with everyone. Many consider her very sweet and charming and while she has seen more tragedy than she would like to admit and has become much less spoilt in her own family, she has continued to try to be as kind and sweet as possible. She still strives for decorum and politeness, trying to rarely step a toe out of line. She is very feirce and protective when it comes to her friends and her family. She is rarely obstinate but she will not tolerate anyone harming her family or friends, whether in speech or in action. She does have fits of temper, but often they come from a place of feeling as if she is not accepted as much as she has accepted others. While she once was a dreamer, wanting a life beyond that she was destined for, she has now settled into reality and merely hopes to find a love match like her parents did. She does dream of becoming a fashion designer but realizes this is likely an unobtainable dream. Thus the young dreamer has become a realist.
Academic Record

Defence Against the Dark ArtsE
Ancient StudiesO
History of MagicO
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