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Fourth Year
Fourth Year

14 year old Halfblood
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Sisse Thompsett
"Dream big, live greatly."

Full Name: Sisse Anne Thompsett


Birthdate: June 14, 1876

Age: 14

Occupation: Hogwarts Student

Blood Status: Halfblood

Residence: 24 Hibiscus Lane, North Bartonburg, Hogsmeade

Hogwarts House: Gryffindor

Wand: Rowan, 10 and 3/4“, supple , unicorn hair

Matthew P. Thompsett, Senior | [1841] father
Charlotte A. Thompsett, nee Perkins | [1853] mother
Matthew P. Thompsett, Junior | [1872] older brother
Henry J. Thompsett | [1877] younger brother
Sisse is wiry and small, standing at 4 feet and 6 inches (age 11) 4 ft. 8 in. (age 12) 4 ft. 11 in. (age 13) 5 ft. 1 in. (age 14) and weighing only 83 pounds (age 11) 87 pounds (age 12) 91 pounds (age 13) 97 pounds . She is built with delicate features she inherited from her mother and has soft blue eyes, wavy blond hair, and a charming and frequent smile. Her complexion is a pale that speaks of her status in life, something her mother has been especially careful to cultivate a respect for as her daughter has grown older. is Sisse’s dominant hand is her right hand. Sisse’s parents do what they can to outfit their daughter well. While she often doesn’t get new clothes, she does take good care of her dresses and pinafores. Like a good young lady Sisse will not leave the house without gloves and a bonnet.
Sisse is a well behaved and polite young lady. She is a bright pupil, but not overly fond of her studies, preferring to spend the time playing with her brothers, and sketching pictures and painting. She is incredibly caring and kind and loves her family, including the staff. Indeed, Sisse is very sweet and charming and is something of a princess in her own family. She is rarely obstinate but she will not tolerate anyone harming her family, whether in speech or in action. Indeed, her fits of temper often revolve around someone else coming to harm rather than herself. She longs to grow up and be like the young ladies on her street and strives for decorum and politeness, rarely stepping a toe out of line. Perhaps her largest fault is she often daydreams too much, about everything. No one dream lasts longer than another, she’s wished to travel the world, play quidditch, be like her father and be an auror, work in a shop like her mother, design clothes. But each of these dreams has faded over the span of at longest several months.
- Pre-Sisse Years -
Matthew Thompsett was a well respected man when he met the young Miss Charlotte Perkins, she worked in a robes shop as a seamstress following her graduation from Hogwarts. The courtship between the two was quick, and the match made within two months of their first acquaintance. After the first year of marriage, Charlotte blessed Matthew with a son, named in his father’s honor. It was not long before Charlotte was with child again, however, this pregnancy was more difficult, she lost the child during her sixth month. The doctors advised her against having another child, however, she longed for a daughter. In 1876, Charlotte’s prayers and wishes were answered as she was safely delivered of a beautiful baby girl naming her Sisse after her sister.

- Early Years -
The Thompsett’s originally settled in Kent, having established themselves as good standing members of the community. However, when troubles started in 1877, only two years after the birth of their daughter, and a year after the birth of their youngest son, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Thompsett relocated to Hogsmeade. Despite the cover of the ministry they had been brought to attention of the muggles and their standing in society had decreased. Thinking of the future of their daughter and the importance of settling her into a magical society in hopes of one day marrying her well, they decided to relocate. The family bought a modest home in North Bartonburg, keeping within their income and allowing for them to employ a governess for their children and send their children to Hogwarts. They were in part helped by the inheritance of Mrs. Thompsett at the death of her father.

- School Years [1887-Now] -
1887-1888:In September of 1887 Sisse joined Matthew at Hogwarts where she was sorted into her father and brother's house of Gryffindor. She flourished at school, having real friends beyond her brothers for the first time. Her parents expected the best of her and as such she did the best she could to live up to the expectations, but began to toy the line by joining activities decidedly un-lady like, such as the Flying Club and the Dueling tournament. She is not great at Flying, but thrives in dueling. During the summer Fogsmeade happens and her father sends them to Sanditon Resort to wait it out.
1888-1889: During Sisse's second year her mother is increasingly worried over her friendship with girls who like quidditch. Sisse drops flying club, but refuses to give up dueling club. Henry is the last of the Thompsett children to go to Hogwarts.
1889-1890: Sisse's mother begins to think of sending Sisse to be a Pendergast Rose. Sisse determines she will start to make a case for staying at Hogwarts all seven years. She also starts to realize there is a lot of tension in her friend group, around the same time as she starts to have feelings for her friend Cameron. Because she isn't really into quidditch she also starts to feel rather left out. She picks up Divination and Ancient Studies and Art, despite most of her friends taking other courses.
- Sisse is a very proper young lady
- Sisse is very social & kind
- She is often considered a goody two shoes
- She hangs out with a lot of tomboys (the Quidditch kids)
- Her parents expect her to be a perfect young lady
- She actually enjoys learning - for the most part
- She likes dueling - but her parents frown on her participation
- She is wary of gobstones
- She actually has very little interest in Quidditch
- She really likes drawing and painting and is rather good at it
- She day dreams of being a great many things, many of them are not what a proper young lady should be
Played By: Fallin

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RE: Shades of Red and Pink September 25, 2020 – 12:18 AM 7
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Retrospectively Sisse would never have opened that door, she wouldn't even have gone down the hall when Ned mentioned Sloane and Cam were practicing potions. But that's the thing about retrospective, you know then what you didn't then.

"Sloane?" Sisse piped cheerfully as she opened the classroom door, eager to help her friends study, or really just to spend time with them.

She rounded the door and stopped at the sight that greeted her. Definitely not a sight she was meant to see and one that stung as if she had just been slapped. Sloane, who had always claimed to have noticed nothing of boys, who had said time and again she didn't like Cam was kissing him - and not in the way Sisse had seen girls sneak kisses.

As Sisse stood there shocked into stillness her blue eyes wide and her mouth opened into an 'o', she couldn't help the anger .... and sadness. She had thought she was over Cam but this tore at her, though and through. Not to mention Sloane had never even bothered to mention it! Did they even consider Sisse their friend if they hadn't told her? Her feelings a tempest she didn't even realize that she was standing there gawking still.

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