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Edric Umbridge
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Played by Bree
Head of the Department of Magical Accidents & Catastrophes; Member of the Wizengamot
40 year old Pureblood
Head of the Department of Magical Accidents & Catastrophes; Member of the Wizengamot
5 ft. 9 in.
❤   Married
Full Name: Edric Oswald Umbridge

Nickname(s): Ed

Birthdate: September 08, 1851

Age: 40

Gender: Male

Occupation: Co-Owner of Umbridge Production Co.; Wizengamot Member

Blood Status: Pureblood

Residence: Isle of Sheppey

Hogwarts House: Slytherin Alumnus ('70)

Wand: Blackthorn, 10 inches, Kneazle whisker, Inflexible

February Umbridge (née Lynch), Wife [1866]
Violet Amethyst Umbridge, Daughter [07.07.1889]
Poppy Sapphire Umbridge, Daughter [02.14.1891]

Oswald Umbridge, Father [1812]
---- Umbridge (née -----), Mother [1828]
Years of an active career have done just about as much good for Edric as it has done bad. Even at his age and with his auror years behind him, Edric has a broader, more muscular build than an average office worker might earn from behind the desk. He has light eyes and an angular face that is softened by what some might deem as an unfashionable beard. His brown hair grows quickly and thus is usually kept a little longer than society deems acceptable.

Like most Ministry officials, Edric wears robes during the workday but prefers darker muggle suits while off duty. He knows how to use both hands for spell-casting, but prefers his right.
1851 | Less than two years after their marriage, Oswald and ----- Umbridge welcome the child that would prove their first and only: Edric Oswald Umbridge. A difficult child prone to nonstop tantrums as an infant, Edric cycles through a number of nurses and nannies before his mother resigns to caring for him herself!

1853 | The months leading up to his second birthday bring scandal that Edric is fortunate not to remember in his adult life. After an argument between his parents leaves their relationship shattered, Edric's mother runs off with another gentleman he's always presumed she was already seeing. Edric's father, while shocked and upset, doesn't seem to accept it immediately, believing she'll come running back eventually. However, that never happens and Oswald Umbridge is left with his toddler-aged son.

1854 | Edric's father finally accepts that his wife his never returning and files for divorce on the grounds of abandonment. As Edric's mother isn't around to challenge the claim, it goes through without much difficulty. The sudden loss of his mother subsequently results in a number of tantrums and insecurities that would later manifest into abandonment issues. It doesn't help that Edric's father adamantly refuses to marry; he blames his own inattentiveness for his wife's decision to run away, and he has no desire to watch history repeat itself.

1857 | Edric begins his childhood education, but is decidedly unteachable in the eyes of some tutors. He is standoffish, uncooperative, distrustful toward the tutors that attempt to show him warmth and kindness; as such, he cycles through a number of teachers throughout his youth.

1858 | A first sign of magic appears at the age of eight. After his father introduces him at dinner to a woman Edric assumes is set to become his step-mother, he starts a riot... with silverware as the main participants. It turns out the woman was just the wife of a business partner, but whatever.

1863 | Edric begins Hogwarts a week shy of his twelfth birthday. While the hat teeters between Gryffindor and Slytherin, it ultimately chooses Slytherin as the best house for him. He takes to his classes fairly well, though has a difficult time socializing with the other children. While by no means a bully, he lacks adequate social skills and finds himself labeled an unfriendly loner by his more sociable classmates.

1865 | Edric begins his third year by adding Care of Magical Creatures, Ancient Runes, and Muggle Studies to his class schedule. None are particularly entertaining, and for a while he resents having to take electives at all. On the bright side, this is the year he branches outside his dorm-mates and makes friends with other students. Perhaps all he needed was a little confidence boost in the form of a lower-pitched voice and growth spurt!

1868 | His fifth year goes by smoothly, and in May he sits for his OWL examinations. He departs from school feeling confident in his efforts, and is by no means disappointed when he receives his grades in July. (Though, his father's lack of interest—under the guise of "no matter what, you'll one day inherit my business"—bothers him for the duration of the summer). With high OWL scores, he pursues six NEWT-level classes: Alchemy, Charms, Defence Against the Dark Arts, Herbology, Potions, and Transfiguration.

1870 | Graduation comes, and instead of immediately applying for a seat in the auror training program, he chooses to learn the ropes of his father's business for a year. While a strong sense of business sense seems to run in the family, patience does not; his father, though claiming to want Edric involved in business matters, exerts as much control as he can over the tasks he assigns his son. Edric soon grows frustrated and informs his father he plans on pursuing a Ministry career for the time being.

1871 | Edric applies for and is granted access into the auror training program. Training goes smoothly, though Edric admittedly has difficulties getting along with certain members of the program at certain points. He learns to control his temper, though in doing so, only finds less healthy methods of coping with his anger.

1874 | Edric becomes a full auror at the age of twenty-three. The real situations they deal with, while similar to their practice scenarios, are a source of stress that Edric best handles by accompanying his friends to brothels on the weekends. (Though the habit comes to an abrupt end the moment a prostitute privately claims he's the father of her child. No more risky hobbies for him!)

1877 | The muggles riot, prompting a large portion of the magical population to go into hiding. While the auror office does their best to assist with the situation, there's really only so much they can do. Edric's father, the owner of many muggle and magical factories, attempts to hire experts on magical-muggle tensions to ensure his "lineage" is never discovered. (Fortunately, no angry muggles come knocking on their door.)

1881 | Edric thought that the magical world going through turmoil four years prior would lead its population to be a tad more cautious, but they forgo using any sense of logical and reasoning by electing a recent Hogwarts graduate as their Minister for Magic. Even as a seemingly self-assured, thirty year old auror, Edric doesn't even consider himself mature enough for the position.

1884 | Minister Potter is murdered, and Balthazar Urquart takes his place. He would have spent more time contemplating the outcome, but there is no time to when Hogsmeade is put under quarantine when people begin to drop dead of a mysterious laughing plague. Luckily for him, his only family member is his father, and he's not even sure his father's ever been to Hogsmeade.

1885 | Edric is stuck within the Ministry's walls during the explosion, but escaped unscathed.

1886 | His father brings up the topic of marriage, which both makes him nervous and secretly excited. On one hand, his father had thought about him enough to be concerned; on the other hand, if his aloof father was wondering about his marriage prospects, what could society be thinking?

1887 | Half-breed bans, reconciliation, werewolf scandals, elections—1887 is like the plot of a really shitty adventure novel, except it's real. After supporting him during the campaign, Justin Ross becomes Minister for Magic.

1888 | While the beginning of the year is mostly uneventful, the summer brings numerous changes to his life: his introduction to Miss February Lynch, a stubborn and utterly insufferable young woman he can't stop thinking about; mysterious fog that invades the magical community; and a sudden promotion to Head Auror in the midst of the all the commotion. After beginning and continuing a relationship with February, Edric finds himself married to her—and quite happily, though he'd never admit it to anyone else—after the pink letter scandal.

1889 | Edric and February welcome their first child, a daughter named Violet, and all is well—for the time being. He considers the possibility of leaving the auror office for a safer position now that he's a husband and father.

1890 | Edric is given the option to transfer to the Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes as its assistant head. He accepts the offer, knowing at the very least that he's handled catastrophes up close and personal even if he's had little involvement in the actual department.

1891 | Rather than appoint a new head of department when the former one leaves, Ross promotes Edric. February gives birth to their second child, Poppy. Later in the year, Edric's father fall ill, forcing Edric to take over part of the family business and resign from his new post. He isn't too pleased about it.
Protective of his family. Ambitious. Distrusting of people he doesn't know. Stubborn. Dislikes change for the sake of change. Hot-tempered. Likes to have control of his surroundings. Loyal to those who show loyalty to him. A political moderate, but slightly left-leaning. Not a blood purist. More of a family man than he'd once thought he was.
  • Only speaks in English, but can understand written French.
  • A skilled duelist, and has moderate medical knowledge from his time as an auror.

  • His patronus takes the form of a crane.
  • Amorentia smells like a combination of scents from home: February's hair and perfume, the biscuits Mrs. H makes, the garden outside.
  • His boggart takes the form of an infant-sized casket.

Member of the Wizengamot1891-Present
Head, Department of Magical Accidents & Catastrophes1891-Present
Assistant Head, Department of Magical Accidents & Catastrophes1890-1891
Head Auror1888-1889

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