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Dimitri Lancaster
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Played by Kit
Moralistic Vampire
31 year old Vampire
Moralistic Vampire
5 ft. 11 in.
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Full Name: Dimitri Antoine Lancaster

Nickname(s): Dimi

Birthdate: August 17, 1861

Age: 31

Gender: Male

Occupation: Idealistic Vampire

Blood Status: Vampire

Residence: Vampire Caverns, Hogsmeade

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

Wand: N/A

Family: Duncan Lancaster [1828], father Aleksandra Lancaster [1833], mother Nikolina Lancaster [1864], sister Alexei Lancaster [1868], brother Nikolai Lancaster [1871], brother
Considering he is a vampire, Dimitri is quite pale and quant. He has sharp teeth that are easily visible when he is smiling or talking. His eyes are blue and the dark shadows under his eyes only make them look more intense than they really are. Dimitri's hair is usually blonde though he sometimes changes it to brunette via hair potion/dye depending on his personal whims. He stands tall at five feet, eleven inches and has a lean build. Dimitri wears clothing of surprisingly good quality mostly due to the genorisity of his lover and the art of theivery. He is right handed.
1861 - Dimitri is born to a pair of upper class halfbloods and enjoys the usual generic childhood life of an upper class rich boy.

1868 - Dimitri shows his first signs of magic, something that is celebrated by his family.

1872-1873 - Dimitri gets his Hogwarts letter and eventually goes off to Hogwarts. He is sorted into Ravenclaw.

1873 - Never having had much of an interest in playing Quidditch, he ignores his friends requests that he try out for it. Most of his school life is spend with friends, studying and working on his personal goal to try and read every single book Hogwarts has.

1876-1877 - Dimitri shows a lot of potential as he progresses through his school years, something that comes to the notice as staff when he is made prefect. After muggles discover magic, the Lancasters decide to remain in London, England.

1879 - Dimitri graduates and while he could have a life of leisure upon graduating, he decides to become a scholar. Mainly because it is now his goal to read all the books in the Crowdy Memorial Library and he might as well do something useful with the information he learns from doing so. Unfortunately, not long into his eighteenth year and life as a Hogwarts graduate, Dimitri is attacked by a vampire. He is turned instead of outright killed.

When he tries to go home, Dimitri is turned away. The fact that he tried sinking his teeth into his father probably had a lot to do with that but it wasn't like he could help it. Dimitri has the presence of mind to slink to the caverns where he tries to adjust to his new vampiric life. It is hard. He missed being rich, he hates living in a cave and why can't he at least take his books with him? Dimitri learns off of another vampire and does most of his hunting in big cities where a nobody being murdered would be very important. It does not do wonders for his conscience but it does do wonders for his hunger and complexion.

1880 - Dimitri finds out about the blood bank offered by the Ministry and signs up for it. It is a more consciousable option and he does the best he can not to be a blood crazed lunatic. He is a fledgling so obviously he isn't always successful but he has been good at keeping it on the downlow at least. He started training himself in the art of being able to be around humans without thinking about how delicious they might be. It is a long and difficult road.

1883 - One fine Spring day, Dimitri takes himself into Hogsmeade to test himself. Reading a book on one of the benches, he looks up and his eyes meet those of Clarence Bennet. At first, Dimitri is just testing how long he can hold a conversation with a human before needing to retreat but he finds a true connection with Clarence and a friendship blossoms. Friendship soon turns to romance and Dimitri writes to Clarence often, both using aliase to protect one another. He does his best to shield his newfound lover from the reality of what being a vampire is like.

1884 - As Clarence falls ill, Dimitri finds himself wondering for the first time if he could stand to give someone else the life that he was forced into. Thankfully, he never has to come up with an answer as Clarence recovers.

1885 - Dimitri is able to convince his brother to bring him books from his extensive collection. He finds out that his parents have kept all of his stuff. He isn't sure what to think of that or what it means but at least he has a small bit of his most prized possessions.

1886 - Dimitri continues to work hard on not being a blood thirsty monster but it is so hard, guys. He accidentally murders a couple of people and has a private, mild breakdown about feeling like he is losing his humanity. Vampire life is Not Fun for the (mostly, for a vampire) good hearted.

1887-1888 - With all the laws and focus turning to half-breeds and creatures, Dimitri can't help but feel like he should get involved. He has managed (barely) to be the long time lover of a human without murdering him for his blood (thought about it but didn't which is progress!) so why can't vampires and humans live alongside one another? Veela are allowed to marry and can live in a house if they want and not some caves so why can't a vampire? Dimitri is also starting to be keenly aware that Clarence is beginning to look older than his own eternal eighteen year old appearance and he worries about that what might do to their relationship.

1893 - Clarence not having been in his life for some years now, Dimitri adjusts to life without him. He ever quite loses his naive spark, however and still believes vampires can live alongside humans peacefully.

Pragmatic. Idealistic. Optimistic. Impulsive. Well-read. Charming. Sociable. Romantic.
- During his life, his patronus was a dapple grey stallion.
- Is still prone to forgetting that he can't do magic anymore and has a habit of searching for his wand on his person before remembering.
- Cannot be around humans other than Clarence for longer than an hour and must have filled up on blood beforehand, a progress that he has worked very hard towards. And even with Clarence, it is difficult - his adoration being the only thing that really keeps him from ripping the other man apart sometimes. #vampireproblems
- Due to his youth as a vampire, Dimitri still has a lot of aspects of his humanity remaining.
- One of the toughest things about vampire life for Dimitri is the fact that he was quite rich and now he isn't. Which means that he was ignorant to a lot of poor people problems that are now his life. Part of why he is so keen for a world where vampires can live peacefully alongside humankind is because he wants his damn riches back.
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