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Co-Manager of Jewell Magical Distilleries & Adventurer
 Co-Manager of Jewell Magical Distilleries & Adventurer

26 year old Halfblood
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played by Hawke
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Jameson Jewell

Full Name: Jameson Larimar Jewell

Nickname(s): Jamie

Birthdate: April 23, 1860

Age: 26

Occupation: Co-Manager of Jewell Magical Distilleries & Adventurer

Blood Status: Halfblood

Residence: Bartonburg, in a rented home with his brother.

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

Wand: Cherry, 10.5”, Swishy, Dragon Heartstring

Sterling Jewell Father, Muggleborn [1838] Owner and Founder of Jewell Magical Distilleries
Florenece “Flo” Jewell neé O’Sullivan Mother, Halfblood [1841] Socialite & Secret Accountant of Jewell Magical Distilleries
Hennessy “Henny”Jewell Brother [1860] Co-Manager of Jewell Magical Distilleries & Adeventure
Madeira “Mads” --- neé Jewell Sister [1865] Adventuring Housewife
Julep “Juju” Jewell Sister [1868] Sweet Debutante
Sherry “Sher” Jewell Sister [late 1870] Chemist Student

Diaspore Silver Tabby Maine Coon [1883]
Scruffy and unruly are two good descriptions for the man known as Jameson Jewell. Standing at a slightly above average five foot ten, he boasts something of a wild air in the presence of others. His skin is more often than not bronzed from his many adventures to exotic locations and his dark hair is typically left unkempt along with a scruffy face of facial hair. His eyes are a light shade of hazel that tend to look more brown than green. He dresses well enough but doesn't worry too much about such frivolities when it can be helped. He is right handed but learned out to use his left well enough thanks to a broken hand during an "adventure" in South America.

Play-by: Ryan Cooper
Adventurous. Jovial. Fun Loving. Intelligent. Chemist. Creative. Charming.
The Jewell Family is known for making flavored firewhiskies. Their four main flavors are:
Flo Firewhiskey - Honey Infused
Mads Firewhiskey - Extra Spicy
Juju Firewhiskey - Vanilla Infused
Sher Firewhiskey - Cherry Infused
Pre-birth:Sterling Jewell surprised his family by being a wizard but, as a tight knit family, didn’t turn him away in the slightest. And, as the only son, he found himself inheriting the family’s distillery when his father suddenly passed in the beginning of 1859. He met Flo while at school and they had a whirlwind of a courtship and engagement upon her debut in ‘59 thanks to his inheritance they found themselves married at the end of the season and expecting before the end of the year. They welcome their first son, Jameson, in 1860, at their home in London. Sterling continues to run the Jewell Family Distillery focusing on muggle alcohols.
1862: Hennessy Jewell makes his way into the world a bit abruptly and with a bit of excitement. It won’t be the last of the excitement Jameson brings to the family.
1863: Sterling begins exploring magical alcohols, firewhiskey being the main one. He enjoys playing with the different flavors.
1865: Another unruly and wild child is born to the Jewell family, this time a girl to be named Madeira.
1866: Sterling introduces the first flavored firewhiskey from the distillery. It's a firewhiskey sweetened with honey, his sweet wife being the muse behind it and ends up named after her. “Flo Firewhiskey” is released with varying success. Some love the sweetened bite of the firewhiskey while others prefer their tried and true basic firewhiskey. He doesn’t let it deter him though, and continues with his experimentations.
1868: Another daughter is born, though she’s as sweet as they come, Julep.
1870: The final Jewell child, another daughter, is born late in the year, Sherry. A late bloomer, Jameson finally shows his first signs of magic. He sets some toy animals to life when simply playing with them like normal starts to bore him. The toys rampage for nearly a month before they lose their “life.”
1871: Jameson goes off to Hogwarts and Madeira shows her first signs of magic by the ensuing tantrum of her eldest brother leaving. Fire, lots of it. Though the episode is a bit terrifying, it seems to spark Sterling’s muse and his second specialty firewhiskey is created. “Mads Firewhiskey” is one not for the faint of heart and has a particularly intense burning sensation to go with it. It does better all around, doing particularly well with those who enjoy a basic firewhiskey.
1873: It’s Hennessy’s turn to go off to school and he finds himself promptly sorted into Ravenclaw, the hat barely grazing his hair before shouting out his new house. Jameson begins his third year and adds Magical Creatures and Ancient History.
1874: Starting to become known for his different flavors of firewhiskey, Sterling decides to work on a new flavor. After noticing Julep is the exact opposite of Madeira in demeanor, he decides another sweetened firewhiskey is due. This time, he infuses the spicy drink with vanilla. It has a softer, more subtle sweetness to it than the honey infused. “Juju Firewhiskey” makes a hit with the masses, the non believers seeming to slowly come around.
1876: Madeira joins her brothers at Hogwarts. OWLs come and go with an abundance of Os. Jameson decides to drop Astronomy and History of Magic.
1877: With the muggle riots, Sterling feels it isn’t safe to remain in London with the family and the business. They relocate the shop portion of the distillery to Diagon Alley and take up factory space in magical London with extreme cloaking measures to continue business.
1878: Jameson pulls out remarkable NEWTs again and graduates from school to delve right into the family’s company. He has a flare for coming up with new flavors to try. His suggestions are a bit strange but prove to be quite successful.
1879: Julep heads off to Hogwarts and proves to be quite artistic.
1880: When Henny graduates, a game of who can come up with the most creative flavor attempt and be most the most successful begins. The game results in the boys branching out into ales to introduce from the distillery.
1882: When Sherry returns for the Christmas holidays from her first term at school, she speaks with Sterling about a flavor she thinks he should try. “Sher Firewhiskey” comes of it, the family’s firewhiskey infused with cherry. It adds a sweet but bitter bite to the firewhiskey and proves to be another hit. It’s during that same time Julep refashions the family’s distillery insignia and even draws cameos of the women, herself included, to rebrand the existing infused firewhiskeys. Her mother’s goes on a citrine colored label, Madeira’s on an onyx label, hers on a pearlescent label and Sherry’s on a ruby red label. The brothers also end up featured on the basic bottle of Jewell Firewhiskey, featured with a multicolored label.
1883: During one of Jameson’s many adventures, he finds himself in America and inspecting local vegetation to see what he can bring back to try experimenting with. Though he comes up empty handed on the plant side of things, he ends up returning with a kitten. The small silver and black creature is a bit mangy but he can’t help but to nurse it back to help and bring it home. It ends up being a female which he names Diaspore, Dia for short. Madeira graduates.
1884: Surprising everyone, Madeira accepts a gentleman’s proposal and the two are wed at the end of the season. Jameson is quite stunned, feeling it must take a strong man to tame the wild child that Mads is yet he seems a rather genial and fun loving sort that has a thirst for adventure. The two depart for a honeymoon not long after and aren’t expected to return right away as they plan on doing a good deal of traveling, much to Madeira’s obvious delight. Not ones to be left in the dust, the brothers decide to go on an adventure of their own and find themselves in South America. A few drinks of the local alcohols leads to a rather rambunctious game of truth or dare and Jameson ends up with a broken hand as a result. They, of course, joke about it afterwards and still in the present day.
1885: Hennessy starts courting a young woman and Jameson couldn’t be happier for him, though he’s a bit worried that if the two hit it off really well, his mother will start looking to him to get himself a lady.
1886: Julep graduates and starts designing items to be sold within the family’s shop and Hennessy proposes to his young woman. Shit.
1887: With an influx of profits thanks to the new beer line the brothers have started building, the family decides to open up a shop in Hogsmeade. They purchase a storefront and begin remodelling it so their beverages can be sold and marketed to the wizarding town, as well as Julep’s own designs of tea towels and coasters with her own artwork and embroider on them.
1888: The storefront in Hogsmeade officially gets finished and the brothers purchase a home in Bartonburg for them to share when they’re in town. They focus on making Jewell Magical Distillery well known in the wizarding town and begin figuring out a game plan to get their liquors and ales in the main pubs of the town. Jameson has started to wonder if perhaps Hennessy’s fiance actually wants to marry him as she keeps putting off setting an actual date for the wedding. He’s torn between interfering and letting it go. He knows that once Hennessy is married, his mother will expect him to follow suit soon and he’s loathe to give up his freedom anytime soon.
The summer of fog was awful all around. The lack of magic was miserable but at least the shop had been finished. They were, however, lucky for it to not have taken a hit from a troll that decided to take a jaunt down the main street of Hogsmeade. This is also the year that Ben Crouch comes to work for the family. He's the public face and promoter. The perfect gig.
1890: The year starts out interesting and doesn't look as though it will get boring any time soon. Henny ends up single (up to whoever may play him as to why) and then Ben ends up with a leg shackle. He gets it in his head to avoid the pretty ladies, especially if his mom's around. He doesn't want a shackle for himself and his head is up on the chopping block even though Henny managed to get out of his own nuptials.
His family works in the alcohol industry and they promote the company through free booze. He's a bit of a vagabond and travels frequently.
He always visits the refreshment tables first at any event. He's rarely without a drink at any event.
He's most definitely a high functioning alcoholic.
Played By: Hawke

Contact: PM

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October 1888 Past Contests & Events
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What: Jewell Magical Distilleries Hogsmeade Grand Opening
Who: The Jewell Family invites any/all of interested wizarding folk!
Where: Jewell Magical Distilleries Shop in Hogsmeade on High Street
Why: Grand Opening of the shop! (Put off due to Fogsmeade Summer)
When: October 30th, 1888
The Jewell Family welcomes any of age witches and wizards to check out the shopfront on High Street during the Hogsmeade Market. Samples of specialty firewhiskies will be offered to those interested with option to purchase more after a few small samples via a booth set up in front of the shop. (Or purchase outright, too!) As the market dwindles down, a 5 sickle cover charge will be asked upon admittance into the shop for extra cocktails with fun Hallow's Eve finger foods and decorations. An unveiling of a new "Fogsmeade Firewhiskey" will be had and samples of the extra spicy firewhiskey that allows the drinker to blow out "smoke/fog" through their mouths and/or nostrils will be passed around to those interested. A live band will be in attendance for plenty of added fun and dancing. The party will go for as long as party goers are in attendance.

Contact Player(s): @"Fortuna Lockhart"

Ported! - Lynn