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“Got the morbs” was Victorian slang for a temporary melancholia — Dante
Maybe a choice shade of grey - the closest thing she had to mourning clothes - as a symbolic marker that her relationship with Victor was dead.
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Sloane Bixby
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Played by Bee
Sixth Year & Seeker; Summer Inter at the Podmore Zoological Gardens
16 year old halfblood
Sixth Year & Seeker; Summer Inter at the Podmore Zoological Gardens
4 ft. 10½ in.
❤   Complicated
Full Name: Sloane Theresa Bixby

Nickname(s): Bixby, Bixy

Birthdate: August 24th, 1876

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Occupation: Student

Blood Status: halfblood

Residence: Hogsmeade

Hogwarts House: Gryffindor

Wand: 8 ¾" Rowan, kneazle whisker, springy
8" Hawthorn, thunderbird feather, slightly yielding

Carson Bixby | [1834] Father, Quidditch Coach
Fiona Bixby née --- | [1840] Mother, DMGaS Employee
Rufus Bixby | [1864] | Brother, Pro Quidditch Player
Alvin Bixby | [1867] | Brother, Apprentice Broom-maker
Harrison Bixby | [1870] | Brother, 7th Year Student
Wallace Bixby | [1873] | Brother, 4th Year Student
Sawyer Bixby | [1876-1877] Twin Brother, died in infancy
Sloane is a petite creature, still holding onto some of her baby chub and gaining none of the height of her brothers as of right now. She’ll be lucky to reach five feet by the time she's done growing. Her round face is smattered with freckles and wide, expressive blue eyes. Her long brown hair is usually a mess of a braid, from wild adventures through the family garden, though her mother does her best to keep it tamed. The only strange thing about Sloane’s appearance is that it changes! It's by design; as a metamorphagus she has the ability to change her appearance at will, but lacks total of control to do so when she likes. When she is upset or frustrated, her hair will change colors, when she is sad or embarrassed her skin will fade to a different shade. In a silly mood she may be able to change her nose briefly, but never for long, no matter how hard she concentrates. She has since gotten the hang if easy changes, like her hair color and facial features, but cannot do much beyond that.
[August 24th, 1876] | A surprise set of twins join the already rather large, boisterous Bixby family. Sloane comes flying out first, robust and full of noise. Shortly after a twin, Sawyer, follows, but it immediately clear that the second infant is not as healthy as the first. The midwife highly suspects that he won’t make it the night. However, the youngest Bixby proves stubborn at least, and survives, huddled close to his large sister in their bassinet.

[January 1877] | Unfortunately young Sawyer’s resolve is not enough to see him through a severe chill the winter following his birth. He passes away during the night, Sloane wakes from her separate cot and cries, but it’s too late for anyone to do anything. Her entire body is also blue- giving the nanny a near heart attack thinking she too had caught the chill when it was in fact, the first real demonstration of her metamorphagus ability. Having been the easier of the two babes, Sloane becomes inconsolable at night, missing her twin next to her, even as an infant; nobody gets a lot of sleep in the Bixby house for a while.

[Summer 1877] | Moving on from the loss of Sawyer the family packs up and moves to Hogsmeade along with just about everybody else it seems. Maybe a fresh start will give the whole family something to look forward to.

[1878] | Alvin heads off to Hogwarts to join Rufus and in is sorted into ----.

[1879] | For her third birthday, Sloane is given her first toy broom. Toddling around after her big brothers, in a quidditch-dominated family was hard without her own broom! It barely hovers a few feet off the ground, but she zips around the backyard with ease, terrorizing the family owl as she went.

[1880] | In a display of actual magic and not an accidental morph, Sloane manages to summon an apple from a nearby tree for a snack.

[1881] | Harrison heads off to Hogwarts and though Sloane is used to her brothers leaving in the fall, the more of them that leave, the more lonely she gets! She looks forward to their stories of school. She starts to long for her turn, though it is a ways off yet. She starts with a governess for schooling and is less than thrilled, she would much rather be outside adventuring.

[1882] | Sloane becomes more aware of her metamorphmagus abilities, and tries to harness them with little to no luck. There has to be something to occupy her while she’s stuck at home with only Wallace for company! The ability continues to plague her to the current day as it never cooperates when she wants it to, but always manages to pop up when it’s least wanted! Rufus graduates and joins the professional quidditch league.

[1883] | Sloane breaks her arm for the first time after falling out of a tree in an attempt to give herself bird wings using and fly. Little did she know she couldn’t even do that if she wanted, but that didn’t stop her either! Her governess tries to teach her more focus in an effort to help, to little avail.

[1884] | Wallace leaves her as the sole child at home and Sloane turns a little grumpy about it. He’s not the best company, but he’s better than the governess! She turns even more rebellious, often found in the garden avoiding her studies, working on being able to change her appearance instead. Plague and doom this summer, but fortunately the Bixbys come out unscathed, though Rufus did catch

[1885] | Alvin graduates and Sloane is thrilled to have him home during the year. He wavers between following in the family footsteps of quidditch, but find himself fascinated by making brooms instead and soon finds an apprenticeship with a well-known British broom maker.

[1886] | Sloane breaks her arm again, this time test-flying a broom that Alvin had been working on (without his permission of course) and lots of trouble ensues. She pouts her way through it, thinking that if it was a good broom she wouldn’t have fallen, because she is an [i]excellent[/i] flier! Her mother disapproves of her thinking, while her father finds it amusing. Fiona worries that her only daughter will end up a cripple before she even reaches Hogwarts while Carson knows she’s just trying to keep up with her brothers.

[School Year 1887-88] | HOGWARTS HO! Sloane is quickly sorted into Gryffindor and makes fast friends with her roommates. She tries out for the house quidditch team and doesn’t make it; she’s devastated and disappointed. She does join the club quidditch team instead and vows to try again next year!

[School Year 1888-89] | Sloane makes the house team as seeker FINALLY!

[School Year 1889-90] | Third year starts off on a rough note; a misunderstanding between Sloane and Cameron on High Street only escalates to the point where they spend most of the year not speaking. Things kind of recoup after Cam breaks his leg on the quidditch pitch and they tentatively reconcile.

[Summer 1890] | A misadventure in the Black Lake while rescuing a kitten from an overturned rowboat, has Sloane losing her wand in a battle with the giant squid that Ned and Cameron save her from. The kitten is kept and named Splash.

Rufus plays in the world cup in which a spectator dies. Subsequently Selwyn who had been named quidditch captain is ousted once beaters are banned from Hogwarts quidditch and Cam is named captain.

For her birthday, Cam sends her a charm bracelet and a huge fight ensues from the letters following. A howler is sent. Cam corners her on High Street and they fight some more, before Sloane finally learns what caused all of the drama the previous year. This time they actually make up. Ned has sent her a very useful book on metamorphmagi abilities and Sloane actually starts to make progress controlling hers.

[School Year 1890-91] | Little sisters are sorted and feelings are revealed. After a particularly close and deep palm reading session, Sloane tries to push down her feelings for Cam and bolts, but he follows and admits his own feelings. They enter a tentative little romance.

Not long after, one of Sloane's best friends, Sisse, finds out and they fight over it. Sloane is gutted, but will not be brought to feel like she was in the wrong. It is the catalyst that starts some fissures in the friend group though, a fact she cannot deny and makes her feel immensely guilty for.

Wild; rebellious; a bit of a feminist; still a daddy’s girl; one of the boys; not the best student; adventurous; stubborn; proud; quidditch enthusiast; not at all proper; often loud; loyal friend; insecure about her metamorphmagus abilities; easily embarrassed; quick-tempered.
fancy rat- Barnabas
Norwegian Forest Cat/kneazle mix - Splash

Class Name OWLs NEWTs
Astronomy A --
Charms A --
Care of Magical Creatures O --
Defense Against the Dark Arts A --
Herbology E --
History of Magic T --
Muggle Studies E --
Potions D --
Transfiguration E --
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