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It would be easy to assume that Evangeline came to the Lady Morgana only to pick fights. That wasn't true at all. They also had very good biscuits.
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Sadie Sinclair
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19 year old Pureblood
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Full Name: Elisabeth Evangeline Sinclair

Nickname(s): Sadie

Birthdate: July 5, 1874

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Occupation: Debutante

Blood Status: Pureblood

Residence: Alderney Edge, Cheshire

Hogwarts House: n/a

Wand: not allowed

Merrick Sinclair | [1830] uncle
Euphemina Sinclair née Colson | [1834] aunt
Sadie doesn’t remember the rest of her family, but is told her parents perished young and she had no siblings

Alexandria Colson née Rowle | [1819] grandmother and extended family
Algernon Rowle [1815] great uncle and extended family
Sadie is a slim, petite creature, standing just about five feet and carries herself with hesitation as she is not particularly graceful, nor confident. Her hair is short and honey blonde. It doesn’t seem to grow much past her shoulders. Her lady's maid is good at sweeping it back as best she can and nobody really comments on it. With soft, delicate features, Sadie looks the part of a debutante, but has never quite been allowed to act it. Stormy grey eyes and unblemished skin play into her favor, but it is not often enough that she socializes enough to bat her long eyelashes at a gentleman. She is most often found in soft colors, greens and blues, though not the most fashionable, she does dress well enough. She is right-handed for writing.
History is Complicated
It is hard to qualify one’s own life story when you do not remember it at large. Sadie is told she still suffers from the same accident that took her parents when she was five years old. It affects her long term memory, though she sees snippets of a happy family and friends in her dreams every once in a while, nothing is concrete. Nothing sticks and she cannot hold on long enough to truly give the memory any ground to take root. There is a recurring dream of a body of water, dark and cold, but she doesn’t know if that is just another accident she can’t remember or if she actually enjoys swimming. Nobody will let her try. Things have been especially bad since her riding accident in the summer of 1893. Anything she had once remembered about her life had slipped through her fingers again, leaving her without any sense of self before July. Sadie knows she enjoys being outside and the sunshine, she loves feeling a breeze through her hair and often spends time in the family garden because it makes her feel reminiscent. Riding was once her best sense of freedom, the rush of the speed, the feeling of flying— it feels like home. However, the head injury leaves her with chronic headaches and she often wakes up feeling like more of her thoughts are slipping away. She is not allowed to ride much anymore and only at a slow pace when she finally does. She spends her free time reading, soaking up as much of the outside world as she can before she suffers from another “episode” and it all goes beyond her grasp once more. She is not allowed a wand for fear of her fits, but does work with a tutor in many other subjects, including astronomy and herbology. Her schooling is a bright spot in her day and Sadie enjoys working in the greenhouse on the property as well as using the telescope in the observatory. Her aunt and uncle have been invited to spend time with Euphemina’s mother in Hogsmeade for the holidays, which leaves Sadie excited to peruse the magical town she has heard so much about. They will be hosting a party near Christmas and Sadie cannot wait to meet both her extended family and the residents of the town.
Sadie enjoys being outdoors and the freedom it provides. She is naturally forgetful and easily loses her way both in her environment and socially. She has a good heart and is good with both plants and animals. She enjoys riding, even after this summer’s accident. The ability to make friends has been kept from her, but she seeks human connection and would like to meet new people as best she can. Her memory problems make it hard for her to sometimes complete sentences, which she is self-conscious about. It leads her to be a careful observer however and she hopes it will dissipate with more distance from her accident.
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