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Dahlia McRae
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Played by Elaine
Wife and Socialite
25 year old Muggleborn
ft. in.
❤   Married
Full Name: Dahlia Helene McRae née Powall

Nickname(s): Lia (family and close friends only)

Birthdate: November 28, 1862

Age: 25


Occupation: Wife and Socialite

Blood Status: Muggleborn

Residence: Elsewhere (Winterhill Manor in northern Scotland), though she and her husband do rent a rather modest home in London for the purposes of delighting in the season when they wish, as well as another in Hogsmeade for when Dahlia seeks the quaint atmosphere that the magical village provides.

Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff, class of '81

Wand: Pear, 13⅝”, heartstring of a Swedish Short-Snout dragon, inflexible

Father: Roderick William Powall (born 1820)
Mother: Marjory Powall née Lowther (born 1828)
Brother: Roderick William Powall, Jr. (born 1859)
Brother: Aster Franklin Powall (born 1864)
Sister: Violet Francisca _ née Powall (born 1867)
Brother: Rowan Orville Powall (born 1869)
Sister: Heather Eileen Powall (born 1871)

Husband: Iain McRae (born 1857)
Father-in-law: Archibald McRae (born 1829)
Mother-in-law: Beatrice McRae née _ (born 1835)
Brother-in-law: Kenneth McRae (born 1859)
Sister-in-law: Shona McRae (born 1863)
Fortunate to have naturally fair skin paired with fair, nearly golden hair that, when unbound, falls about her in waves of near sunlight, eyes of clear forget-me-not blue framed with thick but fair lashes, dramatic brows, and a narrow frame standing just five feet, one inch in height, Dahlia couldn't easily be called intimidating. This pale beauty is right-handed, and is often found in hand-tailored dresses of blue, green, and lavender, accessorized appropriately.
1862: The first daughter and second child of Mr. Roderick Powall and his wife Marjory. Marjory is given full control over the naming of this child and all those subsequent, and so decides to name her newborn daughter Dahlia Helene - the former after her favorite flower, the latter after her own mother.
1864: Dahlia's second brother, Aster Franklin, is born, his middle name drawn from Marjory's father. She had rather hoped that her newborn sibling would be a sister, and so is rather disappointed to learn that Aster is a boy.
1866: Shortly after Dahlia's fourth birthday, still the only daughter in the Powall household, she decides to pretend that one of her dolls is a baby sister she's been tasked to care for. Much to her own shock, as well as her nanny's, the doll begins to cry and move. A strange man appears, waves a funny stick at the nanny, the doll, and the maid who'd stumbled upon the scene, and tells Dahlia not to say a word about what happened before he disappears. After that, Dahlia stopped playing with her dolls entirely, going so far as to throw them out the window, and even screaming when one is brought into her presence.
1867: Finally! Dahlia gets a little sister, Violet Francisca. Mama and Violet are hidden away from everyone for a while, which Papa explains as making sure they're both okay, and Dahlia meets Violet when she's a month and a half old. Her middle name is Papa's mother's name.
1869: Another boy, Rowan Orville, is born, his middle name being Mama's grandfather's name. Grandma Helene brings Violet a doll - this causes a small reaction in Dahlia, who ends up locking herself in Mama's dressing room.
1871: Rejoice! Another baby sister is born, Heather Eileen. This middle name is simply one of Mama’s favorite names, rather than a name of family importance.
1874: In June, another strange man comes to the house, this time through the front door. He asks to speak to Mr. and Mrs. Powall, along with their eldest daughter. The meeting occurs in Papa's study, and the man informs the family that Dahlia is special, and needs to attend a special school for people like her. When asked exactly what that means, the man explains that Dahlia is a witch by birth, and once she is taught, they will have no need to fear. She goes to Diagon Alley with this man, this wizard, and her mother, where they purchase her schoolbooks and her wand, a delicately carved piece of pear wood with a dragon heartstring core. For curiosity's sake, she inquires after the sort of dragon, and is told it belonged to a Swedish Short-Snout. When she arrives at Hogwarts, she finds herself sorted into Hufflepuff.
1877: Dahlia's two worlds begin to bleed into one another. Thankfully, her family is just a little too far removed from the cities, and the knowledge that she attends a boarding school too closely protected, for them to be affected adversely. She frets over the paper much of the year, however. When the time comes for her to choose courses for her upcoming OWLs, she selects Ancient Studies, Earth Magic, and Ghoul Studies, thinking they will be the least threatening courses to choose for the purpose of finding a future husband.
1879: Dahlia sits for her OWLs. The grades she achieves are not disappointing, but they lead her to dropping Potions, Ghoul Studies, History of Magic, and Ancient Studies, as they were the lowest scores. She knows that she does not seek a career, but she would like to at least be able to hold interesting conversations on some subjects.
1881: Dahlia sits for her NEWTs, but does not debut at the end of the year. She does attend the coming out ball, however, more as a curiosity to see what wizarding formalwear actually looks like. Thus, she finds herself often dreaming of her return to wizarding society in two years, as upon returning home she is placed full-time in the capable hands of Miss Lucinda Paterson, the McRae family governess.
1884: On May 16, Dahlia debuts; the following week, her sister, Violet does the same. Dahlia finds herself quite saddened by the fact that for her first season, she will be attending mostly non-magical events, mainly at the behest of her mother, who doesn't want her to dive too deeply. Still, Dahlia enjoys the season, though none of the men seem as interested in her as they are in her younger sister.
1885: The year Dahlia begged her mother to secure her a magical companion to attend other balls alongside. On her first outing with the young witch to Diagon Alley, she meets an old friend from school, the halfblood witch Shona McRae, and the pair take tea together and talk for nearly two hours. At the end of this, Shona offers Dahlia an invitation to a start-of-the-season ball at her parents' estate in northern Scotland, Moonriver, which she delightfully accepts. At the event, Dahlia meets Shona's elder brothers, Iain and Kenneth. She and Iain hit it off rather well, and although she does dance with both of them twice each, it is with Iain that she maintains contact.
1886: After meeting thrice on "accident" in Hogsmeade, once going for a walk in the park, the other two simply walking about town, and meeting with one another at various places, including once for the World's Wizarding Fair, Iain finally asks permission to court Dahlia in June. At first, her father is hesitant, but he gives his permission after Iain brings his own parents to the Powall estate.
1887: The year begins with the joyful moment of Iain's proposal in early January, with permission obtained the previous year in December and plans made to ensure the young couple and their families would be together for the event. Their engagement is announced on July 7 to both the magical and non-magical world, and the pair were meant to celebrate with their first outing as an engaged couple at the World Market, but chose to instead go for a walkabout in Diagon Alley - avoiding an ill fate at the event.
1888: On February 6, Dahlia Helene Powall became Mrs. Iain McRae. The couple's honeymoon is an exotic one, and an event that Dahlia is unlikely to forget - both for the scenery and the passion shown in the bedroom. Upon their return, Iain's parents gift them an estate, Winterhill Manor, not too far away from their own. She is expecting her first child, which she hopes is a son born of that delightful honeymoon.
ISFJ: Dahlia is supportive, patient, observant, hard-working, shy, humble, generous, and traditional. She will often remain quiet in larger social settings, preferring an intimate tea to an impressive ball, though once you get to know her, and gain her trust, she will become the most reliable and loyal friend you have. She keeps promises she makes, follows through on a task she is given, and will never miss an engagement made. Even if the other person involved in that engagement thinks it unimportant, once Dahlia agrees to something, it becomes the most important thing on her to-do list that day.
  • Patronus: Skylark
  • Amortentia: Warm milk, burnt cedar, and jasmine
  • Boggart: A ventriloquist dummy that looks like herself.
  • Languages: English, French, Latin.
  • Western Zodiac: Scorpio
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