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Photographer for the Daily Prophet
Photographer for the Daily Prophet

29 year old Muggleborn
6 ft. 0 in.   ❤   Complicated
played by Fallin
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Asha Bilton
So why not assume
Straight out the womb
I've been marked by the beast of some kind

Full Name: Asha Felix Bilton


Birthdate: August 17, 1860

Age: 29

Occupation: Daily Prophet Photographer

Blood Status: Supposedly Muggleborn, but never knew his father

Residence: London

Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff

Wand: pear, 13”, slightly springy, kneazle whisker

Charity Bilton | [1841-1874] mother, deceased
Ana Bell nee Bilton | [1866] sister and family
Lydia Bilton nee Hale | estranged wife Loren Bilton | [1880] estranged son Tala Monroe | ex wife
Asha is tall and wiry. He stands at 6 feet and looks often as if he barely eats enough. Asha’s dark tan skin tells of his father’s country as do his dark unruly black curls. He has cheerful brown eyes and more often than not is found with a smile. He speaks very animatedly with his hands and is prone to moving often. He waves his wand with his left hand even though others often look at him oddly for it. He favors muggle clothing due to his upbringing and likes to blend into muggle London.
Unlucky, eternally optimistic, idealistic, hard worker, loves fun and even mischief, jokester
Asha bought his first wand second hand, it broke when he was in his teens and for a while he attempted to fix it. It was shortly before he met Lyra when he purchased his current wand, also second hand.
-- Pre-Asha Years -- [b]1859-1860[/b]: Asha’s bad luck started before he was even born. His mother was a muggle lady of good breeding, Charity Hope Bilton, who came of age during her father’s command in the army that stationed the family in India starting at the beginning of British control in 1858. The family had only been stationed in the newly controlled British lands for a year when she was engaged to a gentleman of equally good breeding. As luck would have it she fell in love with a young Hindu man by the name of Asha. The two planned to marry but when the announcement was made Asha left Charity for her better fortutes and disappeared, unbeknownst to him was that Charity carried his child. When Charity confided her situation to her parents her engagement was broken, her father disowned her without a second thought. Her mother, however, always of kinder disposition, searched for Asha - the least he could do was marry her daughter. However, when Asha wasn’t found and Charity’s condition began to show, Charity’s mother provided her with the money to return to England. Charity settled in London and assumed a new name of Mrs. Bilton, caring little if others knew her situation - after all hadn’t she fallen enough. Accustomed to the life of a the middle class her transition to the working class was hard. She found work as a laundress made enough to feed herself. Shortly thereafter she gave birth to Asha. The birth was difficult and the young lady almost died as her infant struggled to come into the world in the middle of a blizzard, but at the end of two very long days Asha Felix Bilton makes his entrance into the world.
-- Early Years -- [b]1860-1865[/b]: Life certainly isn't easy for the duo but they make it work. Asha is markedly clumsy in his toddler years but he is an amiable chatter and Charity loves him. She instills a deep sense of optimism in her son. When he is three he manages to fall from a cart and almost be run over by a horse, Charity chalks it up to a miracle of God but really Asha is saved by his first display of magic - hovering him away from the horse’s hooves and safely into a pile of muck and mud a foot away. As Asha gets older he helps his mother run errands and work. He manages to get himself into trouble even when he isn't trying and the neighbors notice that he is a rather unlucky fellow.
[b]1866[/b]: Charity of course didn’t learn her lesson. She once again fell in love, this time to the married blacksmith at the end of their street. Within a few months it became clear that she once again was with child. Asha remembers little of this time, but when the baby was to be born he remembered the neighbor women moving in and out and the fuss that was made. His mother was delivered of a little baby girl named Ana. With more mouths to feed Asha starts work as an errand boy. [b]1867-70[/b]: The small family is certainly rather a scandal with not one but two children born out of wedlock and no husband to be seen, but they are happy. There is almost never enough to eat but they make do. As Asha grows he becomes known as a rather peculiar boy as weird things just seem to happen to him with little to no explanation. Asha finds work at a baker’s shop blocks away from home where few have heard of his oddities or family situation. He likes the work and happily runs errands for them. The baker’s wife even lets him help make the bread and he is allowed to take the stale ones home from time to time. A few months in a group of young boys gangs up on Asha on one of his errands, they go to steal the bread from him but the bread ends up on the roof of a nearby house. Asha is blamed for the loss of bread by the baker’s family and is fired. It is his ninth birthday. After that Asha finds odd jobs and at one low point tries to join a gang of children pickpocketing - needless to say, it doesn’t go well for him. Somehow they manage to get enough money for lodgings but as always never quite enough for food.
[b]1871[/b]: On Asha’s eleventh birthday the family is paid a visit by a mysterious man who says he is from a school that Asha has been given a scholarship to attend. Turns out that Asha is actually a wizard. It feels like the first stroke of good luck the young boy has ever encounter. Charity sends her son to Hogwarts, for any school offering to pay for her son’s education is worth it. Asha worries about his mother and sister, but Charity assures him they will be fine and there is no further argument.
-- School Years -- [b]1871-1872[/b]: Asha’s first year is magical. He is sorted into Hufflepuff and for the first time in his young life he has enough to eat and a comfortable bed to sleep on. He wishes he could send food home for his family but unfortunately he’s not allowed to use an owl to send to muggles. He struggles with school work as his mother only had time to teach him the basics in reading, writing, and arithmetic, and is decidedly behind his school fellows, but nevertheless he persists in his studies.
[b]1872-1873[/b]: As his second year starts Asha is still in awe of this magical new world. Having gone home for the summer he is concerned about his family but studies harder believing that his education might just get them out of their situation.
[b]1873-1874[/b]: His third year starts much like the others, Asha adds Earth Magic, Ancient Studies and Ghoul Studies to his schedule. He begins to dream of being an auror. A week before finals Asha gets the news that his mother has died. She is said to have died of a weak heart, although Asha’s sister tells him that her mother believed herself haunted and dies from a heart attack when she opened the door and saw a cloaked man there. Regardless of the reason for his mother’s unfortunate death Asha is now the sole provider for his little sister as no one in the neighborhood will take in another mouth to feed, especially from a family as odd as the Biltons. Asha is allowed to take his finals early to complete his year but his marks are certainly not good as he is, understandably so, rather distraught. Asha leaves Hogwarts for good.
-- Teen Years -- [b]1874[/b]: Worried about leaving London, Asha seeks employment in magical London. He finds a job as an errand boy for a store in Diagon Alley. Ana does her part and runs errands for the butcher at the end of the street. Asha does what he can to keep the two siblings out of an orphanage.
[b]1875-1878[/b]: Asha floats from job to job, having to keep changing his positions due to a series of unfortunate events. A shopkeeper thinks that Asha wants to marry his daughter (a rather odd situation as the young lady is question was quite pointedly [i]not[/i] interested in Asha), at another store Asha’s wand accidently sets the shop on fire and he is asked to leave, another closes its doors and moves to the newly founded Hogsmeade. He keeps to magical London, loathe to depart from the world he has found or his sister. Ana, however, appears as if she may also have magical blood and Asha hopes that she will also be able to go to Hogwarts - if only so he knows she will eat well. Luck is not with them and Ana’s eleventh birthday passes by with the only thing of note to happen being that Asha spends their last penny on a cake for her and it falls on an odd wind and lands in mud outside their small hovel.
-- Adult Years -- [b]1879[/b]: The seamstress on the end of the street takes note of Ana and takes her in as an apprentice. Asha finds work at the Leaky Cauldron. He takes up gambling for a time and gets on the wrong side of a gang. One night walking from home the gang mugs him and leaves him for dead. A young woman by the name of Lyda Hale finds Asha half dead, in what Asha credits for a time as being the only stroke of good luck in his life. Miss Hale had seen Asha working at the Leaky Cauldron when her mistress went shopping at Diagon Alley only some weeks before. Miss Hale had found work at the age of fifteen as a lady’s maid and as such had dropped out of Hogwarts like Asha - although for understandably better circumstances. She takes Asha to her family’s home in London and the Hale family helps Asha heal. He swears off gambling and the bright spot in his life becomes Miss Hale. She visits on her days off and Asha finds himself coinciding with her visits to the family. Despite her position the two begin to court and by the New Year they are married.
[b]1880[/b]: Arguably the happiest year of Asha’s young life begins. Money is tight with his new wife, but, no longer able to work as a maid, they make it work. Lyda finds work in a shop on Diagon Alley and Asha is able to continue working at the Leaky Cauldron. The two are clearly madly in love and as such it surprises no one when Lyda produces a child in October. They name the boy Loren and he becomes his father’s pride and joy.
[b]1881[/b]: Lyda becomes pregnant again, but no longer able to work and with a second mouth to feed things become beyond tight. Asha begins to work side jobs to see food on the table, but the two become increasingly unhappy. It is apparent that Lyda holds their position in life against Asha. In the summer she is delivered of a stillborn son. She begins to think Asha cursed. In the early fall Asha wakes and finds that Lyda has taken their son and run off. The winter is an unhappy one and perhaps the only time that Asha can find no optimism. He drowns himself in drink and much of the winter is remembered in a nightmarish dream like quality when looked back on. Asha is fired from the Leaky Cauldron. [b]1882[/b]: Asha finds work as a photographer’s assistant, doing errand work such as he did as a child. The camera, however, fascinates him and he finds himself wanting to learn more about it. During this time he meets Jude Wright at The Augurey Beak Cafe. Mr. Wright introduces Asha to several others of his acquaintance and Asha finds himself fascinated with the political ideas and conversations. It is this that helps him come back from the edge he had been hovering on. Asha begins to frequent The Augurey for the companionship not just the drink.
[b]1883[/b]: The photographer that employed Asha is attempting to take pictures for the Daily Prophet when a mob of quidditch fans at the World Cup gets unrullying and his employer is trampled underfoot. The old man retires from his job - his camera ruined and his sanity almost so. Asha finds work briefly at the Augurey but misses his fascination with the field of photography. He begins to save up for his own camera.
[b]1884[/b]: Asha spends his saving on a camera and applies to work for the Daily Prophet as a photographer. They accept. He continues investing his time with the Revs and finds himself caught up in the election of a new Minister of Magic and for the first time in his life taking an active stance in politics.
[b]1885[/b]: Eighteen year old Ana creates a scandal by running away to Scotland to elope with a banker’s son. Asha receives word a day after the couple vanishes and attempts to stop them. He almost catches up with them on horseback when a carriage’s horses are scared by a large black dog, the carriage tips over and Asha is forced to stop and help the muggles. He arrives in Scotland too late to stop the wedding. Ana’s husband is disowned and the young couple are penniless. Asha attempts to give them money but her husband is too proud to accept, he forbids contact between the two siblings for the perceived slight. Asha pretends to let this be the case but often stops by undetected to see that his sister is alright.
[b]1886[/b]: Ana gives birth to a little girl. Asha keeps watch on the small family, but Ana’s husband finds out and moves them to the south where he has bought a small amount of farmlands. Asha gives the family space and invests more and more time with the Revs. Asha takes in a stray dog who eats a plant on the neighbor’s window sill, turns out the plant is poisonous to cats and the cat dies in its sleep a few months later. Asha swears off dogs.
[b]1887[/b]: In July Asha is unfortunate enough to be trapped in the collapse of the World Market pavilion. He sustains a bite from a flying tiger on his shoulder, however, he is able to help several witches and wizards out of the disaster. The latter half of the year is consumed in political activities with the new Ministry of Magic election.
[b]1888[/b]: Asha finally begins to fill content with his lot in life and spends much of his time at the Augurey with the Revs and finds himself still happily employed by the Daily Prophet. During the summer Asha finds himself stranded in Hogsmeade due to the fog. After his camera breaks he joins the ventures into Irvingly in hopes of winning enough to buy a new one. He survives the venture (although is almost pummeled to death by a boulder) and returns to work once the curse has been broken. He uses his winnings to buy a new camera and to rent a new flat. Alfred Darrow becomes his new flatmate. In September he and Tala Moreno eloped when they were swept up in the Pink Letter Scandal.
1889: Asha and Tala take advantage of the Ministry's offer for elopements in January. Asha attempts to return to life as it was but in true Asha fashion finds his flat cursed. Alfred's friend is able to save the day. Asha runs into Sarah Townsend again several times in the second half of the year. He is at the Ministry when flying brains take over and he and Sarah are infused with the feeling of love - for each other. Except the feelings have already been there for Asha.
[list][*]Is part of the Revolutionaries
[*]Asha was involved in the Fogsmeade Ventures of '88
[*]Asha and Tala Moreno eloped during the fall '88 pink letter scandal
[*]Asha and Tala annulled their wedding through the Ministry of Magic's response to the Pink Letter scandal[/list]
[*]Asha was previously married and has a son, his wife left him with their son years ago
[*]Asha's mother had her children out of wedlock
[*]Has very bad luck
[*]Asha was at the Ministry when the flying brains attacked and was injured by one
Played By: Fallin

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